My Addiction to Watches

If you know me well enough, you would know I am a massive watch lover and a recovering watch addict. I love my watches a lot and I am forever growing my collection. I like my watches fancy and luxurious, so they tend to be pricey.

I think a stylish outfit needs a classic watch to finish off the look beautifully. There is nothing like rocking an amazing beautiful watch with an even more amazing outfit. I would personally be lost without a stunning watch on my wrist!



One brand I am yet to shop as far watches are concerned is the Cartier brand. I have always loved and wanted a Cartier watch for as long as I can remember. I have admired the various designs from a distance for donkey years, and lusted after them. I find Cartier watches so classic and timeless. A Cartier watch is like royalty in my eyes.

I recently came across an article written by Emily Seares, on The Watch Gallery site, which was all about the Cartier watch and how the brand has managed to retain its cool factor and classic status. The article really got me thinking about why the Cartier brand is so special, and this quote right here answers this question beautifully –

Cartier is more than just a timepiece; it is a piece of jewellery, offering the perfect balance of elegance and fashion. The Dior silhouette or the Chanel black dress, a Cartier watch is a style statement so intrinsic to today’s notion of timeless classic that it should be central to every women’s wardrobe.

I agree completely with this quote. A Cartier watch is an elegant fashion accessory, every woman should have. It is a watch for every body and every occasion. It is definitely one of those watches you should spend that little bit extra on. It is worth splurging on if you can afford it, because it is a timeless piece that would probably last you a lifetime.

The look of a Cartier watch is so distinctive, it is impossible to miss. The Roman Numerals are a signature design feature along with a blue cabochon on the crown, and the vibrant, strong red of the Cartier packaging wraps it up perfectly.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you a watch lover like myself? Are you a fan of the Cartier brand?Please sound off in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day.






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  1. Love the post. I myself am a Tiffany’s girl but there is something magical about a Cartier watch. I have a bucket list of fashion items and the Cartier watch is definitely one of them.

  2. I’ve heard so many great things about Cartier, but don’t own a watch myself. I should though, as I’m always asking people for the time!

  3. I am a watch lover as I used to work in a jewelers, but most of mine are more fashion watches like Michael Kors/ Guess/ DKNY/ Fossil x

  4. I just have 1 watch! Am I not normal?! I see it as something functional not an accessory (plus it has sentimental value as I bought it with money left to me by my granddad)

  5. I think watches are one of those statement pieces that you should also look at like an investment. A Cartier watch is one that you would love and value for the rest of your life x

  6. I love watches however I can’t wear them. I can’t stand anything around my wrist. I have always been like it. It might be something to do with a severe accident I had in 1984 as I could wear them before that. This is a lovely watch. My husband loves watches too, as much as you and has a big collection

  7. I didn’t use to wear watches because they irritate my wrist. But recently I found a perfect one that doesn’t seem to bother me and it looks great as well!

  8. I do love watches but I made the mistake of buying one online and it’s too chunky for my little wrist. It’s sad that people don’t wear them as much because of mobile phones.

  9. I love watches too! I like the idea of bracelets but I can never find myself really investing in them. But watches? They make an outfit for sure. I especially love men’s watches, the large face, the phases of the moon or diving depth. I currently own a fossil watch with a dark teal face (love it!) and an older sports watch that I got a brown leather strap for that makes it more boho/west coast. Would love to hear more about your collection and why you chose them 🙂

  10. I agree that a watch can make or break an outfit. I was never too fussed on them until my husband bought me my Tag Heuer and since then I’ve loved mine. Cartier is a classic brand but for me, I’d love a Breitling.

  11. I used to wear a watch all the time but stopped when I didn’t work where a clock wasn’t visible at all times. Now I am getting used to wearing one again

  12. I love to hear about why someone’s interested in watches, and I agree with you 100% that the history of the brand and what it means is such an important part of why we love watches. I’m a watch repair hobbiest and I really enjoy the stories people tell me about their watch and why it means so much to them. They’re lifetime companions!

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