Giveaway – Vera Wang Sheer Veil Eau de Parfum 100ml

Happy Sunday folks! I have a giveaway to end this month of July. I am giving away a bottle of Vera Wang Sheer Eau de Parfum to one lucky reader. Could it be you?






I am a recovering perfume addict. I use to have over 10 bottles of perfume at any given time, but I have now toned it down to no more than 10 bottles at a time.

I love Vera Wang’s perfumes. I have used most of them, and I think they are great. I sniffed this Sheer Veil the other day, while shopping in the stores, and I thought it would make a great giveaway prize, especially for my fellow perfume fanatics.

It is a very light, delicate scent. Great for the summer months, and can be layered in the winter months for a stronger scent. I also like the packaging. I think it is a chic but simple bottle.

Here is a brief description of the fragrance –

“Vera Wang Sheer Veil is a celebration of sheer femininity that sparkles with a touch of spontaneity, and a mood that illuminates with sparkling clarity and a lightness of heart. The fragrance has a floral fluidity that drapes the skin, revealing rather than concealing – allowing a woman’s radiance to shine though.”


Here are the rules of the giveaway –

  1. Follow me on Twitter.
  2. RT this post.
  3. Follow on Instagram.
  4. Leave a comment stating how you like to wear your perfume. Also, give your Twitter name, so I can find you quickly.


This giveaway is open to UK residents. You have to be 18+. It ends on 31st July 10pm.

The winner is randomly selected and contacted on Twitter within 24 hours of the giveaway ending. TheΒ winner must make contact within a week of winning a competition or another winner would be selected.

Good luck everyone.



179 responses

  1. I wear perfume behind my ears and on my wrists. Plus a spray around my hair and neck/chest on occasion. @carwoo1

  2. I am a spray it everywhere kind of woman lol. morning and evening and in between if the need arise @simontink on twitter

  3. i spray it on both sides of my neck and my wrists , i also give my hair a tiny spritz too as it makes the smell last longer

  4. i wear perfume daily, even when i dont go out it makes me feel beautiful πŸ™‚ i spray writs, a couple of times on my neck and a spray or two in my hair πŸ™‚

  5. I wear a light floral perfume for the day and my chanel number 5 for a night out. I spray it everywhere and liberally! @sasha_darwazeh

  6. @fiona_cullen spritz perfume in the air and walk into it and also on my neck and wrists-wold love to win Vera Wang it smells gorgeous

  7. I tend to spritz my wrists and then use them to rub my neck before it dries. It gives me a lighter scent that seems less likely to cause problems with young children at work.

  8. i always wear perfume on my kneck and wrists i put it on first thing in the morning after my shower @pintsized_21

  9. I like to wear mine on my wrists and neck. I like to keep the specials ones for date nights with my fiance πŸ™‚ @jencof1988

  10. When I go out whether it be shopping or out socialising i like to put my perfume on top of my moisturiser or body butter, The smell is beautiful and it lasts longer on top of cream πŸ™‚
    Following on twitter and retweeting as @lindsey855
    Following on instagram @lindseystuart85

  11. I only wear perfume on special occasions, & my favourites for really special occasions!
    (Faybexxx = Twitter. faybenorris = Instagram)

  12. I very rarely wear perfume but I have my son’s christening coming up and would love to wear this fragrance. My Twitter name is @shatteredmumof2

  13. I wear perfume on wrists and neck and then my daughter usually wants a spritz too – she’s 4 @GAarcade

  14. I tend to put it on every morning. And after a shower. I spray the air and walk through it, is that silly? 😁 @jocar177

  15. I love perfume and love smelling lovely so I spray it all around me I’d love to try this beauty Twitter @gemmstone2708

  16. I love to spray perfume in my hair so it lasts all day long. Fab giveaway would love to be your lucky winner. @leavemout on Twitter and @debzwoowoo on Insta. Fingers crossed

  17. I always spray it on my wrists (without rubbing my wrists together) and a little on my neck. After reading your blog on spraying perfume I also now spray a little on my inner elbows/back of knee joints and ankles. My twitter name is @kefkat12 and Instagram @keffiekat3

  18. I wear perfume when I go out, and sometimes just because I want to smell it around the house! @emilyh13

  19. Neck and wrists and I wear it all the time – @sayhelloflo on twitter/instagram
    Thanks for the lovely competition!

  20. i wear it on all my pulse spots, eg behind my ears , my nape, my temples and my wrists twitter name is @moonlightlady2

  21. I like to spray it all over, unless it’s my favourite perfume, Paloma Picasso which is very strong. Less is more on that one. @UKcydonia

  22. I love the old school way, spray and walk through the mist, something very luxurious about this way

  23. I’m quite ritualistic: I dab/spray it on my wrists and then press them on my chest, behind my ears and on my neck. I love the original version of this fragrance and bet this one’s fabulous as well.

  24. I spray it all over and finish with the spray and walk through. Having a lovely purfume on males me feel so confident especially when people comment how lively you smell. @hollyking1983

  25. I like to spray it each side of my neck just below my ears and in my cleavage! Many thanks @Michieptak

  26. I am a manic sprayer tbh lol I spray my wrists, neck, behind the ear hair and then my clothes
    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ twitter @xxKimxClarkxx

  27. I wear it on my neck and behind my ears, every day as I feel incomplete without it! However I save my most expensive ones for special occasions!
    Twitter is @lialouise_x

  28. I love to wear perfume, all the time. I like rich, heavy ones although I go for lighter florals in the daytime. I spritz it on all the usual pulse points.

  29. I wear my perfume on my neck, wrists and sometimes a spray in my hair and on the front of my clothes! My twitter name is – @roxylou26 x

  30. I like to wear my perfume first thing in the morning behind my neck and on my wrists.
    Twitter handle: @MummyBear123456
    Instagram: @jazbaz1986

  31. I put in on my wrists and neck in the morning and top up as the day goes on.
    Instagram clairethomsonlittle
    Twitter @clairelittle9

  32. On my pulse points (wrists and neck) daily with an extra spritz for an evening out!
    Insta lkfarmer88
    Twitter @happybunny_lou

  33. I always spray on my wrists then, spray in the air then walk through. twitter is @jodie_fossey loveley giveaway thanks x

  34. I like to wear my perfume on neck and wrist and this is my favourite perfume, I love wearing it when going for meala I always get complimented on it

  35. I am an ordinary perfume wearer lol, I like to wear it on my wrists and my neck. Sometimes a spray in my hair. Fabulous giveaway. Thanks (@carlychoc2 on Twitter)

  36. I tend to spray or dab my perfumes on the wrists, behind the ears, neck back and front and also on the bust areas πŸ™‚ Beautiful fragrance thank you πŸ™‚ @carameltrace

  37. I love perfume too. I wear my perfume in my hair and love to have my day perfumes and special occasions perfumes. The smell of the special occasion one brings back amazing memories @6_gillian

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