How to Propose Based on Her Zodiac Sign

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Not sure what kind of a proposal she looking forward to? Tell you what. A person’s zodiac sign tells a lot about them.


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Wedding Proposal According to Zodiac Signs

If you are undecided about how to propose, take cues from your partner’s zodiac signs:



Geminis love surprises and games. Turn the proposal into a fun game, maybe a treasure hunt. When it comes to Geminis, be absolutely sure of their answer because they don’t like being pinned down to relationships easily.



Cancer is one of the most emotional signs so be prepared for cries and smiles at the same time. Propose them in a sentimental place or choose an heirloom ring.



Leos love attention. Bring in the band. Make it big. Announce it over social media. Anything that’s attention-grabbing will work well with them.



Virgos love their personal space. Keep the proposal simple and confined to just the two of you. Go for that intimate moment while proposing.



Sprinkle in the romance. Libras are extremely romantic. They love to find romance in everything so when it comes to the most romantic moment in their lives, earn your brownie points by turning this into one big romantic moment.



Passion and bling, that’s what will work with Scorpions. Turn it into a ‘private’ passionate moment. Propose after a steamy round of sex. And bring in the best diamond ring so she won’t think of saying no.



This zodiac sign is always looking for fun and adventure. A truly good idea would be to propose them while on an adventure trip. Find the most scenic place and get down on your knee.



These are traditional by nature. Choose something traditional. Maybe a visit to her favorite restaurant with a ring dropped in a glass of champagne (or whichever drink she prefers).



Aquarius love to get their creative nature stimulated. Get innovative with your proposal. Choose something that’s different. Look for inspiration online. There are so many innovative ideas available online on Pinterest.



The sign of the fishes is both intellectual and romantic. Balance out your romantic proposal with a practical approach. For instance, if you are planning to turn your backyard into a magical land, remember to arrange for a sitting and dining area.



Aries doesn’t like to follow trends. They are the trendsetters. If there is something new in the market, they want to try it out. You might want to surprise them with a different ring. For instance, nowadays lab created diamonds are gaining popularity for their eco-friendly nature.


We hope that these wedding proposal ideas might steer you in the right direction. These are just pointers on how you can approach the proposal. Remember to make it personal and opt for a setting that will be special to you for the rest of your life.


How to start a blog in 5 steps

Blogging is very popular now and I am sure it will continue to be popular. I can see blogging becoming even. bigger in the next few years. It is a fun way to grow a portfolio and make money too! I know many bloggers who blog full time and make a full time living wage from it. It is amazing to see these bloggers doing what was not possible many years ago. Working from anywhere you want as a blogger and earning an income is no longer a myth, but the reality for many. If you are thinking of starting a blog but not sure how to get started, this blog on how to start a blog in 5 steps will be useful for you. You should also get in touch with me if you are looking to grow your blog. I have a blog coaching service offer at the moment, so get in touch to hear more.


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First step – Pick a blog name and buy the domain

The first step is to pick a blog name and buy the domain. The name you pick should give readers an idea of what the blog would be about if possible. Picking a blog name relevant to your niche(s) also helps your blog’s search engine rank too so very important. Another important bit is to get your own domain immediately. Don’t settle for a piggyback domain that ends in .wordpress or blogspot. Get your own domain straightaway so you start off the right way from the get go.


Second Step – Get hosting sorted

The next step once you decide on a name and domain format is to get it hosted. I am self hosted on WordPress and I love it. I have had no issues with my hosting. In the early days, I started off with a vanity domain, but decided to go self hosted on WordPress. I recommend this if you can afford to. Being self hosted allows me more freedom on my blog. I can have private banner ads and install plugins. Being self hosted gives me more freedom to run my blog the way I want.


Third Step – Pick a theme

Once your blog is up and running, the next thing to do is to pick a theme. There are so many free themes available so there are loads of options. I like  clean themes. The very busy blog themes put me off but it depends on the look you are after for your blog. I currently use a premium theme – Elemin. I bought it some years ago and it works great for my blog. My advice is to shop around to see the options you have. My general advice is to go for a white background and a theme that allows you show off your social media platforms at the side.


Fourth Step – Publish your blog post

I see new bloggers saying they didn’t setup their blog until they had many blog posts waiting to be published. My approach was different but then again I didn’t start the blog thinking of how much money I would make from day 1. I had only one blog post of the first day and it increased on a daily basis. Having many blog posts ready before you step up your blog is good. Just make sure you don’t procrastinate and never start blogging.


Fifth Step – Promote your blog post

Now that your blog is stet up and you have blog posts published, you need to shout from the rooftops about it. Share your blog posts on social media platforms. Pinterest is really good for bringing traffic to your blog, so make sure you make the most of the amazing social media platform. Facebook is another great social media platform for bringing traffic to your blog, so set up a Facebook page too!


Are you thinking of starting a blog? What is holding you back?


The Power of Meditation and Why You Need It

I recently started meditation regularly and I have started to reap the amazing benefits. Many people wonder what mediation is about and what makes it so special. Let me tell you a bit about the power of meditation.
What is Meditation?

Check out this amazing definition I found on


Meditation is the process of quieting the mind in order to spend time in thought for relaxation or religious/spiritual purposes. The goal is to attain an inner state of awareness and intensify personal and spiritual growth. In practice, meditation involves concentrated focus on something such as a sound, image or feeling.

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The simple way to describe mediation is a process of silencing the subconscious mind. It works by stilling the mind and body so that it becomes more receptive to a positive lifestyle. At first I struggled to keep up with meditating on a daily basis. It was hard for me to find a few minutes here and there everyday and I just kept procrastinating. However, I got myself to start meditating everyday somehow and I now I do it easily.
How I Meditate
Mediation has completely changed my life. I am more in tune with my body and mental health. It has changed everything about my life and how I deal with all that life brings. I can’t imagine not meditating now. I started off mediating for 10 minutes twice a day with a timer and now I meditate for 15 minutes twice a day. Before I start my mediation, I make sure I am sitting comfortably and wearing loose clothing. I also make sure I am alone and my phone is on silent mode so I don’t get distracted.
I would advise everyone to mediate if they don’t already. The benefits are too numerous to mention. Your mind and body will thank you for it. You can start with an app if you are new to meditating. I started with Headspace months ago after trying a couple of meditating apps I didn’t really get. However, I don’t use any app now. I just get on with it using a timer on my iPhone and it works great for me. Now that I am so into meditating, I wonder how I coped all these years without it. It is so important in my daily routine now.
Do you meditate? Have you experienced the power of meditation? What is your regular mediating session like? Please share your views in the comments section below. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week ahead.
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