Back to nature with houseplants

I played around with the idea of getting a houseplant for months so it was lovely to finally get one some days ago. My houseplant got delivered over the weekend and I am now officially a plant mum. There were loads of options available when I went shopping for my first houseplant. I have never had one before so I had to really read up about each plant and decide on the best indoor plant for us.

Back to nature with houseplants

After hours of research, I decided to go with one first to see how we get on and add get some later depending on how well I get one with the first plant. I needed an indoor plant that wouldn’t need a lot of nurturing since this is all brand new for me. I needed a houseplant that would thrive on neglect pretty much.

houseplant image

Snake Plant

After shopping around for a bit, I settled up the beauty right here. This Snake plant is a non-fuss tropical plant. It has thin, upright leaves with irregular banding. This houseplant is great for any room in the other including the bedroom. It filters out toxins in the air including benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, and toluene.

Research has revealed the amazing benefits of having plants in the home. They are too numerous to mention here in this post, but some of the main benefits are listed below –

They look pretty and add life

Plants instantly change the look of any space for the better. I love how this plant has beautified my room. Houseplants are great for adding life to a room.

Filters out toxins

Like I mentioned above, some plants are really good for filtering out harmful toxins in the air. This houseplant is one of those amazing plants that work overtime cleaning the air, increasing humidity, and producing oxygen.

Boost your mood

Plants are great for boosting your mood. If you are looking at ways to improve your mental health, getting an indoor plant may work wonders on your overall mood, creativity, productivity, and concentration, which will in turn reduce your stress levels and improve your immunity.

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