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Fashion and style is a very personal thing. We all have our own individual sense of style, which usually changes with age and lifestyle situations. I am all for dressing your age. The whole style/fashion has no age doesn’t really make sense to me. I believe both women and men should dress appropriately for the event and their stage in life. A 30-year-old would look ridiculous wearing Jojo Siwa Bows, but the Bows would look great on a 5-year-old.


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Here are some top style tips for dressing your age –


Leave a lot to the imagination

There is a thin line between looking sexy and looking trashy. I usually stay off revealing clothing. It has never really been my style, and as I grow older, I find myself staying away from clothing that reveal too much flesh. A bit of legs and shoulders here and there is all good, as far as they are not both on display at the same time. Some women like revealing cleavage too! That works if it is done tastefully. The rule says do not display your cleavage and legs at the same time. So before you leave the house, take a final look at your outfit to ensure you leave a bit more to the imagination.


Pay attention to your colours

I like to wear colours every now and again, especially in the spring/summer months. However, the more I grow, the more I stay away from a rocking a bright outfit. I like to inject some colour in my outfit with colourful accessories, that way the overall look of the outfit is balanced out.



Being confident is very important. I like to feel comfortable in my outfit as comfort helps me stay confident. Age has made me more confident, and dressing appropriately helps me feel better about myself.


Do you have any style tips for dressing your age? Please share.




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  1. I know I’m unusual however colour is a biggie for me and I am one of a few that can do it. I guess I was a Jean’s and t-shirt girl when mine were young.

    After a horrendous messy divorce and the aftermath of leaving the ex in 2000 I started to find myself in a time when life has very much changed and the years have gone by have bought more.

    I have gone through various stages of fashion. Always edging on the quitky/boho/eccentric side. In my 40s it was the rock chic look. In my 50s I don’t do that, like then.

    The blonde is gone (old photo on avatar, I must update) I wear various colours of coppers and reds in my hair colour. It is mahogany red now. Blond just doesnt do it as you get older and makes you look washed out.

    My wardrobe is full or Joe Brown’s and quirky items. I’m always looking for new ways to style. Everyone loves my dress style. They say I always cheer them up with my colours. I like to look after myself and look good so for me it works.

    I think everyone can do a bit unsafe but it’s also down to persona. There is the other end too of women who.look old before there time. I despair and what to take them on a makeover.

    I donr want my family saying she is s sweet old granny. I want them saying “what the hell is she up to now” Mind you they say that now LOL

    Think out of the box is my view though keep it sassy not trashy

    • I agree. Thinking outside the box helps you create an individual style. I love the sound of your personal style. Thanks Carol.

  2. Thank you so much! I am really bad myself with matching colors! My makeup colors do not match my shoes, my shoes do not match my purse, and my purse does not go with my clothes! Ha boy.

    Thanks for the added tip keep it sassy not trashy! I do not appreciate the excess of skin that I see walking around my neighborhood. I wish they would read this and see that you can look really good without displaying everything.

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