5 Iconic Gucci Bags

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From a humble start, Gucci has grown into a prominent fashion brand, producing some rather covetable luxury products. Combining quality, style and unrivalled craftsmanship, Gucci has dominated the fashion world with it stylish, fine quality products. Bags are among the products the fashion giant is renowned for. Over the years, Gucci has produced several bags that have left a mark in the fashion market. While most of the Gucci bags have been quite popular, there are a number of them that will always be iconic. Below is a list of some of the most iconic bags from Gucci.


Gucci Padlock GG Supreme Bag

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Gucci Padlock GG handbag features some stunning embellishments. The variety it offers is one of the reasons behind its popularity. Available in several colors and styles, the bag offers an impeccable way of completing your outfit. It has a gorgeous chain strap that further enhances its stylishness. Its petite design makes it easy to carry. The bag is also spacious and can be used to hold a lot of your personal items.


Gucci Bamboo Bag

Gucci Bamboo Bag Image


The history of Gucci Bamboo Bag highlights the creativity behind the success of this famous brand. At the time of its initial production, finding leather was quite a challenge. Gucci craftsmen were however not deterred by this. They instead resorted to using the easily available bamboo. The bamboo would be heated and used to make the bags. The creativity behind the Gucci Bamboo Bag yielded a stylish handbag that looks elegant and exotic. The bag remains stylish today as it was decades ago.


Gucci Queen Margaret

Gucci Bag Picture


One of the most desirable bags in the Gucci line of products, the Gucci Queen Margaret comes in several exceptional models. The bag combines traditional and modern fashion elements for an exquisite and timeless masterpiece. The bamboo handle of the handbag is styled with an encrusted bee closure made of pearl and crystals. The gorgeous bag also comes with an ID holder attached to it, a nifty feature for any bag enthusiast.


Gucci Jackie Bag

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The Gucci Jackie Bag is another iconic product under the brand’s name. Due to the bag’s prior success, it was relaunched in 2009 maintaining a lot of features from the previous design but adding a modern touch to it. The bag looks fancy and modern with an elegant structure. Designed to blend perfectly with various outfits, the Gucci Jackie Bag is large and spacious, making it an ideal piece for anyone that seeks to carry many items.


Gucci Dionysus

Gucci Handbag Picture


Despite being a recent entrant into the market, the Gucci Dionysus has already gained worldwide popularity. The style of the bag is inspired by the tale of Dionysus who was son of Zeus. Dionysus turned into a tiger and carried a nymph across a river. The structure of the bag holds this tale in its structure. The bag features hand-embroidered flowers and bees that decorate the exterior of the bag elegantly. Gucci Dionysus is a mixture of tradition and modernity, hence a timeless handbag that is perfect for various occasions.


Which Gucci Bag is your favourite?


Shopping Online The Cheap Way

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Shopping online is so much fun. However, it can be addictive and then end up being quite expensive. So what if you could make your little online hobby a bit cheaper? Check out these top tips to do just that:


Shopping image


Create A Wishlist

Even if the site you’re on doesn’t offer you a wishlist option, keep the things you want in your basket and use that as a wishlist. You’ll then receive emails to let you know when a price has dropped. Make sure you have created an account on the site and keep it logged in with your basket to get alerts.


Get Cashback

Have you heard of Ebates or TopCashBack? They are websites where you can get cash back on most online purchases and couple them with coupons. You have to click a button at checkout, to make some significant savings or receive some vouchers.


Use Vouchers

There’s always a voucher or promotion code to be had before you click the purchase button, so make sure you’ve had a quick search. Look on for savings on not just fashion but travel, health and beauty, jewellry and even electrical goods.



Shopping Online The Cheap Way image



Compare Prices

It doesn’t take long, and if the information is out there, you may as well see how cheap you can get the item you’re looking for. Search in Google’s shopping tab to compare prices from different retailers or get the PriceBlink browser add-on.  


Plan Your Purchases

Think ahead to get the best deals. Retailers will give discounts on items when they are trying to get rid of old stock to make room for new items. Things like outdoor furniture will often be highly discounted in the autumn, as are outdoor tools like lawnmowers and barbecues.


Download Retailers’ Apps

Get the apps for your favorite places to shop as they will often let you know about sales and discounts as and when they’re on or often just having the apps will qualify you for savings.


Sign Up For Emails

If you sign up for newsletters and emails, then you’ll receive email discounts and information on loyalty clubs that will mean you can redeem points. A lot of the retailers often reward with 10-15% off vouchers when you sign up as an email subscriber. You could set up a separate email address to receive the promotions, so they’re not always filling up your regular email account.


Save On Deliveries

Shop at home and opt to pick up in store as your delivery method.  If you’re not eligible for free delivery, sometimes you can even pick up your items the same day you order if they’re already in stock.


Put Everything Together

The biggest tip of all is to see how many of the above tips you can use together. For example, if you find a discount on Groupon for a new restaurant you’ve wanted to go to, use topcashback to get cash back on it, and combine that with a 20% off voucher, and you’ve got a cheap but fantastic evening out!


Jean Styles Worth Trying This Year

You can’t do without a pair or two (or even three!) of jeans. They are a staple in every closet. There are so many styles of jeans that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to choose between them.

Since we can never have enough jeans, I put together an array of jeans that you should consider having in your wardrobe. I categorized them according to different styles you may like to achieve with your outfits. So I present to you jean styles worth trying this year.


Jean Styles Worth Trying This Year image



The Timeless Bunch

If you’re the type who aims at putting together timeless and fashionable outfits, then these jeans would work well to help you ace that look. They’re simple and versatile. You can hardly run out of outfits to pair them with.


  1. The looker frayed ankle skinny jeans

These jeans literally scream layback with their frayed ankles and even a rip in the knee. The frayed ankles add a lot of edge to the jeans. They’re very popular and work well with a comfy t-shirt or blouse or a nice wooly jumper in the winter.


  1. Bombshell skinny jeans

These are the high-waisted skinny jeans. These jeans perfectly accentuate your shape. And they’re perfect for those peplum tops and bulky sweaters. They are the best when it comes to balancing out your outfits.


The Comfy Bunch

This group is for all the ladies who prefer to give priority to their comfort over anything else. Of course, that doesn’t mean they don’t want to look trendy as well. These jeans perfectly capture the best of both worlds.


  1. The ex boyfriend slim jeans

Although these are reminiscent of a boyish style, they make really comfortable jeans. You instantly look relaxed and laid back in these.


  1. Jess paperbag waist jeans

The paperbag waist cut is fun and stylish. And having a denim version is definitely a must-have.  Unlike other jeans, these ones add a lot more creative detail with the band that you can tie a cute bow with.


The Sassy Bunch

Are you more of the adventurous type? Then this set of jeans is just for you. They’re not anything like the conventional kind that everyone is used to.


  1. Verdugo coated skinny jeans

Remember the leather pants that give off the rock n’roll vibe? The verdugo coated skinny jeans achieve that look perfectly. Verdugo make the jeans look exactly like the black leather jeans we’re familiar with. The good thing is that they’re so much cheaper in comparison to leather jeans.

Layer these jeans with a cool biker’s jacket and you’re good to go with your rock n’roll inspired outfit.


  1. Cheetah print skinny jeans

There’s no fabric that brings out the wild side than animal print. Animal print jeans like the cheetah print skinny jeans make a fun addition to your wardrobe. Take note that while styling cheetah print jeans, you should wear them with a solid coloured top like a white or black blouse. Layering with more prints will take the focus off the animal print.



Are you a lover of jeans?

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