How to Rock the Casual Chic Look

If you’re looking for something simple yet fashionable this summer then this should be your go-to style. The casual chic look is one that never grows old. It’s easy to put together, comfy and trendy. In fact, it’s one of my favourites.

This summer, it’s all about having that laid-back vibe and this look pulls it off perfectly. From A-list celebrities to those who walk on the street, this style is by-far one of the most popular styles you’ll ever meet. You can rock the casual chic using almost any style of piece, from vintage style to modern/contemporary style.

Here are some tips on how you can recreate the casual chic look and be fabulous this summer.

Floral print


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Floral print pieces are a favourite every summer. From tops, to skirts and trousers, there’s really no limit to what you can do with them. To look more casual, layer a floral patterned top over light coloured bottoms like a white skirt or a pair of white shorts. That way you are able to not only bring out the casual look of the floral top, you also look quite chic, simple and comfortable. That’s the whole essence of casual.



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Denim cuts across all seasons and summer is not going to be left out. This summer, you’ll see more denim shorts, jeans and capris. Denim is universally known as depicting ease and casual, so having it as your go-to piece for the summer will help you hit the right style mark.

Keep it simple with a nice t-shirt or just to add some fun to it, wear a slogan tee – it always makes a good read. Finish off with a nice pair of sunglasses to perfect the look.


Chiffon tops and dresses

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Lovely, light and flowing chiffon is the true definition of summer. It’s fun and playful. It’s also a big plus when you have the heat wave to worry about. Chiffon tops and dresses are trendy and casual, and quite feminine too. Style it with a long necklace to add more charm to your style. You can wear your chiffon top over a pair of shorts to make your outfit look more relaxed.


Striped pieces

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Effortless yet stylish; striped clothing makes any ensemble look casual. This is a piece that should be included while you are styling outfits this summer. Take a striped sleeveless top and layer it over a nice pair of jeans. This makes you look laid back and captures the real essence of casual chic.

To complete the look, you can wear a gold chain to give it an even more chic look.


Candy coloured outfits

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Although your choice of clothes plays a big role in how you can pull off the casual chic look, your choice of colour can also make a huge difference.

This summer try adding more candy colours into your outfits. Colours like pale yellow, light blue and peach look great in the summer. Feel free to add a heavy dose of white to the mix as well. White can help tone down dark colours and give you that casual feel.


What do you think of these style tips? Are you a fan of the casual chic look?



*Collaborative post.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment During Summer

Without a doubt, summer is the season where we expose more skin than usual. Shorts, skirts and t-shirts make up the most prevalent fashion pieces every summer.

One of the problems, we ladies face is our unwanted hair. Since most of our bodies are exposed during the summer, our hair is let out in the open for people to see. Oftentimes this can be pretty embarrassing, especially for those of us (like me) who have more body hair than others.


OOTD Bare Legs


There are so many hair removal methods like laser hair removal, waxing, shaving and using the good old fashioned tweezers. These methods are all fine all year round, but some should be used with caution during the summer months.

Laser treatments make hair removal easy, painless and long lasting, unlike other hair removal methods that are quite the opposite. And that is why I am an advocate of laser hair removal treatments but I believe they should not be in done on body parts that would be exposed in the summer months. Here are the reasons why.

It makes your skin very sensitive

Laser Hair Removal Treatment makes use of lasers to remove hair from your body. The heat from the laser will go deep into your skin and target the hair follicle. The power of the laser will destroy the hair follicle and your hair is removed. The effect of the laser can make your skin extremely sensitive. If you don’t protect your skin after laser hair removal, your skin could be faced with more irritation if exposed to sun.


You run the risk of your skin getting burned

The sun can be extremely harsh. If you thought getting sensitive skin was bad enough then you should note this. When you combine sensitivity of your skin with the results from the laser treatment, the effect of sun’s rays could be heavier than normal after a laser hair removal treatment.


Fashion and Style Image


Your run the risk of skin discolouration

When exposed to the sun, your skin tends to experience pigmentation problems. The rays of the sun can be rather harsh at times. Although laser hair removal favours fair skin, it is not friendly for dark-skined ladies. It could make your skin look darker due to melanin production. This is not good for your skin as you may end up with dark patches on the laser hair removal treatment area.


You won’t be able to have a tan

Summer is the time when people go under the sun to get that coveted tan. Tans are seen to be attractive. When you get a laser hair removal treatment, you will not be able to give yourself a tan. The direct effect of the sun’s rays will make your skin more sensitive. Your skin will start to feel raw and that could even damage your skin. That’s why dermatologists advice that you should stay away from tanning for about 6 weeks after the laser hair removal treatment.


I think the best time to have the laser hair treatment done is in the cooler months.

Have you had the laser hair removal treatment? What are your thoughts?

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