Pre School Graduation Photo Canvas Prints

The kiddies had their graduation ceremony and musical performance last week and it was an emotional day. I still remember their very first day at the Pre School and how excited they were to go. That was almost 2 years ago, and the pre school journey has now ended. We are all looking forward to them starting Reception in September, and they are looking forward to finally going to Big School. As they are one of the oldest in their class, they outgrown the pre school stage some months ago, and have been excited to do something new.

We got some lovely photos taken at the graduation ceremony as well as before the big day. A professional photographer was invited to take some photos of the kids in their graduation gowns some weeks ago, and the finished photos were so beautiful. I was eager to get them printed and framed to preserve the memories. So you can imagine my excitement when I got the opportunity to team up with to turn the graduation pictures into photo canvas prints.


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The quality of the Canvas Prints is amazing. I love the finished work. It is great quality and looks amazing on our walls now. And the kiddies love it. I am happy to be able to have these Canvas Prints to remind me of this significant milestone in our lives. If you are a parent, you would understand how important a milestone it is. Having kids graduate from pre school, ready to go off to Reception is no joke. I plan to hold on to these photo canvas for life.


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What do you think of these Photo Canvas Prints? Please share your thoughts. Have a lovely week.


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Kids Section – Surviving Pre School

The kids are wrapping up pre school in the next few days and I am super excited. Surviving pre school was a roller coaster. They have been at pre school for almost 2 years now. And they are heading off to BIG school in Sept, yay!  We are all super excited for them going to Reception. They are the older ones in their class, so they are quite prepared for the big change. But I think I will need to prepare myself a little more. And get the tissues ready for their graduation ceremony. I am sure there will be LOTS of happy tears flowing down.

Surviving pre school was tricky but easy at the same time. It was easy in the sense that the kiddies love school in general and well quite happy to be there. But it was also tricky because they are kids at the end of the day. And on some days, they can’t be bothered to play pre school.


Kddies image


These 2 cuties have grown before my very eyes. I remember their first few months in pre school and how they decided they were no longer interested in going when the novelty wore off. Learning to feed, potty training and increasing their vocabulary all happened are some of the big changes that happened in the last few years. I am already looking forward to see how they would both excel at Reception and beyond.

I know it is still quite early but we have already started getting ready for primary school. So the uniform shopping has started, as well as all the other back to school essentials. I recently reviewed some name sticker labels, which we will be sticking on all their belongings in time for September. I like to plan well in advance and get everything done early to avoid the last-minute chaos.


Kids Section Picture



How we survived pre school

School can be hard work for kids, parents and teachers. Which is why it makes sense to take certain precautions. Here are some ways that helped us survive pre school.


We stayed on top of vaccinations and hygiene

I made sure we stayed on top of all our vaccinations. School is a breeding ground for all sorts of illness. So being on top of all vaccinations and keep the kids very clean does help reduce the chances of them getting very ill. Daily baths are important especially when they go to school. I find it shockingly that some kids only baths once or twice a week. A quick face and hand wash does not count as a proper bath. It won’t get rid of all the dirt they have rolled in during the day at school.


Buy cheap clothes and shoes

Buying cheap clothes and shoes for the kids to wear to pre school or nursery is a way to survive it. Trust me on this one. Your bank balance would thank you for it.  You won’t want your kids messing up their pricey pieces with paints and dirt. So ensure you send them to school with cheap play clothes and shoes you don’t mind them ruining.


Ensure the kids get the right amount of sleep and eat healthy

Bedtime is 7pm. It has been 7pm since the kiddies were babies and it has definitely helped their growth and development. Kids love routine, so that has been a plus as well. The right amount of sleep and a balanced diet does help children and adults deal with the demands of life. So ensure your kids get these basic requirements.


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We are looking forward to Reception and the changes it brings. Bring it on!







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