Start A Clothing Label With These 10 Tips

Have you ever dreamt of starting your own clothing label? I remember flipping through the glossy pages of fashion magazines wondering how it would be like to start my own clothing label. And I’m sure just like me there are other women who have been thinking the same. After some research I found out that starting a clothing label like many other businesses, requires you know these basics.


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  1. Commit to start

So many people had the aspiration to own their own clothing label but never followed through with their dreams. At the end of the day, starting their own clothing label becomes only a daydream.

If you are really serious about having your own clothing label then you need to make the decision to get started and commit to your decision.

Some ways to prove to yourself that you’re committed to launching your clothing label is to come up with ideas on how you want your clothing label to be like, the vibe you want it to have and maybe have a couple of preliminary designs of the clothing items you want to have in your clothing line.


  1. Know your target audience

Once you’ve committed to get started on working on your clothing label, you need to know your target audience. Who are the people you want your clothing label to appeal to and why?

Having a clear image of your target audience helps you create and deliver clothing that they will love and value.


  1. Identify a need

When you’re able to know who your target audience is, the next thing you need to do is delve deep into what their needs are and how your clothing item can help them meet their needs.

For example, let’s assume that your target audience is tall ladies. You need to find out what challenges they are facing right now that available clothing labels weren’t able to solve. How can your clothing label add value to your target audience? Is there a particular style, shape or size that your target audience can’t find?


  1. Hire the right people

To embark on a venture like starting your own clothing label isn’t something you can do all alone. You would need some help.

Get yourself a team of people you know will help to make your clothing label possible. You would need a designer, a marketer and someone in charge of logistics. If you’re not sure who would be a great fit for your clothing label, you may seek the help of a recruiter who will help you find the right people you can get on board.


  1. Find a factory you can trust

This is one of the most important aspects of having your own clothing line. You need to find a factory that will be able to follow your specifications to the letter.

Make enquiries from factories if they will be able to create your designs. Try to get some samples, if possible. It is crucial that the factory you choose is one that will do a great job.


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  1. Market your clothing items

Now that you’ve arranged for a factory that can help you have your clothing items made, you need to market your clothing label to your target audience.

You can use Facebook or Instagram ads to help you reach a lot of people. You may also use influencer marketing to help you get across to your target audience.


  1. Be resourceful

Maybe at this point it seems like you’ll require a lot of money to get your clothing label up and running. However, you may need that much money to make your clothing label a reality – that’s where being resourceful comes in.

For example, instead of getting yourself a large boutique you can get started with an online store. Instead of hiring a photographer, you can ask a friend who’s a decent photographer to help you take pictures of the clothes in your clothing line. You may not have to hire professional models to model your clothing items. You can ask a couple of friends to help you out instead. The options are endless!


  1. Acquire some business know-how

Setting up and running a clothing label requires some business know-how. You have to learn how to market your products, how to handle your clients and give them the best customer service.

It’s alright if you are not an expert in business, so long as you know the basics. Having someone on your team who is business savvy can be a plus too.


  1. Keep improving

There will be times when you have to go to the drawing board several times before you can get it right. As your clothing label grows, you have to work on getting better all the time.

Review the clothing items in your clothing line and think of ways you can make them better. Get the feedback from your target audience on how you can make the clothing label to best serve them.


  1. Stay consistent

Some people give up after a couple months or even weeks of getting started. The reason most people do is because they find the process of running a successful clothing label difficult.

The truth that it takes time before you can get any traction. That is why you need to keep working hard. You need to keep reaching out to your target audience, keep coming up with creative designs and keep improving the business in order for it to grow. So you need to be consistent with your efforts to make your clothing label a success.


Have you ever played with the idea of setting up your own clothing label?

How to start your very own fashion business

Fashion. A career path only reserved for the artistic, the creative, and the passionate. In the world of fashion, there is no room for imitation. So if you got the right skill, you are good to go! What better way to put these skills to use than to become the next Vera Wang and start your own fashion business.


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Imagine working for yourself. Imagine, no rush hour commute, no stroppy colleagues to deal with, and you can even work in your onesie if you so wish. Sounds like heaven, well imagine combining this work set-up with your ultimate passion. Perfecto!


Where to start?

Here is where you need to start; you need to come up with that amazing piece to get your name out there. Diane von Furstenberg did it with the stylish wrap dress, what will yours be? Think unique, distinctive and exclusive.



Next you need to develop that design. It might require lots of takes, but eventually something will click and you’ll know when you have designed the ‘one’. Now it’s time to make a prototype, something to show your potential buyers. Source your own materials, find the right fabrics with the best texture, designs and colours that really match what you have been imagining.



How to start your very own fashion business



Getting the word out

Now it’s time to get your unique and distinctive piece of fashion out there for the entire world to see. Send images of the piece, styled into an entire outfit to fashion websites and magazines. Dress yourself in the piece and share images on social media of you looking fabulous. Offer to make prototypes to give to friends and family so that they can show it off to the world.



Next, you are going to need some sort of platform to sell your pieces on. By this stage, you may have a few different designs. The best way to publicise these is on your very own dynamic website with a website design that suits your needs as a business – because that is what you are now, no matter if you are selling 1 piece or 500 pieces, you are still a business.

If you’re a savvy techy, you can create your own website. If you struggle to even turn a computer on, you’re best looking for an agency to help you design and create your site. It’s important to have aesthetic touches as well as being user friendly.



So you’ve got your design, you’ve got your website, but how are people going to find your website? A little thing called SEO. You need to read up on how search engines operate and how people interact with them so that you can get a better understanding of what you need to achieve.  Next is the vital keyword research and content.

There’s loads of information out there on how to Search Engine Optimise, take some time to have a read and put into action what you have learnt and see your website grow.


Product development

As you grow as a business, it is important to develop from your one single brand. This way, it’s a consistent growth and the designs carry the same DNA right the way through. Product development is an important part of your fashion business.


Have a plan

You must have a strong plan and vision of the direction you want your business to head from the very beginning. Set yourself goals and know what your product is worth. If you believe in your product, this will shine through. Be confident, bold and proud.

Start with a marketing plan that sets out which customers you are going to be targeting, and how you are going to approach them. Look into PR and communication resources; these are useful tools to support you to bring your work to a wider audience.


Remember, not all fashion businesses have to operate at the very high-end of luxury, this may be where you want to be eventually, but start realistically. Your business concept needs to offer a clear proposition of value to the customers – now get to work and clarify your vision and set a roadmap on how to get there!


Have you ever thought of starting a fashion business or any other type of business? What is stopping you?


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Does Fashion Empower Women

Fashion means a whole lot of things to different people. For some, it means a means of expression. For others, it’s a way to feel good about themselves. Then there are others who see fashion as a movement.

Seeing fashion as way to empower yourself as a woman is something that is most times overlooked by a lot of women. No matter how fashion conscious they might seem, very few women are aware about the type of power fashion delivers. It’s all up to you to be conscious of it and steer it in the direction that will help you grow as a woman.



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But can fashion really empower women? I did a bit of research and soul-searching as I’m also into fashion and this is what I got:

Fashion makes you feel confident about yourself

There’s no doubt that looking good makes you feel great about yourself. And when you’re confident, you are able to do things in life fearlessly. For a woman, fashion empowers her to be able to come out of her shell. Fashion gives you that sense of security that you will be respected and heard because people usually address us the way we are dressed. Also, the boost of confidence fashion gives makes a woman feel unstoppable.

Fashion is a good avenue to make a living

Some of the women who venture into fashion industry have been extremely successful. Fashion is a lucrative business and there are so many angles from which you can start a career. From fashion blogging to fashion designing, or a being a personal stylist to sharing and selling courses or training, the options are endless, and the sky is only the beginning.

Being able to create a sustainable living from something that interests you is empowering as it gives you a sense of control over your life. You feel that you are able to support yourself and your family. You also define your income which empowers you to do greater things in life.

Fashion gives you the opportunity to share your message and make an impact

Fashion is expression. It’s a means of telling a story about society. While watching fashion shows on TV, I love listening to the behind-the-scenes interview with fashion designers. I observed that whenever they talk about their collection, there was usually a story behind it and a message they wanted to put out in the world.

Charity shows and fund raisers have been a great way women have impacted society through fashion. Their art through fashion has been an inspiration to several other upcoming designers, who look up to them for the motivation to pursue their dreams.



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So does fashion inspire women? Absolutely! It’s all about being able to take fashion leverage on its power to give you the confidence to be yourself, the economic power to live the life of freedom and the ability to share your message and be an inspiration to others.

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