7 Ways To Style Branded Merchandise

Branded merchandise has become a popular fashion trend in recent years, with many individuals looking for ways to showcase their love for their favourite brands. From graphic tees to accessories, there are endless possibilities to style branded merchandise. 

Whether you prefer a casual, athletic, or more formal look, incorporating branded merch into your outfits can add a touch of personality and uniqueness. Here are seven ways to style branded merchandise to make the most out of your wardrobe and show off your love for your favourite brands.

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1. Accessorise with Colorful Wristbands

Branded merchandise is a great way to promote your event or brand. Event wrist bands are an ideal base for creative styling. Wristbands are versatile and portable and come in many colours – so you can choose the perfect scheme to match your event or brand logo. You can manually attach colourful beads, charms, sequins and other decorative elements for a unique look or add snippets of fabric in complementary colours for a more vivid appearance. 

If you want to take fashion to the next level, you can get wristbands custom printed with intricate textures and designs that exude a unique style. With wrist bands as your starting point, you can create gorgeous accessories that draw attention while staying true to your event or brand.

2. Use It For Corporate Events and Team-building Activities 

There’s nothing like the unity of branding on event wristbands to bring your corporate event or team-building game together. Event wristbands are a great way for companies to amplify their brand’s message and show a sense of community among attendees. 

Branded event wristband will give your event an extra bit of style by displaying company logos, slogans and catchphrases in bright colours, making it easier for all guests to identify at a glance who they came to support. With many options, simply choosing colour combinations, textures or sizes makes event wristbands the most expressive and stylish way to show off branded merchandise.

3. Spot A Statement Cap

Styling up your branded merchandise requires creativity and a few tips. Consider starting with a statement cap. Choose one that accurately reflects your style and the brand you’re rooting for. 

With the help of a statement cap, you can keep your look modern and classic at the same time. Look for unique details like graphic prints, logos and jazzy colours to stand out from the crowd. Style it with ultra-casual pieces like jeans and sneakers, or elevate your look with distressed denim shorts and ankle boots to hit the streets in style.

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4. Creatively Cut-Off T-Shirts

Finding new, creative ways to express yourself through branded merchandise can be a fun and exciting task. One way you can switch up your favourite logo t-shirts is to cut them off creatively.

Using scissors or fabric cutting tools, you can make fringed hems that lend an edgy, boho vibe to the piece. You can even experiment with various shapes and cuts, such as curved scallops and sleek straight lines around the neckline and sleeves. It’s a great way to personalise an item of clothing for a minimal cost. 

5. Cheer Your Favourite Team With Spectator Scarves

You don’t have to simply pick up a t-shirt or cap to show your support for a brand. Other fashionable ways to stand out from the crowd now include spectator scarves. These on-trend fashion items can be seen as an extension of everyday wear, and they’re perfect for any season. 

There’s also no limit to what design you might choose – whether it’s boldly branded or has subtle team colours, these eye-catching accessories are sure to add a well-put-together touch to any ensemble. Spectator scarves are the ultimate way for fans of all sports, music groups and more to represent their favourite teams in style. Best part? They can be paired with almost anything in your wardrobe. 

6. Stand Out With Tube Socks 

When it comes to styling branded merchandise, people often think of traditional t-shirts and hats. But there’s another piece of apparel you should consider – tube socks. They’re a popular fashion item with modern style icons, and unique customisation options make them perfect for standing out while wearing your brand proudly. 

Tube socks are the perfect company gifts for colleges, universities, ski resorts and winter wear shops. With custom water transfer printing, get creative with patterns and designs that no one has ever seen before. Your tube socks will be the talk of the town (or at least your office) when they show up sporting your logo. 

7. Practical Touchscreen Gloves

If you’ve ever wished to combine the functionality of gloves with your love of branded merchandise, touchscreen gloves are a great way to go. These gloves are specially designed with conductive material on the fingertips so that you can use your device without taking them off. They come in various stylish designs and sizes, ranging from long wrist lengths to fingerless styles. 

Furthermore, some even have added features like heating capabilities and anti-slip palms. Touchscreen gloves make a great gift for any user who may be out in the cold while trying to keep connected to their devices.


Branded merch is a great way to promote your business or organisation and show off your style. With the right styling techniques, you can create a unique and eye-catching look that represents your brand and sets you apart from the crowd. Whether you prefer to keep it simple or make a bold statement, there are many ways to style branded merchandise and express your personality.


Fashion brands making headlines with charitable gestures

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Fashion brands have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. However, many are raising the right type of awareness with their brand. Lacoste recently announced that it would be adopting a temporary logo to help endangered species. This will be done by offering limited editions of each animal in relation to how many of the species there are left in the wild. And, they’re not the only one.


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Save Our Species  — Lacoste

The #LacosteSaveOurSpecies campaign was launched last year in an attempt to raise awareness and funds for endangered species. If you aren’t, you’ve definitely seen it! A part of this, they replaced their classic crocodile logo with images of endangered species on their classic polo shirts.

The great idea behind the campaign involved the fashion magnet releasing limited editions of each polo shirt — relating to how many of the associated species were left in the world. The new logos were designed using the same green colouring and style as the iconic crocodile.

The featured animals were in fact the ten most endangered species on the planet. These are the Vaquita, Burmese Turtle, Northern Sportive Lemur, Javan Rhino, Kakapo, Cao-vit Gibbon, California Condor, Saola, Sumatran Tiger and the Anegada Ground Iguana.

The campaign was launched at Paris Fashion Week 2018 and were an instant success. The money from the shirts was donated towards the fight for wildlife conservation worldwide.


Tighter gun control — Gucci

Gun control is a major issue in the US, with news stories of gun shootings hitting the headlines regularly. Gucci has recently taken a stand and is fighting for improved gun legislation. The Fashion brand has even donated half a million dollars to the cause. “We stand with March For Our Lives and the fearless students across the country who demand that their lives and safety become a priority. We have all been directly or indirectly impacted by these senseless tragedies. Gucci is proud to join this movement with a donation of $500,000” was one comment by Gucci at the time.

Following a school shooting in 2017 which left 17 people dead, Gucci announced its support for tighter controls. It’s possible that Gucci’s generous donation was motivated by the death of Gucci salesman, Javier Jorge-Reyes, and injury of Gucci store manager, Leonel Melendez Jr. Both deaths were both caused by gun violence.


The Prince’s Trust — Charles Tyrwhitt

Men’s dress shirt retailer, Charles Tyrwhitt works regularly with Prince Charles’ charity, The Prince’s Trust. This is a charity in the United Kingdom, founded in 1976 by Charles, Prince of Wales. It focuses on helping vulnerable people get their lives back on track and find work.

Charles Tyrwhitt designed custom scarves, ties and umbrellas for in support of the charity. Where each item in the collection is sold, £5 is donated to The Prince’s Trust.

The company also encouraged its employees to raise money too. In fact, business founder, Nick Wheeler, raised over 100,000 when he completed an 874-mile bike ride from Land’s End to John O’ Groats in the UK. And, members of the company attend and recruit individuals through The Prince’s Trust ‘Get Hired’ Days. This is where young people who have been through The Trust’s programmes have found themselves ready to move into work and are actively looking for work.


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Watch Hunger Stop — Michael Kors

You’ve probably heard of Michael Kors, most famous for their handbags and accessories. It was in 2013 when they launched their Watch Hunger Stop campaign. According to the Michael Kors website, they’ve helped the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) deliver 15 million meals to children in need.

Kate Hudson announced her collaboration with the campaign in 2018. There are many ways that people can donate — through the purchase of a timepiece, a Snapchat using a store geofilter or through posting a photo wearing a Watch Hunger Stop T-shirt. Each action donates a certain amount of money and corresponding meals to children in need. the programme supports 16 million children over 70 different countries.


Sustainable fashion — Stella McCartney

When it comes to environmentally friendly brands, Stella McCartney is up there with the best. She continually makes a difference with regards to environmental fashion and sustainability. Using the latest in eco-friendly technology, she changes attitudes to sustainable fashion and demonstrates how eco-fashion can be done.

She doesn’t use any fur or leather in the creation of her garments. Take her latest swimwear range for example, in partnership with Adidas. The swimsuits are made from Lycra Xtra Lite fabric, which is resistant to chlorine and uses recycled Parley Ocean Plastic yarn.

Stella even made changes to the way she dyes her products. She partnered with Colorifix to reduce environmental damage during this process. They do this through isolating the DNA that creates colour in nature and uses 10 times less water than the traditional process.


What do you think of these charitable gestures? Are you a fan of any of these brands? Please drop a comment in the comments section below. Thanks for stopping by.







Start A Clothing Label With These 10 Tips

Have you ever dreamt of starting your own clothing label? I remember flipping through the glossy pages of fashion magazines wondering how it would be like to start my own clothing label. And I’m sure just like me there are other women who have been thinking the same. After some research I found out that starting a clothing label like many other businesses, requires you know these basics.


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  1. Commit to start

So many people had the aspiration to own their own clothing label but never followed through with their dreams. At the end of the day, starting their own clothing label becomes only a daydream.

If you are really serious about having your own clothing label then you need to make the decision to get started and commit to your decision.

Some ways to prove to yourself that you’re committed to launching your clothing label is to come up with ideas on how you want your clothing label to be like, the vibe you want it to have and maybe have a couple of preliminary designs of the clothing items you want to have in your clothing line.


  1. Know your target audience

Once you’ve committed to get started on working on your clothing label, you need to know your target audience. Who are the people you want your clothing label to appeal to and why?

Having a clear image of your target audience helps you create and deliver clothing that they will love and value.


  1. Identify a need

When you’re able to know who your target audience is, the next thing you need to do is delve deep into what their needs are and how your clothing item can help them meet their needs.

For example, let’s assume that your target audience is tall ladies. You need to find out what challenges they are facing right now that available clothing labels weren’t able to solve. How can your clothing label add value to your target audience? Is there a particular style, shape or size that your target audience can’t find?


  1. Hire the right people

To embark on a venture like starting your own clothing label isn’t something you can do all alone. You would need some help.

Get yourself a team of people you know will help to make your clothing label possible. You would need a designer, a marketer and someone in charge of logistics. If you’re not sure who would be a great fit for your clothing label, you may seek the help of a recruiter who will help you find the right people you can get on board.


  1. Find a factory you can trust

This is one of the most important aspects of having your own clothing line. You need to find a factory that will be able to follow your specifications to the letter.

Make enquiries from factories if they will be able to create your designs. Try to get some samples, if possible. It is crucial that the factory you choose is one that will do a great job.


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  1. Market your clothing items

Now that you’ve arranged for a factory that can help you have your clothing items made, you need to market your clothing label to your target audience.

You can use Facebook or Instagram ads to help you reach a lot of people. You may also use influencer marketing to help you get across to your target audience.


  1. Be resourceful

Maybe at this point it seems like you’ll require a lot of money to get your clothing label up and running. However, you may need that much money to make your clothing label a reality – that’s where being resourceful comes in.

For example, instead of getting yourself a large boutique you can get started with an online store. Instead of hiring a photographer, you can ask a friend who’s a decent photographer to help you take pictures of the clothes in your clothing line. You may not have to hire professional models to model your clothing items. You can ask a couple of friends to help you out instead. The options are endless!


  1. Acquire some business know-how

Setting up and running a clothing label requires some business know-how. You have to learn how to market your products, how to handle your clients and give them the best customer service.

It’s alright if you are not an expert in business, so long as you know the basics. Having someone on your team who is business savvy can be a plus too.


  1. Keep improving

There will be times when you have to go to the drawing board several times before you can get it right. As your clothing label grows, you have to work on getting better all the time.

Review the clothing items in your clothing line and think of ways you can make them better. Get the feedback from your target audience on how you can make the clothing label to best serve them.


  1. Stay consistent

Some people give up after a couple months or even weeks of getting started. The reason most people do is because they find the process of running a successful clothing label difficult.

The truth that it takes time before you can get any traction. That is why you need to keep working hard. You need to keep reaching out to your target audience, keep coming up with creative designs and keep improving the business in order for it to grow. So you need to be consistent with your efforts to make your clothing label a success.


Have you ever played with the idea of setting up your own clothing label?

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