Win Lenovo 7 Inches 8 GB Tablet

Hey peeps. I have another giveaway for you in the Christmas Giveaway Series. This time I am giving away this black Lenovo 7 inches 8 GB Tablet worth ยฃ89.99.





This family friendly tablet with 7 inch IPS display and 10 hours battery life allows hours of entertainment, ideal for keeping the kids quiet on long car journeys or reading during your long commute. It has a powerful quad-core processor that ensures smooth and quick performance. This Lenovo tablet has a built-in GPS, WiFi, rear and front cameras, for instant photo sharing and fabulous selfies. With 8 GB internal storage and up to 64 GB memory card capacity, you can download apps, music and take pictures, without running out of storage. It is the perfect tablet for the whole family with the ability to create multiple accounts all on the same tablet.


Here are the rules of the giveaway:

  1. Follow me on Twitter.
  2. Retweet this post.
  3. Follow me on Instagram
  4. Leave a comment stating why you want this and don’t forget to include your Twitter and Instagram names so I know how to find you.

The giveaway will run from today 9th December and end on 16th December at 10pm. The winner will be randomly selected and contacted on Twitter and has to respond in 24 hours or another winner will be selected.

This giveaway is open to UK residents only, 18+.

Good luck guys xo


176 responses

  1. I’d love to win this Lenovo Tablet as I’ve wanted one so that I can multi task and of course download game apps for my grandchildren, mind you they will probably be able to do more on the tablet than me as they are very tech able

  2. I’d love to win this for my children! They’d get so much use out of it. Great giveaway. Have followed and RT’d x x

  3. Now who wouldn’t want to win this. A little present help at this time of year is very apreciated especially with so many teenagers to buy for. @fordy193 twitter @penzzy181 instagram

  4. I’d love to win this so I can watch Netflix rather than enduring Strictly with my wife. My twitter is @philibaldi and instagram is @philibaldi too

  5. Twitter: Spolodaface / @RubiksEnemyNo1
    IG: dangmitchellc

    I have always been a technology, fashion and photography enthusiast as well as designer at heart. This sweet gadget would help me get more done towards writing and reading content on the go!

  6. i would love this as my bf broke my old tablet and i miss having one to have in my bag for watching videos or playing games on the train to work or easily checking emails or work files while sat on sofa
    twitter – @nicolefletcher8

  7. i love to win this for my hubby as he’s using an ancient laptop top at the moment thats slower than a snail so it would be lovely to surprise him with this FAB tablet

    twitter & instagram – @myrtleisme

  8. @sparkiing_magpie {IG} @susan1375 {twitter} I would love to win a tablet as at the moment i am sharing one with my mum who hogs it all the time!

  9. Twitter=kefkat12 Instagram-keffiekat3 I would like this for our Grandson whose somehow just broken his when all the Christmas presents were bought

  10. Would love this to watch movies when out and about and to keep in touch with family – twitter @sarahmackay13 and instagram – sarah7588

  11. I’d love this for Christmas as I’ve been wanting a tablet for ages and this one looks fab!
    Twitter: @RileyPugalier
    Instagram: LisaPug91

  12. Twitter @mirrorballgirl
    Instagram @luckycat24
    Id like to win so i could give this tablet to my parents so i could finally teach them how to get on the internet & use it to see what their missing out on online. Oh and talk to me too, lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Would love to win it so I don’t have to keep stealing my daughters tablet when I want to play games haha.

    Twitter: @leeritsoncomp
    Instagram: @LeeRits1985

  14. @lorraine606 (twitter) would love to win as I am getting into doing more than checking emails! This as so many functions that I would be really happy to be able to be able to expand my knowledge.

  15. I’ve not got a tablet, so would love to win one. Tw: @redragon 1960 Instagram redragon 60

    I’ve put in spaces to stop bots picking up the details and spamming me!. Just remove the space between the letters and numbers/ thank you

  16. You sold it to me at “family friendly”-I would love a tablet that the whole family can use-from Minecraft, CBeebies, films and photos. Twitter @Earlybird2013 IG libcmr

  17. My husband and children have all got their own tablets, I’m the only ne without one, so this would make my day.
    @joanneblunt on twitter
    mamof3boys on Instagram

  18. id love to win this so that i have something to use when the kids pinch the laptop ๐Ÿ™‚
    Twitter- @gouldmarieann Instagram- Anngould69

  19. I would love this for my granddaughter – would be so useful and entertaining for her
    @ VJeanBrown
    veejaybee 12
    (please remove spaces)

  20. I would love to win this for my mum so i can keep in touch with her and she can watch her favourite shows Sidrah98 on twitter and agentsid98 on instagram

  21. Twitter: @emmaeminoglu
    Instagram: Emzywemzy86

    I would love to win this as my 2 year old LOVES taking selfies! So this would allow me to have my phone back! Lol! She also enjoys watching suprise egg videos on YouTube so would keep.her entertained whilst I’m feeding her newborn brother.

  22. Twitter: @jamiethepaper
    Instagram: jamiethepaper

    I would like to win the Lenovo tablet because the 10 hours battery life is ideal for use with work, leaving me 2 extra hours if I’m lucky and don’t need to do overtimeยก

  23. i would love this for my eldest son, he’s home educated and this would be a huge help for his work and research
    tw – jodieh1131
    in – jtl1131

  24. Id love to win so that i could give it to my son to help with his homework. He uses my phone at the moment which isnt ideal. He would love it

    Twitter @bubbleybooloz
    Instagram lozpilk

  25. Twitter @rozsarg instergram @rozsarg this would be very useful on long trips away in the car andTrain to keep bordom away

  26. so i can laze on the settee while i play bingo island etc instead of being chained to the pc ๐Ÿ™‚
    twiter and instagram username is treboreuk

  27. I love tablets as they are so quick, compact and ideal for taking away with you on holidays.

    abbycullen35 (instagram)

  28. I would love to win this for my eldest, as his dad broke his tablet by sitting on it
    Twitter and Instagram = @serenityyou

  29. Twitter: @israrbaig133
    Instagram: israrbaig

    Would like to WIN this b/c a friend informed me that Lenovo have the best displays to watch vid and play games on while on the train or long travel

  30. Twitter: @debwh142
    Instagram debwh142

    I’d love to win this to give to my brother he tries to use his mobile for everything and it’s too small so a tablet would be much better for him

  31. The kids are always stealing my tablet so I would love another one so we can have one each. Twitter @h_igoe and insta @hannahlig

  32. Twitter @donzersdiatribe
    Instagram donznimes

    I would love a tablet as I struggle with using apps on my phone and would love something bigger that I can actually see!

  33. @thequeenosheba / Lisa Hughes

    My 9 year old is probably the last of her friends to have a tablet, she loves fashion and is desperate to download some apps and do some virtual shopping and hair styling!

  34. @ShaneMAEllis1 I’d love to win this. I would give it to my mother as a present as she is my world and she does everything for everyone and doesn’t ask for anything in return.

  35. twitter name: @snowhiteuk#
    instagram name: snowhite1989
    i would love to win this because my son broke my tablet so now i dont have one xoxo

  36. Iโ€™d love to win this for my daughter as she always uses mine so would love her to have her own thank you for the chance,

    Twitter @bella165
    Insta Bellajsmyth

  37. would love to win this for my 9 year old son for when we are out it would give him something to focus on he has asd and adhd my twitter is @irenegilmour and instagram is irenegilmour

  38. Twitter: @NicolaStudio88
    Instagram: NicolaStudio88

    I would love to win this as it’s nice to win something, but whoever wins congratulations! ๐Ÿ˜€ Good luck everyone!

  39. my twitter username is @NasiraBapu
    my instagram username is nasira_bapu
    id love to win this for myself… can do some online shopping and treat myself after a busy and hectic year.

  40. I’d love to win this for myself. I have started a one year long Teaching Assistant course and have to do lots of research and around 12 assignments. We have one laptop that is all the time occupied so winning it would come very, very handy. Thank you for the chance.

  41. I would like to win as i think my whole family would enjoy getting use of it for homework, work, games and just for general use.
    insta – willmer87
    twitter – @cwillmer

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  43. I work 12-15 hour days sometimes longer and having a tablet would be a lifesaver during my breaks. It can keep me entertained, I can read and update all things blog related. I have desperately wanted a tablet for ages but have not been able to afford one. Unfortunately my rent is super expensive :/

  44. I’d like to give this to my daughter so she’s got something to work on at college, she needs to find Latin flower names and pictures of flowers to sketch x

  45. love to win this for my mum who hasn’t got a tablet yet, fab comp guys

    @greigo_uk on twitter and @greigspencer on instagram

  46. @modzy78 on both. I’m the only one in my house who doesn’t have a tablet (because I won and iPad a couple of years ago and gave it to my husband for Christmas). So it would be nice to have one.

  47. I would like to win to help my niece learn more about technology. I’m @stevenfairbairn on twitter and stevie_fairbairn on instagram. I’m following on both.

  48. I’d love to win because my current tablet is on it’s last legs and my daughter will be using it very soon! Twitter: @lemarquisdepoqu Instagram: lemarquisdepoque

  49. I would like to win this for my eldest son, as his brothers and sisters all have 1 but he does not.
    instagram is : stacijane1 and my twitter is @stacijane1

  50. I would love this to keep my little boy entertained ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for the chance – my twitter is @sarah_midge and instagram @sarah_brokey

  51. I would like to win so I could give it to my mum, she had her iPad stolen last week and she can no longer do her at home sales shopping ๐Ÿ˜„ I would like to cheer her up

  52. @laura_twinmum laura_8624 My boys would love this to watch their films and shows, plus YouTube unboxing when we are on the move!

  53. Twitter @maxined02
    Instagram maxined02

    This is such a fantastic prize, my son would love it! Thank you for the chance to enter ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. Just so convenient to have a genuinely portable tablet instead of my old and cumbersome 16″ laptop; after all they perform much the same functions!

  55. This would be great for the hour and half bus journey I am making for my final year at University, also my daughters would love to borrow it. Twitter name is @lifeisamusical6 and my Instagram name is rosemarysheehan

  56. I would love this as I don’t have a tablet, and I end up looking longingly at my husbands one lol my instagram is @charmianfilewood and my twitter is @avenged7souls many thanks

  57. I have a large tablet that we share. It’s a bit bulky for me to take out with me (and the others would miss using it) so would love this smaller. more portable device.

    JamieLMDJs on both

  58. I would love it for my son, he’s just turned 9 and I’m sure he would love it as he’s always on my dad’s tablet when we go and visit

  59. @felixisfriend on twitter
    janemphoto on instagram

    Would love to have a tablet to be able to read books and check emails while travelling

  60. I would love this as me and my grown up daughters are all fighting over use of my computer at the moment as we’re all too hard up to buy another, so this would be really helpfull to win, thanks for the chance x

  61. I’d love to win this for my son, he had his old tablet stolen from the local leisure centre whilst we were waiting for his sister to finish her swimming lessons so he’d be delighted with this. Twitter: @bonniebonster1 Instagram: @bonniebonster123

  62. gorgeous giveaway twitter @walnut65 Instagram lightning500 would love to win this tablet for my son he had an accident and his got smashed, be lovely to give this to him for Christmas he,s my youngest the baby of the family only 18 fingers and toes crossed

  63. I would love to win this because I don’t have a tablet, and I’ve always wanted one!
    Twitter @yosarahw Instagram @sarahw2222

  64. I would love to win as I’m training to be a children’s nurse so i could use the tablet to read required texts it would also be great for my children as I could use to download educational games to help with their development twitter: @Pintsized_21 instagram: pint_sized21

  65. I would love to win as I’m training as a children’s nurse so I could use this to read my required texts it would also be great for my children as I could download educational games to help with their development

  66. Would love to win this to allow me access to the internet! My old laptop just died!
    Twitter – @Chrisbobfletch Instagram – chrisbobfletch

  67. I want this for my Mum. Her iPad is an old one that does not have a camera and it will not charge properly either!! My twitter @ElvinFairy and my instagram @fizzylubey

  68. I cant see my post. Twitter @ElvinFairy and Instagram @fizzylubey so here I go again

    I’d like this for my Mum as her iPad is an old one that has no camera and it will not charge properly anymore. Merry Christmas and i hope this worked ๐Ÿ˜€

  69. I would love to win this for my mum she’s a bit of a technophobe but I’m determined to convert her!! @meggysar on twitter and instragram

  70. @clarateddy I would gift this to my mother in law at 91 she is arthritic and no longer able to read a book or newspaper, I have lent her my ipad and this has renewed her spark in reading. she is also able to access the iplayer and watch her favourite programmes in her bed

  71. I would find it great for looking up information, shopping and catchup up with my social media on the go as I don’t have a smartphone!

  72. I would love to win this as my laptop is on its last legs, and I’ve wanted a tablet for ever but just can’t afford it at the present, just get some saved up for one and something goes write no, broken washing machine, large electric bill

  73. My kid would love this and it would keep them busy on the long car journey we do to see family for Christmas!
    My insta is Effy_louise and my Twitter is stephy_bea

  74. I’d love to win this for my grandson. He has just started secondary school and needs to access the Internet quite a lot for his homework. The problem is there is only one computer between him and his Mum, Dad and sister. His Mum works from home and is frequently using the computer in the evenings to be in touch with her tutor group. This tablet would ease the pressure on both the laptop and the family ๐Ÿ™‚

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