Engagement Ring Styles By Nation & Culture

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The wedding process is very similar in many nations but looks a little deeper and you’ll find each has its own nuanced and intricate culture regarding the subject of holy matrimony. The process begins when the woman says yes and the man places an engagement ring on her finger. This is where you can make the first clearly discernible difference in cultures as engagement rings from different nations have their own designs. Let’s take a look at what these differences are and what they mean.

1800s imperial France

During the 19th century, the French were going through the ‘long’ century. This is when major movements in art, politics, architecture, and music, were rising to define France as a beacon of culture. Imperial France had a particular look about it if you study fashion, interior design, and jewelry. This has continued to the modern-day with engagement rings. The most common design touches of a French engagement ring are pink and gold colors, usually round stones and smaller stones encrusting the central stone. Rose gold is very popular in French engagement rings because it hits two birds with one stone. The main stone should be surrounded by smaller stones, which makes the ring look almost like a flower. Take a look at art nouveau styles to get a gist.

The American boast

America is pretty new to the engagement ring style scene. However, it’s clearly being led by one of it’s most populous cities, which is Los Angeles. Here you can find engagement rings that are made in the famous boastful nature of the culture. The RoyalT is 18kt gold, a rectangular stone, encrusted by smaller square stones going down the band. You can change the shape of your stone if you wish but the Los Angeles Hollywood style demands you keep the largest style, which is the rectangular emerald shape. The material is yellow gold and the stone is set on a plinth that is designed into the ring. Two smaller stones sit either side of the central stone, elevating the diamond in a boastful manner.

Japanese silver style

Japan is also new to the engagement style scene. The most notable historic engagement ring styles come from the UK, France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. However, Japan is giving these nations a run for their money, with its incredible cherry blossom silver engagement ring. The central stone is usually a sapphire, which allows the bouncing light off the silver band to pirouette in the central stone for a lot longer than gold. You can also have smaller stones in the cherry blossom leaves, such as rubies and aquamarine. 


The contemporary style

Nowadays people are very conscious of how jewelry is made and gemstones are at the heart of this discussion. Many people would rather not have an engagement ring that has a gemstone because of their eco-friendly beliefs. In that case, the modern eco-wood styles are something you should consider. 

What kind of engagement ring do you want to have? Will it pertain to a particular nation and or culture? Consider all your options and do a lot of research before making up your mind. You only get one shot!

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How to Propose Based on Her Zodiac Sign

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Not sure what kind of a proposal she looking forward to? Tell you what. A person’s zodiac sign tells a lot about them.


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Wedding Proposal According to Zodiac Signs

If you are undecided about how to propose, take cues from your partner’s zodiac signs:



Geminis love surprises and games. Turn the proposal into a fun game, maybe a treasure hunt. When it comes to Geminis, be absolutely sure of their answer because they don’t like being pinned down to relationships easily.



Cancer is one of the most emotional signs so be prepared for cries and smiles at the same time. Propose them in a sentimental place or choose an heirloom ring.



Leos love attention. Bring in the band. Make it big. Announce it over social media. Anything that’s attention-grabbing will work well with them.



Virgos love their personal space. Keep the proposal simple and confined to just the two of you. Go for that intimate moment while proposing.



Sprinkle in the romance. Libras are extremely romantic. They love to find romance in everything so when it comes to the most romantic moment in their lives, earn your brownie points by turning this into one big romantic moment.



Passion and bling, that’s what will work with Scorpions. Turn it into a ‘private’ passionate moment. Propose after a steamy round of sex. And bring in the best diamond ring so she won’t think of saying no.



This zodiac sign is always looking for fun and adventure. A truly good idea would be to propose them while on an adventure trip. Find the most scenic place and get down on your knee.



These are traditional by nature. Choose something traditional. Maybe a visit to her favorite restaurant with a ring dropped in a glass of champagne (or whichever drink she prefers).



Aquarius love to get their creative nature stimulated. Get innovative with your proposal. Choose something that’s different. Look for inspiration online. There are so many innovative ideas available online on Pinterest.



The sign of the fishes is both intellectual and romantic. Balance out your romantic proposal with a practical approach. For instance, if you are planning to turn your backyard into a magical land, remember to arrange for a sitting and dining area.



Aries doesn’t like to follow trends. They are the trendsetters. If there is something new in the market, they want to try it out. You might want to surprise them with a different ring. For instance, nowadays lab created diamonds are gaining popularity for their eco-friendly nature.


We hope that these wedding proposal ideas might steer you in the right direction. These are just pointers on how you can approach the proposal. Remember to make it personal and opt for a setting that will be special to you for the rest of your life.


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