How To Make Your Room Feel More Tropical

Do you dream of jetting off to somewhere tropical? The Bahamas would be a good idea or even The Maldives, but why fork out extra pennies when you can make your very own room a tropical paradise? Tropical decor is a trend that has grown in popularity in recent years and plays on brightly coloured accents, oversized foliage and animal prints for a refreshing tropical style.

So, how do you do it? Follow these top tips to bring all things tropical to you.

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Maximise natural light

One way you can easily enhance the natural light in your home is by adding more mirrors or shiny objects so light can project around the room. If you have a few pennies to spare, installing larger windows or doors is a great way to let in the sunshine. Why not try experimenting with paint too? Opt for neutral shades such as taupe, cotton white and beige as these natural colour palettes will act as a reflector to help bounce light around the room and make your space appear more open.

‌Accessorise with bamboo

‌Going green seems to be on everyone’s minds lately and it’s not hard to see why. Bamboo is the perfect way to add a natural, harmonic feel to your home whilst keeping close to mother nature. Bamboo blinds are unique and will change things up from your traditional window coverings – not only does the bamboo provide similar benefits as regular plastic or wooden blinds, but they also add natural textures to your home. You can also use bamboo as freestanding plants, invest in bamboo framed mirrors or even lampshades.

Decorate with seashells

You don’t need to live by a beach to be close to the waters – just add some seashells to your home! Seashells are a unique and cheap way to decorate your home whilst keeping close to nature. You can use shells as freestanding ornaments on fireplaces and coffee tables or place them in rustic clay bowls and clear jars for a minimal but classic look. Another way you can get creative with seashells is by simply decorating anything you like with shells – mirrors, photo frames, lanterns, candleholders and more!

Create an aquarium

Many people have aquariums in their homes of varying sizes. They can be housed anywhere in your home where light is prevalent such as a living room, dining room, kitchen or bedroom. To create your very own aquarium, you’ll need a tank, a stand, an aquarium light, a filtration system, a thermometer, some substrate and a fishnet at the very least. Then, you’ll need to choose the fish, of course!

Why not go for some tropical fish, like a rainbow fish? Adding rainbow fishes to an aquarium will instantly dazzle the room with colour. The bright and vibrant colours of are a popular design choice and can be found in many graphics, patterns or even in game designs like the sisters of oz wowpot. You can also go with vibrant sand or gravel to enhance the colours even more.

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Add plants as décor

‌Plants are a great way to add some natural colour to your home. Whether you’re a full-time ‘plant mom’ or you’re slowly introducing yourself to all things green, plants will instantly make your home feel more tropical. You can start by having fun with vines – use these to decorate around mirrors, on top of fireplaces and even on shelves to create a free-falling look. Freestanding plants are still popular too! You can experiment with different sizes and strategically place them around your home wherever feels fit. Remember, you don’t have to experiment with real plants if you don’t want to. Faux plants are just as great.


Whether you’re redoing your room on a budget or have a bit of cash to spare, there are endless options that you can turn to make your room feel more tropical. From in-house aquariums to bamboo furnishings and vibrant plant additions, you’ll never be too far away from a tropical paradise with these top tips.



4 Ways To Make Your Home Cozier During the Winter Months

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With winter knocking around the corner, it won’t be long before the cold sets in. This is the perfect time to redecorate your home, do house cleaning, or prep it in some way for the coming season. Making your home cozy right now will help you in the long winter months keeping you and your family safe and warm.

If this is your first time cozying up your home this winter, then here are several tips to liven up your home for the long cold months ahead.

1. A Comfy First Impression

As the old saying goes, the first impression is often the last impression. Making the entrance to your home comfy and welcoming is a great way for guests to feel welcome in your home. You can set up a plush rug outside your door, spruce up the porch with a couple of trees, and hang a wreath of flowers or mistletoes on your door.

If you’re feeling a bit fancy you can also go for some exterior furniture and decorate them with show pieces. If you decide to buy trees or flower pots to decorate the entrance, you can easily opt for plastic ones that can be stored away during the summer months.

2.  Plush Seating

The next thing to focus on to make your home as comfy and cozy as possible is the seating arrangement. Having a plush seating arrangement in your living room and bedroom can be a great way to spice things up. Of course, cleaning and maintenance of plush furniture are a bit more difficult than your average wooden, plastic, or steel furniture but well worth the work.

The main reason you want to switch to plush furniture during winter is that this material retains body heat. Naturally, some materials are better than others for heat retention, so doing some research before buying a set is the best way to go. Usually, plush furniture made of better quality materials tends to be more expensive than other types of furniture.

If you don’t want to spend a bunch of money on new furniture then there are still ways you can turn regular furniture into comfy ones. One great idea is to buy thick blankets that fit the dimensions of your furniture and cover them with a bed sheet or loose sheet. You can also buy rugs to put on the seats and backs of the chairs to make them comfier.

3. Covered Flooring

Covering the floor is vital to keeping your home warm and cozy all the time during winter. Carpeting the floor of your bedrooms and living rooms will ensure your feet never get cold when you slip out of socks or sandals. Carpeting can be quite expensive depending on material and dimensions so make sure to study the materials and check prices online before making the final purchase.

If carpeting your home is too expensive an option for you then covering the floor with warm rugs is definitely the option to go for. If you want to go the extra mile then buy insulation strips for floors and windows and seal all cracks and open spaces in the house. Note that this technique only works if you have a wooden floor.

For concrete floors, you can laminate the flooring with well-padded underlay, like foam, to ensure your home stays warm during winter. If you want to get a bit fancy, then you can also opt for luxury vinyl as well.
4. Throws and Pillows

Last but not the least, don’t forget to place a lot of pillows and throws throughout the house for maximum coziness. Throws and pillows have been used for centuries to make homes comfy and there are many reasons why. For starters, they give off a homely atmosphere that makes your guests feel welcome.

Leaning on a pillow while reading a book beside the fireplace with the kids playing around describes the perfect winter evening for many people. You can also utilize a nice end table to store all of your essentials. Stock up on candles, books, and even reading glasses online.

Have a Blast this Winter

Everyone wants to make their home as comfy as possible during winter. Hopefully with the tips and tricks above you’ll have a blast making your home cozy this winter. If you want to look for more ideas, check out Pinterest for some great ones.

Hallway Makeover Ideas That Will Make Your Home Rock

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Very often, hallways are the forgotten rooms of our homes. They’re just a transit area that takes us from the front door to the living room or kitchen – and not much more than that. 

But that’s a shame. Hallways have massive potential. And they can totally change how you feel in your home. 

In this post, we’re going to take a look at some hallway makeover ideas that totally rock. Check them out below. 

Choose A Paint Colour That Sets The Mood

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When it comes to hallways, you can afford to be a little bold. People don’t spend a long time in them, so any decor should make an immediate impact. Don’t wait until you get into the main reception rooms. Things like multi-coloured tile patterning on the floor and moody, black-painted walls can all help set the tone. 

Implement A Statement Piece

Next, you’ll want to implement a statement piece – something that really stands out from the rest of the room. Marble console tables are a great idea here. They’re slim enough to provide plenty of walk space. But they’re also stylish enough to really get people talking. You can also get some colourful wall decorations on the Neon Mama website. There are loads of stylish decorative options on the website so there’s definitely something for every home. 

Statement pieces make a lot of difference to how your hallway feels. The room feels “full” and “bold” at the same time as practical and convenient. 

Get Your Lighting Sorted

As with paint colour, your hallway is also an opportunity for you to experiment with lighting options. Yes – you can stick with regular spotlights. But many designers swear by hanging light shades that create a mellower atmosphere. Remember, spotlights can make the lighting in your property feel a little harsh at times. So if you’re somebody who is a little sensitive to bright lights, you might want to avoid this typical setup. 

Accessorise Your Hallway

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Many homeowners have a habit of leaving their hallways bare, but that’s a missed opportunity. After all, there’s fundamentally no reason why you can’t accessorise your hallway with paintings and vases. They look just as great here as anywhere else. 

If you want storage space in your hallway, just add hooks to the wall. This way, you have somewhere you can quickly hang your hats, coats and face masks when you get in. 

Choose Neutral Tones For A Lighter Hallway

Sometimes, hallways can feel a little dingy, especially if there are no windows. The way to deal with this is to use as many neutral tones as possible. White-painted walls will reflect any natural or artificial light entering the space, helping to lighten the entire volume. You can also try things like laying light rugs, placing neutral side tales and even using mirrors. For extra reflectivity, paint your radiators white. 

Embrace Maximalist Designs

Maximalist designs are a response to minimalism. It’s the idea that you can still enjoy your environment, even if it is teeming with interesting patterns. 

If your stairs run alongside your hallway, you can experiment with bold maximalist wallpaper on the adjoining wall, next to the cupboard underneath. Choose a bold print with a dark scheme to contrast with the rest of the space. 


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