A Day at Newbury Racecourse

I have always wanted to experience a Raceday. It sounds like a fun/posh experience. Watching horses race would be nice. Which is why I am thrilled to be working with Newbury Racecourse as a Brand Ambassador this year. Newbury Racecourse combines 100 years of heritage with modern-day sporting and spectacular events. Their Racedays are definitely worth experiencing this summer. So if you are contemplating doing something different this season, here are some reasons why attending a Raceday event should be at the top of your list.


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Why you should go for a day at Newbury Racecourse


Good Old Entertainment

Newbury Racecourse is offering top quality entertainment with over 29 racedays a year. It is one of the leading horse racing venues in the UK with a variety of contemporary facilities to make use of during your visit. If you are into races/horses, then a day at the Racecourse would be right up your street. There is nothing more entertaining than watching horse riders do their thing, if you are into racedays of course.

There are a number of different types of races that take place throughout the season like races solely for purebred Arabian horses which is something that is different from other races.


A reason to dress posh

A few people I know complain about having fancy dresses and accessories but nowhere to wear them. Well not anymore. Newbury Racecourse allows you play dress up like every other Race Event. So if you are in the pursuit of where to go looking glam, look no further. The dress code for a Raceday is all about the smart attire; men are usually dressed in a collared shirt and trousers with smart shoes. While women are usually dolled up in pretty dresses, hats/fascinators and heels.

Another great part of Newbury Racecourse is the Ladies Day Event, which is the social event of the Newbury summer season. This stylish event combines racing with fashion. It is a great way to enjoy fashion and races at the same time.

Also Newbury Racecourse do a Free Birthday Ticket which would be a great reason to visit the racecourse as a birthday treat.


Good dining

The Newbury Racecourse has a rich variety of food and drink outlets available with many different options. So apart from the good horse riding entertainment and reason to look all glammed up, you also have a good time dining in some of the best restaurants. What else is there to ask for? Once there is entertainment and good food, I am all good!

Newbury have a vast amount of dining options available. Just to mention a few; The Brasserie, The Contemporary Bar & Lounge, and there is also the award winning fine dining restaurant – The Hennessy.



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So if a day at the Newbury Racecourse catches your fancy then you are in luck. Check out these upcoming race days – Weatherbys Super Sprint Day with a performance from Craig David, and Ladies Day with a DJ set from Rudimental and Ladbrokes Trophy Day. They promise to be good old fun! And let me know what you think of Race Events in the comments section. 

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