The Fashion Designer Dream

I once had a dream to be a fashion designer many years ago. Fashion and Style has always been my thing, so naturally I had a fashion designer dream. Along the way, I discovered I didn’t have what I needed to succeeded as a fashion designer. Loving fashion and creating fashion designs are 2 different things. I need to know how to sketch, sew, make clothing adjustments and more. Being a fashion designer is a dream for many young girls, but to succeed as a fashion designer, you need certain skills.


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Life as  a fashion designer didn’t happen

Once I realised fashion designing was not for me, I moved over to fashion styling. I didn’t need the sketching or sewing requirement for a successful fashion designer. All I needed here was an eye and love for fashion. I found the London College of Style Styling Course very exciting. It was a distance learning course I took for a few months in 2012, and I graduated with a good mark. However, midway into the styling course, I realised it wasn’t quite what I want. The reality of my life as a fashion stylist wasn’t appealing so I decided to pursue the personal shopping route which I did for awhile.


The fashion styling journey led to a different destination

My dream of becoming a fashion designer then a fashion stylist led to the birth of Fashion and Style Police. Having a fashion blog was a requirement for the styling course at London College of Style. This blog started off as fashion blog required to finish off my course but it led to a whole new career. What this has taught me is that life is complicated and sometimes what we want is not what we need. It has also taught me that the destination we are aiming for is usually not where we end up. We end up where we are meant to be.


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My love for fashion and style continues

I am happy where I am. Fashion and Style is still very important to me. I enjoy writing about fashion but the whole fashion designing/styling career no longer appeals to me. Life as a fashion designer won’t have worked for me long term if I am being completely honest. I have also stopped the personal shopping. I did that for some time and it worked great when it did but it is not a career I want for myself anymore.


I have gone through many career changes but every change takes me to a better place. I am about to embark on yet another change and this is a big one. Very different from anything I have ever done but it is so me. I will be shedding some more light on this career in the next couple of weeks, so keep reading.

Have you had any major career changes? How did you find it? I would love to hear your thoughts. Please drop your comment in the comments section below. Thanks for stopping by.



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  1. I think career changes are great. It can really revitalise you. It sounds like you have something exciting on the horizon. I’ve been a nurse and a teacher and also owned a shop. Blogging is the best thing I have done as I am not tied to anything, I can do it from anywhere in the world so I can still travel.

  2. You are right. Life takes you on a train ride, one where you can’t predict where you will land but will love regardless if you put in the hardwork. I just finished my national service and my career is yet to take of but who knows where i will land. For now I am just focused on my blog.

  3. Good for you though, you had a dream and you followed it until it worked for you.
    Very inspiring 💕

    I had a well paid office job but gave it up to work in a school to be able to spend more time with my son, it’s a step back career wise but I hope the skills I’ve learnt will help me in a future career, whatever that may be x

  4. It is interesting to see how your career has changed over the years, right from that very first fashion designer dream.

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