5 Storage Hacks You Need to Know

It’s a challenge to arrange your things in your apartment without making the rooms looking more cramped and visually unappealing. If you have small rooms, you’ll know that storage is a big problem.

When you’re pressed for space, you have to get creative with creating storage units in your home. And I don’t mean having drab or boring-looking shelves or boxes. I mean storage spaces that will make your home look appealing and save you a lot of space.


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I did some research and tried out some storage hacks and they worked great in my home. It certainly gave my home a new feel and I was able to get all the clutter out of the way. I now have more space and I get compliments on the additions I made to the rooms. So, here I am with some storage hacks you can try.

  1. Create window seats

There’s a lot of unused space in the window area. Take the opportunity to turn that free space to another storage area where you can keep your things. It’s a good option to put in a small cabinet but you can make that storage space serve dual purpose as a window seat.

A good way to go about this is to have sturdy shelves and put comfy foam or pillows that will serve as a great place to sit and enjoy the view outside.


  1. Put up floating shelves

Floating shelves can be a very smart addition to your room. They create room to keep some of your things. Since we’re not only interested in creating storage space, you can take advantage of the aesthetically pleasing floating shelves.

There so many floating shelves that come in different shapes and sizes. You can use candles, figurines and flowers to decorate the floating shelves.


  1. Make use of the high ceilings by installing shelves

Take advantage of the high ceilings in your home. That space creates ample room to install shelves you can use to increase your storage space. Although the shelves seem too high to reach, you can invest some money into buying a cute-looking ladder that will help you reach the shelves at the top.

You can get really creative with shelves by putting up decorative items and even little plants to add a dash of colour to the room.


  1. Optimize your headboard for storage

This is where you can get really creative. Remember the boring headboard? You can turn it into something more functional such that it adds some storage space. Furniture companies were able to device headboards that come with storage units attached.

However, if want to go all DIY, you can put shelves where your headboard should be. You can also fix in hooks to hang some of your things. Another great idea is to place a large corkboard where you can pin all your jewelry. It’s a nifty place to keep your earrings and necklaces in one place and it looks colourful too.


  1. Install storage units under your bed

When you look under your bed, there is plenty of space to store your things. You can add some drawers under your bed. Another alternative is getting baskets or large boxy containers you can keep things in.

Some people don’t have that much space under their bed because the bed is very close to the floor. To create more space, raise your bed a little higher to create room for storage space.


What do you think of these storage hacks?


Plantation Shutters – Interior Design Dream

Once upon a time, the easiest and fastest way to decorate a window was to hang curtains. Today, many people would rather have blinds or shutters over curtains, and I can see why. Blinds and window shutters are more modern and trendy, which is why we see more of them in houses today. Curtains are now like a thing of the past, and with how high maintenance they are, I am not surprised to see less and less of them in homes today.

In my house, we have a mixture of all 3 – curtains, shutters and blinds. When we first bought our house, I couldn’t make my mind up on what I wanted. So I went with a bit of all 3 to begin with. Then gradually swapped some of the curtains for blinds and shutters, and I am happy we did. I prefer the modern trendy look the blinds and shutters create. But now I have my eye on a specific type of window shutters.


window shutters image


I am very interested in getting window plantation shutters in our home at some point this year. We don’t have those sort of shutters at the moment and I have been dying to get them in some of our windows. These are the reasons why I dying to have some plantation shutters in my house this year.


Control Light and Extra Privacy

Having plantation shutters installed will give us extra privacy, and we can never have too much of that. Our neighbourhood isn’t so busy, but sometimes I need that extra level of privacy. Plantation Shutters would allow the control of natural light and privacy. This would come in so handy for us especially in the summer months. I like the thought of being able to independently control the amount of light within my home. The fact that I can keep unwelcome attention out is also amazing. For this reason alone, I want some window plantation shutters installed as soon as possible.


Sound and Thermal Insulation

Sometimes my street could be a little noisy with kids running around on their bikes, and neighbours with their lawn mowers. Having plantation shutters installed means I won’t have to deal with all that noise. I will be able to effectively reduce the amount of noise in my home. These shutters also help keep the home cool during the summer, which is amazing, especially when the heatwave hits.  It also helps retain the heat during the winter, which will help with the energy consumption. Plantation shutters are great for every season, which makes me even want them the more.


Easy to Maintain

Plantation shutters are very easy to maintain, and are super easy to clean. They don’t ask for too much, not high maintenance like regular curtains. All they need is a duster or a damp cloth to wipe, and they are sparkly clean.



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Made to Measure

These window shutters can be made to measure to fit any type or shape of window. This makes them highly versatile, which is another reason why I am dying to have them installed in our house. Some of our bedroom windows are very different. We have struggled to get the right curtains or blinds for them, so made to measure plantation shutters would be so good. They will definitely complete my home decor.


Different Designs

Plantation shutters come in different designs, so there should be 1 to suit every home. I am looking forward to shopping the various styles and designs available. Variety is the spice of life, so I love the fact that there are various options available.


I currently have my mind on Plantation Shutters as the next home decor my house needs. It would be great to have some installed in our bedrooms before the end of this summer, but let’s see how it goes. We may have them installed a lot sooner if the funds cooperate.


What do you think of Plantation Shutters? Do you have any installed in your home? Where do you get your interior design inspiration from? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, if you have enjoyed reading this post, please share on your social media platforms.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a lovely day.


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Top Tips for a Clean Kitchen

Spring is here and it is finally time for a proper spring cleaning. Most people start with the upstairs floors and work their way down. They leave the kitchen for last. Although this approach is the proper thing to do, it is likely that you would have lost the energy and desire to clean the kitchen by the time you have finished cleaning all other rooms.


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Here are a few top tips for a clean kitchen that could save you time and achieve optimum result.

Ask any cleaner who use the Helpling platform and they will tell you that the kitchen should be the cleanest spot in the house. Follow these tips and you will always have a spotless kitchen.


Kitchen Cleaning Tips
  1. Exclude the kitchen from your spring cleaning routine but make sure you will clean it every week.
  2. Draft a list with what it is that needs to be cleaned and write next to it how often it is supposed to be cleaned. The oven, fridge and freezer are typical examples that do not have to be cleaned every week.
  3. Place cleaning material and clothes in a prominent place and encourage everybody in the house to clean up any dirt they see, immediately.
  4. Do you have small children? Reward them for participating in cleaning. Kids are the biggest culprits to leave dirty spots. Encourage them to clean it up immediately or even to participate in your cleaning routine. While you focus on the overhead cupboards, they can do the ones below the sink.
  5. Reward yourself once you are done cleaning. The thought itself should stimulate doing the job properly and quickly.
  6. Revisit your cupboard and establish what you can do to improve packing your groceries away in such way that it won’t dirt your cupboards.
  7. Remove or replaced any damaged parts in the kitchen. Broken tiles or hinges are frustrating but they also contribute to the built up of germs and dirt in the area.
  8. Reconsider the rules for the kitchen. Write it down how you expect people to behave in the kitchen and place those rules somewhere where everybody can see them. The door of the fridge would be a perfect spot.
  9. Make a point that any dirt or dishes should be cleaned immediately. The moment you ignore this rule, people will no longer respect the need for a clean kitchen and won’t bother anymore to contribute.
  10. Re-consider your cooking habits. Is your kitchen always dirty? Have you ever thought about changing the way you cook?

A clean kitchen is important in many ways. These hacks will hopefully help you achieving that.

Do you have any tips for maintaining a clean kitchen? Please share them.


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