Why I Read Over 20 Blog Posts Every Day

I love reading. It is one hobby I truly enjoy, and as a Blogger and Freelance PR Consultant, I have to read as many blog posts as possible every day. Reading and writing is second nature to me, which is great because my job relies on it! So if I am not able to put on my Kindle because of a busy schedule, I can guarantee I would be able to read some blog posts during the day.



I read over 20 blog posts a day because there are so many amazing blogs around these days, it is so easy to read as many. I also comment on as many blog posts as I can.

Many bloggers underestimate the power of the blogosphere, and just instead stay busy publishing post after post on their blog without reading other blogs, which I find very funny. Except you are in the Mega Blogger Category (Is there such a category?), you should be reaching out to as many bloggers as possible, because the blogosphere world is really small, especially in the UK. We all need each other in a way.

The power of commenting on blogs is so underrated, that many bloggers don’t know the value of it. Apart from the fact that you are reading and gaining knowledge, you leaving a quality comment would probably put a smile on the blogger’s face, it would lead some traffic to your blog, which may lead to you having some loyal blog followers, brands/PRs could find your blog from a comment left on another blog, and so on. The benefits of reading and commenting on blogs you enjoy are too many to list.



I enjoy reading a variety of blogs from fashion and beauty, to lifestyle and even parenting. I also enjoy scrolling through food blogs. They usually make my mouth water and leave me hungry, but I gain so many recipe ideas from them, so I can’t be without reading them.

What sort of blogs do you enjoy reading?





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  1. I’m exactly the same, I love to read as many different blog posts throughout the day as I can. My favourite to read at the moment though are definitely interior and travel posts – they give me so much inspo! x

  2. You talking about the the power of blogging, it is also amazing how you can be led to anything in weird and wonderful ways.

    I came to your blog by a comment in 1 of my compers forums I chat in. Someone had said they were upset as they said they had seen another blogger who didn’t like compers.

    I asked for the site, said I would come and see. Commented appropriately, looked around and still here 2 years on.

    You can not afford not to network whatever you do whether it is a career or a hobby.

    It’s amazing what you can learn by just been open and communicating.

    Yours is the main blog I follow and I am a member of bloglovin which helps me discern what I want to read and who I want to stick with. I am reading alot of blogs on babies now as we are expecting our 2nd Grandchild in August so lots of excitement here.

    Must be a couple of years now since I came over to you.

    You got it girl for being a top blogger IMHO. Keep rocking it

  3. I enjoy reading lifestyle or personal blogs mostly written by my peers. Unfortunately in Poland mostly kids write blogs (by kids I mean persons from 12 to 20 years old). Adult bloggers usually write about their children which is not the most interesting thing for me to read as I’m a childless spinster 😀

  4. I always love your posts girl! I have always read other blogs but just recently set myself a goal to read and comment on at least twenty a day in hopes to really increase the value of my content and new site! Hope you have a good day xx

  5. I have recently started blogging, so I have started reading as many blogs , I can I have not yet kept a goal to how many blogs I want to read on a daily basis. But some of the interesting blogs I have been reading about are writing, photography and travel post

  6. I totally agree with you – reading and writing are a natural pairing and I try to move around ‘reader’ as much as I can. Different items jump out at you – different styles appeal to you – a smorgasbord of different blogs right there. Charlie x

  7. I love getting recipes ideas from blogs! I like learning about other people’s life experiences whether they are similar or different to my own

  8. I enjoy reading other blogs as well as I love reading. Instagram for example has never quite been my favorite, I love reading as I said:)
    Lovely post! Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. Totally agree with everything you’ve said here. I know it makes me smile whenever I get a comment from another blogger (or just people who have stopped by and decided to connect). It makes me feel like I’m a part of something special 🙂

    I love the outfit you’re wearing in the pic in this post by the way – it’s stunning <3

    Louise x

  10. I probably read over 20 blog posts a day too, I am bad for normally reading them on my phone and not always commenting. I used to always buy magazine but now I never bother as I read so many blogs instead xx

  11. I’ve just begun this journey and I’ve found reading other blogs informative and inspirational. Thank you for sharing your ideas and thoughts. Hopefully I can begin to share my interests to others. 😊

  12. I agree with you on the importance of keeping up with other blogs, in fact, I think that it gives me a lot of writing inspiration.
    I like to read several different “types” of blogs. Mostly, I enjoy travel or study abroad blogs, because they’re related to mine. Therefore, they provide a lot of inspiration. But I have also grown to like reading lifestyle and fashion blogs, even though they don’t necessarily match my blogging type.

  13. I try to read as much as I can every day too! I have found that if I miss a day blogging but still interact on here, that my traffic will be just as good as if I had posted! lets be honest, we are bloggers not celebrities, so it takes building a social network on here to be successful. Great post 🙂

  14. I am new to the blogosphere and definitely want to learn more about how to get more exposure. This was super helpful to read and I would love any more tips you have! Thank you!

  15. I just started reading others blogs and I am loving it! I am just getting started with my blog, my daughter is six months and it’s something I can do. I didn’t realize the time and effort needed to grow a blog! Networking is turning out to help out my perseverance to keep at my own blog. I don’t really know what I’m doing but I learn more each day 😀

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