How To Dress Up Your Huge Boobs

Sometimes, I see curvy/well endowed women struggle to dress up their amazing figure. Instead of showing off their curves, some tend to hide them in oversize, shapeless clothes. The sad part of it all is that they could start hating their beautiful figure because they don’t know how to work it. I have been there. I didn’t like my hips/bum for a while. I felt it was huge for my frame and always wanted to hide it.


Being busty does not make you look bad but rather attractive. And dressing up your well-endowed figure is not a challenge but an art which you can learn and perfect. We are wonderfully made regardless of our shape. All you need is to learn a couple of style tips and you’ll see what an amazing figure you have. A dose of self confidence also helps. As a former aspiring fashion stylist, and now a fashion blogger, I have a few style tips I have learnt along the way.

Here are tips for the busty woman:


Emphasize your waist
Some women try to cover up their large bustline by wearing loose-fitting clothes. The problem with this approach is that it makes your clothes hang over you like a tent making your bust bigger than it really is.
The right way to dress is to emphasize your waist. This will make you accentuate your curves. You can emphasize your waist in many ways. Choose an outfit that has a detailed midsection that defines your waist. Go for tops that fit in the waist like princess-seamed blouses, empire-waist tops or wrap styles. This will create an hourglass shape. If you do wear a loose top, put on a waist belt. That will help show your waist smaller than your bust creating that flattering figure.

This style tip only works if your waist is small in proportion to your bust.


Go for a low neckline
If you large boobs, stay away from tops or dresses with high necklines. High necklines make your breasts look lower and bigger than usual. So if you have anything with round necks or turtle necks, take them out of your closet!
Go for V-neck styled tops, dresses, jumpsuits and cardigans. A V-neck helps elongate your body and separates your breasts, making you look amazing. Although V-necks are great, tops with a deep plunge destroy the whole look. Square, sweetheart, and scoop necklines also work well to carry out this effect.
If you don’t have a V-neck top, a buttoned-down blouse works just as well so long as the blouse is tailored to fit below the bustline or at the waistline.


Adorn your neck with a long necklace
Long necklaces, which extend to the height of your belly, have an elongating effect as they draw attention away from your bust.
Take note that your necklace does not hang at the height of your nipples as that will put focus on your bust.

For the same reason, also avoid using brooches.


Get extra support
Being well-endowed calls for more support of your bosom. Go for a dress or top with a built-in bra or molded cups, or under wire to give your breasts extra support. Doing this gives your breasts plenty of room and prevents your breasts from looking squashed and result in spillovers. The extra support also helps make the waist look smaller in size. When it comes to bras, I like to shop for quality pieces so you will catch snooping around in Victoria’s Secret, M&S or Debenhams. I have shopped for bras in hundreds of stores worldwide, and I find these 3 the best in terms of quality, options and designs.

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  1. Beautiful tips that help appreciate what one has. Defining the waist definitely gives a better shape. I love your tip on low neckline blouses and long necklaces. I really appreciate. Thanks for sharing.

  2. These are great tips – the low neckline and emphasising your waist are two things that I feel suit me. Though since having my daughter and breastfeeding there have been so many changes !

  3. Such great tips, I always find that trying to get a jumper that suits my bust, it’s bloody annoying! The waist tip is one I use a lot when finding dresses. Great post.

    Jordanne ||

  4. Hell yes to this! I have huge boobies, they are officially the reason my husband married me (so he informs me on a frequent basis) AND I’m breastfeeding so double pow. I love these tips – I have been guilt of not appreciating my figure and trying to hide it but I’m learning again how to dress to show it off in the best possible way 🙂 H x

  5. I wish I had this problem, lol! I was never very well endowed in that area and after breast feeding three children – well, I’m going for the flat chested look these days. Loving your outfit though!

  6. Some great tips and as someone who has more than their fair share, it is often not as glamourous as people think trying to buy clothes to fit x

  7. Love your tips! Now I’ve just got to work on that smaller waist bit and I’ll be good to go! Lol

  8. I’m very top heavy and have often tried to hide them (which seems to make them look even bigger!) there’s some great tips here that I will definitely try out. Thank you

  9. Another man’s food is another man’s poison. Here I am in search of hips and nice bums. I’m always trying to wear clothes that will enhance the little to none that I have while some people are trying to hide theirs.

    Can we swap Stella? Your curves are superb!

  10. I literally have an eggy chest, not literally but as flat as! My whole family has huge boobs and I’m the one who has to look odd out of them all ha! That dress is stunning on you though and great tips, I’ll share it with my big boob’d family ha! xoxo

  11. i do have big boobs, a small waist and larger hips, so always have to have loose clothes around my waist just to fit my hips.
    i have thunder thighs and it is uncomfortable wearing skirts and dresses ( even though I would love to) but they rub together 🙁

  12. I worked with a lady once that said she changed the way she dressed and felt about her chest after meeting me. She loved that I had the confidence to dress for my shape and she wanted to do the same. Was such a lovely compliment. I love the way that blue dress accentuates your lovely shape.

  13. This is a great post, I often feel that wearing bigger clothes makes my boobs look bigger. You can look very flattering in dresses and so if you have a low neckline (my personal opinion). Great advice x

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