How to Market your Blog

There’s more to blogging than just writing articles and publishing them on your blog everyday. You need to realize that you’re not writing for yourself alone. Your writing for an audience. Spending long hours researching, writing and editing can be a huge waste of time when no one’s reading.




If you own a blog you might know by now that the major problem bloggers face is getting people to visit and read their blog, and have those readers keep coming back. For the probloggers out there, it took them years to grow their reader-base, and many of them started growing their readership with these steps  –

STEP #1 Get clear on who’s your target audience

To effectively market your blog, you need to know who exactly you want to attract. This will help you stay focused on the set of people you want to market your blog to. Remember, you’re not just looking for people to come to your blog. You’re looking for people who will consistently visit your blog, share and comment on your blog posts.

Take time to go through your analytics to see the type of blog posts that get the most views and comments. Dig to get to know your target audience better and give them the content you both want.

STEP #2 Be active on Social Media

Social media is a great way to reach out to a lot of people. The reason why social media is so effective is its convenience. It’s an easy way for people to keep in touch with latest news.

To effectively make use of social media, you need to know which social media platform your target audience hangs out. It’s so much better to focus your energy on the right social media platform where you know they will always be present.

Share your blog posts on a daily basis on social media.  Do not spam! If you’re going to share a link to your blog, then make sure that you craft your status in a way that it is informative. This will make your potential readers interested in clicking on the link to your blog.

STEP #3 Guest post on other blogs or websites

This may sound a bit strange to some people but guest posting is one of the most effective ways to market your blog. Some people will think that they’d rather spend their time populating their blog, but the truth is that if you want to get more people to see your blog, then guest posting is the way to go.

Guest posting involves writing a blog post on another blog. The aim behind guest posting is to share your knowledge, tips and helpful information with a larger audience. Within the article, you can share relevant links to your blog so as to direct people to check your blog out.

Make sure that you write a quality article each time you post on your blog. Quality articles will make people want to visit your blog and read more of your posts and get to know who you are.


These are a few tried and tested tips that help market a blog successfully. How do you market your blog?


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  1. Social media is just essential for growing a blog, and if you can guest on a site with a higher DA than your own, this is great too.

  2. Definitely about engaging and seeing what works best for the people that read your blog. I find different posts bring in different readers but I always write about things that are interesting to me. It wouldn’t be enjoyable otherwise! Great tips, as always x

  3. Can I also add that whilst there are pitfalls (as with anything) to running competitions on your blogs there is also the upside. I found Stella’s blog through my comping. I love Stella’s blog and have stayed and post regularly on here. Just don’t run comps you can’t afford and put some guidelines in place for those who enter.

    That was the first time I posted on here which was about Stella’s musing about compers and where they friends or foe. I put the comper side to the debate too.

    The content, regularity etc. has kept me on here and coming back. It is always interesting and varied whilst staying within Stella’s niche. Not all blogs do it as well as Stella does so Stella what I am saying is you are a good role model for anyone who is blogging and newer to it.

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  5. Absolutely great tips! Definitely know who your audience are! I changed the direction of my blog recently because I’ve changed as a person and it didn’t fit right anymore. I made sure I understood who I was now targeting before making the transition with the way I marketed and it worked! x

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