5 DIY Fashion Tips

Have you ever found yourself with a wardrobe bursting with LOADS of pieces and accessories, but still leaves you struggling to find what to wear everyday? Or do you think you have a boring wardrobe and need to step up your style game? If you answered Yes to any or both of the questions, then these DIY Fashion Tips may be exactly what you need.

Read this post before you go for your next shopping trip.




Denim Magic

Denim is one of the easiest materials to customise. There is so much you could do with an old pair of tired jeans. I once gave my old jeans a new life by cutting the legs off and adding some Hello Kitty studs I got online to it. I needed shorts to wear around this house, and this old pair was just sitting unworn in my wardrobe, so I used my very limited DIY Fashion skills on it.


Olojola Assignment 1 (After Image)


You can also change an old pair of jeans into a denim skirt by cutting off the legs, and the inside of the legs and sewing them together.


Sneaker Special

Sneaker are also very easy to personalise and make your own. You could get many of the sneakers companies to personalise a pair for you or you could opt to do it yourself if you are brave enough.


Create by Computer

Creating a design by computer is another way to customise your clothes. There are many companies you can find online that would produce your designs for you. You could design your own shirts, hoodies, hats, joggerss and so many more.


Say it with an Oversized Bow

The oversized Bow is bang on trend now, so this is one added feature worth having on your pieces and accessories. You can update a tired looking shirt or skirt with a bow (you can purchase handmade oversized bows online), if you are into the trend. I am so into the trend, I have new flat shoes with the oversized bows. I got the pair some months ago, and I am so in love with it.




A Second Chance

Before you get rid of your next set of clothes, have a good look at them and see if you can use any buttons, zips, or trimmings to update another piece.


Are you a DIY Fashion lover or expert? How do you customise your pieces? Have you tried any of these tips before?





Claire Danes Covers Harper’s Bazaar February 2017

The lovely Homeland star – Claire Danes, is the cover girl for Harper’s Bazaar February 2017, and she looks stunning on both covers.



Claire Danes wears Prada coat and Nirav Modi jewellery on the newsstand cover, photographed by Alexi Lubormirski.


I am a huge Homeland fan. It is an adrenalin pumping series, and it keeps me at the edge of my seat all through, almost like 24. It is currently one of my favourite series. I have binged watched all the seasons on Netflix as soon as I discovered it. So I am happy to see season 6 is out. I can’t wait to watch that.

This Harper’s Bazaar cover is beautiful as usual. Claire Danes looks amazing on it. I love her hair and makeup (the red lippie always wins), and the outfit looks good too. I would love to read this issue. The interview sounds like a fab read.

Here are some excerpts from Danes’ interview with Harper’s Bazaar:


On Donald Trump and BREXIT

“I do think that England and America are so closely affiliated that it’s not terribly surprising there’s this parallel phenomenon occurring between our two countries,” Danes says. “The Brexit and Trump phenomena are informed by similar forces and social and economic movements. I think it’s been really stressful; it’s been really scary. I think we’re in a fever state and we’re all really anxious about how we’ve gotten here and why we’ve gotten here.”

Yes it is a very stressful time for many.



Claire Danes wears Salvatore Ferragamo dress, Van Cleef & Arpels earrings and Tabitha Simmons heels on the subscribers’ edition cover, photographed by Alexi Lubormirski

On her Carrie Mathison Character

“You know, I don’t think of her as female,” says Danes. “I’m playing a person. I’m playing a person. She’s just not defined at all by her sex. She is defined by her ideals, by her patriotism, by her commitment to righting wrongs, by her relationship to her mental condition [but] it’s just really beyond the more conventional stereotypes about what it is to be a woman in this world.”

I love Carrie Mathison! She is not a typical heroine, and that is what I love most about her.

What do you think of these covers? Are you a fan of Homeland?

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Baby, it’s cold outside! It is painfully cold at the moment. I finding it extremely hard to get out of bed with the darkness and the chill in the air. I wish I could stay under my duvet, with a cup of tea, all day, but that is not my reality. My reality is, I need to get stuff done, which means my wake-up time is usually on or before 7am.



How are you all coping with cold? I am indoors most of the time, so I am nice and warm. And when I need to step out, I make sure I am well layered up. I just recovered from an annoying flu (my first ever full blown flu), so I am not in the mood for any more sickness. If you spot me out and about, I will be rocking my many layers of clothing.

On cold days like this, I am grateful I work from home. It is a lot harder to earn a living working for yourself, that I know, but the pros outweigh the cons massively for me. And I appreciate that so much more in the winter months.

I am currently typing out this post from the comfort of my sofa, wearing my new fluffy nightgown, and I am happy with where I am at in life. I turn 30 in a few days, and I feel like I am in a good place. I can’t imagine any other job that could allow me work in my nightgown, so the flexibility of my job is the best part of it.

Speaking of nightgowns, I think I would need to get some shopping done. I am in need of some new pyjamas and nightgowns. I have a bit of an obsession with nightwear collections, but for someone who spends a great deal of time in my nightwear, I like to have quite a few. I have my eye on a few womens nightgowns by David Nieper, I need to check them out. In the winter months, I like my nightgowns thick and fluffy to retain the body heat, and David Nieper has a couple of warm fleece nightgowns that tick all the right boxes. I can picture myself wearing some of these comfy/stylish pieces already!




How are you keeping warm in this cold weather? Are you obsessed with your nightwear like I am? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading and commenting. Have an amazing week


*Collaborative post.