How to wear a great winter outerwear

As the colder weather begins to loom you see more coats and jackets come in view. Coats not only keep you warm, they help you make the fashion statement of the season. However, that only depends on how well you’re able to pull off the style with the winter coat you’re putting on.


Winter jacket image


The type of coat or jacket you wear can change the mood of the your overall outfit. Just like almost every item of clothing I experimented with coats of different textures, colours and lengths to come up with styles that are not only fashionable but versatile as well.

Here are some ways you can wear your outerwear this season.


  1. Keep it balanced

When it comes to selecting the right outerwear or your outfit of the day, you’ve got to take balance into consideration. A bulky coat requires slimmer clothing underneath while a coat that sits very close to your body gives room to something wide or flowy.

For example, cape coats are voluminous at the bottom. To balance the effect such a coat would create it’s best to wear it over a pair of skinny jeans, fitted skirt or cigarette-style pants.


  1. Belt your coat

It is a popular trend now to belt your coats. The coat most suited for this purpose is the trench coat. Almost every fashion conscious woman has at least one trench coat in her wardrobe.

Belting a coat like the trench coat gives a lot of dimension to your shape. It accentuates your waist giving it a very flattering look.

You can basically style your trench coat with anything. Usually trench coats come with their own belts but you can add your own twist to it by using a chunky belt. To clearly define your shape, you may opt for a belt of a darker shade like dark brown or even black to create the needed contrast that will suit your outfit.



Fashion Jacket Image


  1. Choose coats that complement the length of your outfit

Coats come in either short or long styles. But it’s important to note that you should carefully pile what to wear underneath the coat.

For example, a cropped coat, which is a very short coat, works perfectly over a maxi dress or skirt. They complement each other as they balance each other out.

However, when it comes to knee-length coats, a maxi dress will be a big “NO”. Knee-length coats best work with outfits that are slightly shorter than the coat itself. This gives the illusion that the coat’s doing all the work in looking fashionable.

A floor-length coat won’t really mind the length of the outfit underneath especially when you intend to keep the coat all buttoned up.


  1. Make a statement

Coats don’t have to bore your outfit. And just because it’s getting cooler, you have to retreat to dull or dark colours. Don’t be afraid to make a bold statement with your coat. Make your coat the focal point of your ensemble.

Instead of just sticking with neutrals or monochrome, get adventurous with bright colours like red, yellow or orange. Style your bright coats with darker outfits so that they don’t distract attention from your bright coloured coats.

Aside from opting for bright coloured coats, try out coats with fun styles like the duffel coat which will make a good change from the popular trench coat. It’s not only fun, it’s laid back and chic. It works well over more casual outfits like a pair of jeans and a simple jumper or shirt.


What do you think of these style tips? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Outfit Post – Fashion on the Street

Happy Sunday Fashion Lovers! I hope we all are having a lovely Sunday evening. It has been a very busy weekend here with us doing some home improvements. We are pretty much done which is great because I know I have a busy week ahead. I made time out of our busy home improvement schedule to take these outfit pictures. The weather has been up and down here but I didn’t let the crazy weather take over my weekend.


flat shoes image


I got the denim shirt from Macy’s earlier in the year and I am glad I did. It is a lovely shirt, fits great and looks even better. It is a piece that is easy to style. I styled this look effortlessly.


fashion on the street image fashion and style image


The black leggings is a new addition as well. I am forever buying new leggings because I wear them regularly and they wear out really quickly. I think leggings are an all weather clothing so it makes fashion sense to have a couple of them in your wardrobe. This leggings was bought some days ago. I like the quality and the petite length. Hopefully the new pairs I got would last longer than others.

Another new addition is the Fern Blue Faux Suede Flat Espadrilles Pumps. I love the colour of this flats. It is such a rich shade of blue and I am super in love with it.


UK Style Blog ImageStyle and Fashion Blog Image


This footwear is great for casual looks like this as it is super comfy but stylish at the same time. It is now one of my favourites. What do you think?

Everything else I am wearing is oldie. I have had the bag for a few years now and it still looks great. There sunglasses I have had for many years now and it always looks brand new everything I wear it. That is why I like to spend money on quality items regardless of how much they cost. I know I would get more value from money from the expensive items than from a cheaper version.


Style Blogger Cheshire PictureBlue faux suède shoes image Style Blog Cheshire Image



Denim Shirt – Tommy Hilfiger

Black Leggings – Marks and Spencer

Bag – Coach

Sunglasses – Miu Miu

Silver Earrings – A High Street Store


Style Queen Image


Have a lovely week ahead! Stay focused!


Which brands are bringing back women’s watches?

There’s no doubt that, for a few years, women’s watches as a fashion choice, were put on the backburner in favour of bracelets. Delicate timepieces seemed to fade slightly out of the mainstream media, especially in fashion publications and the “who’s wearing what” type columns.

However, the past year or so has seen huge numbers of influencers taking to the likes of Instagram and YouTube, to proudly display their latest wristwatch to their multitudes of female followers. Amongst these posts, a select few brands are standing out in terms of their popularity and the style of their watches. Together, these brands and influencers are helping to rebuild the demand for women’s watches and are making them a fashionable choice once again.

If you’re dying to know which brands are bringing back women’s watches and who you should turn to for some fashionable inspiration, look no further. The Case Farm, who produce quality protective watch cases, have highlighted a few of their favourite brands known for their wonderful women’s watches and that today’s trends are calling out for.


Watch Image


Olivia Burton

Olivia Burton is a London-born brand, brought to us by two ladies who worked as buyers before choosing to start up their own company. They have a real passion for vintage trends, which is what led to their elegant watch designs and what has made the brand a firm favourite amongst women.

The stunning range of women’s watches available from Olivia Burton is bursting with a beautifully natural theme. Their most popular watch faces tend to have floral or bee related designs, and the straps come in a lovely range of pastel colours, as well as silver, gold and rose gold metal meshes.

Celebrities and Instagram influencers are especially fond of Olivia Burton watches, which will definitely have helped the brand grow its popularity in recent times. You’ll see a pretty Olivia Burton watch on the wrist of actress Emmy Rossum, which has been picked up by many fashion and lifestyle magazines too.



This unique watch company has only been around for a couple of years, but it’s certainly been making an impact with women on the lookout for a fashionable watch. Votch is a cruelty free watch brand, with the leather-looking straps made using vegan materials. At a time when veganism and cruelty free lifestyles are becoming increasingly popular, Votch is providing a fantastic product for modern lifestyles and trends.

What’s more, Votch chooses to partner with a different charity every three months, to give back and to help organisations in need of donations. It’s Votch’s humane approach to fashion that makes it so popular with many influencers in the cruelty free and vegan spheres.

Of course, the women’s watches available from Votch are really lovely, too. They have a very classic style to them, typically consisting of plain black or white faces, paired with a variety of straps, from light or dark grey, to pink or tan.


Abbott Lyon

If you’re looking for a quality watch with an affordable price tag, you might want to take a look at Abbott Lyon’s offering. What was once a brand that focused on women’s watches, sunglasses and other accessories, soon began to build a clothing line in response to its growing popularity.

Even as the product range grows, Abbott Lyon’s watches have remained the number one choice for their customers, both old and new, simply because of their luxury feel and stunning appearance. With a variety of gorgeous styles on offer, there’s a watch for every woman in the Abbott Lyon range.

The brand’s popularity can clearly be seen on Instagram, where reality TV stars have been showing off their personal favourites from Abbott Lyon’s watches. Head over to MIC’s Louise Thompson’s profile, or to Love Island Montana Brown’s feed to see what we’re talking about – these are just a couple of the female influencers who are raving about Abbott Lyon’s women’s watches.

The brands mentioned here are just a select few of those who are helping to make women’s watches a fashionable choice once again. There are many others doing their bit to bring luxury watch styles to women worldwide, all at an affordable price. Feel free to share details of your favourite brands who are helping to cement women’s watches as part of today’s trends.

*Collaborative post.

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