Summer is here, is your wardrobe ready?

As the snow thaws and everyone begins to look toward summer, it’s easy to forget about the contents of one’s closet. For months now you’ve been bundled up against the elements, layering clothes and longing for the sun. You’re tired of the cold months stretching on seemingly without end, and now that the end is finally in sight it’s easy to get excited. Summer time is always a fun time.

Summer Dress Picture


As you plan summer trips and outdoor excursions, don’t forget that you need to dress for the weather. Flowing fabrics, shorter hemlines and colourful prints are hitting the shops as the last of the frost disappears and the sun starts to stay out longer.

Summer time is a great excuse to go shopping and pick up summer clothes in new and updated prints, colors and materials. Keep yourself cool and comfortable this summer with these essential summer staples.


Don’t skip on the white

White clothes are immensely popular in the summer, as they keep you cool while offering a lot of versatility. White tanks and tees, for example, pair very well with just about any skirt, short or pant in your closet.

Swap out your boots for some sweet sandals

Sweaty feet are no fun, so cramming your tootsies into a stifling pair of boots all summer long might have you feeling a bit grouchy. Opt instead for a pair of sandalsto suit your style. Straps, heels, clasps and colorful accents make it easy to find a pair (or three) that you’ll adore all summer long.


Replace your miniskirts with midi skirts

There is certainly a time and place for leg-baring minis, but midi skirts offer a bit more coverage that makes them a perfect summer staple for any occasion. From the boardroom to brunch and beyond, midi skirts will keep you cool and confident as you strut around in effortless style.


Don’t ditch the denim

Denim shortshave been parts of the iconic summer look for decades because they are ultra-comfortable and can be dressed up or down to suit your style needs. A white tee on top makes for a great casual look, while a button-up blouse can dial the style up a notch for those fun summer outings with friends.


Combine comfort and style with a maxi dress

Tight clothes aren’t the most comfortable on the hottest days of the year. A maxi dress offers you salvation from the discomfort with all of the coverage that you need to feel confident wherever you go. Long, flowing materials keep things breezy in a slew of colors and patterns that are sure to please.


Upgrade your sunglass game

The perfect pair of shades is the best and easiest way to finish off any summer look. Practicality and style mesh effortlessly in some beautiful sunglass frames these days, so there’s a frame for every day of the week!


Add accessories

Accessories like rings and bracelets are very important to turn on the style. A pave diamond ring on your finger can enhance the beauty of your well-manicured hand. A necklace will make your neck strikingly beautiful. So choose your accessories properly.

Summer is all about comfort, but it’s easier than ever before to stay comfy while rocking impeccable, effortless style!


Is your wardrobe ready for summer time?


*Collaborative post.


Socks – Winter Must-have Accessory

Socks are winter’s must-have accessory and they play a massive role in our final look. Not many people give any thought to the type of socks they wear or whether they should wear any socks in the first place. Well, this humble clothing item is now gaining greater relevance in the world of fashion, especially in the autumn/winter months.

Who would have thought socks could be fashionable? You think people hardly notice them, but if you’re fashion conscious, then they are as important as the type of shoes you wear or the handbag you carry.


Socks Image


Big fashion brands know the powerful role socks play in the world of fashion. So they invest a lot in socks that bear their brand name and creative designs.

For as long as I can remember, fashion designers have been passing the message that socks have the potential of being the game changers in fashion. In fact, they have been featuring all sorts of socks on the runway.

Socks of all colours, patterns and sizes add depth and meaning to outfits in a way that most people overlook. Now almost every well-known brand has their signature socks that you can choose from.


Socks Fashion accessory image


There are so many reasons why socks are a must-have accessory, but here are a few that are really crucial.


Socks turned into an outlet for intense creativity

The sky is the limit when it comes to finding the most suitable pair to suit an outfit. Fashion designers were able to show the world that there’s no outfit a pair of socks can’t accompany. We’ve seen socks go with dresses, compliment flats and heels and there is nothing socks have not been paired with.

Aside from enhancing creativity with socks and outfit combinations, the colours, patterns and textures of socks have been quite creative. More people are embracing bolder designs and socks are no longer relegated to just something to wear with sport shoes.

I always say that the outfit you wear is your way of expressing your personality, mood or character. Socks, just like every other clothing item can be used as a medium of expression. This is the side of socks that people have shown a lot of keen interest in.


Socks are a means of spreading a message

Remember how we recognize and feel the impact of slogan tees? Socks have been able to be a way for people to pass a message or simply make people laugh. You have socks that carry words conspicuous for others to see. Just like that the unsaid words are spoken through our socks.


Wearing socks are in vogue

This is one of the major reasons why you should start styling your outfits with an awesome pair of socks. I witnessed an era where wearing socks in your sandals was thought of as strange and unusual, but now even this taboo has been debunked. And I am loving it!

If you’re fashion conscious and you want to make sure that you are following the trends, then now is the time to grab a pair of comfy socks. Plus it is so chilly now so make the most ofd it. Nothing like slipping your trainers off to show off cool set of socks right?


What do you think of the socks trend? Are you a fan? Do you think socks are winter must-have accessor




5 Ways to Add a Feminine Touch to an Oversized Look

Let’s admit it, ladies. You have at least one or two oversized outfits in your wardrobe that you don’t want to give up. For example, those cute wooly jumpers for the winter, the large t-shirt that makes you feel so comfortable or that denim shirt that you love to roll in the sleeves. Yes, you are guilty. And I am too! So how do you add a feminine touch to an oversized look?


5 Ways to Add a Feminine Touch to an Oversized Look image


Over the years, I have done a lot of experimenting with oversized clothing and searched for smart ways to give them that feminine touch and still preserve the comfort that we love so much. Here are some tips that you can use to get the best of both worlds.


Style with a belt

Belts are a go-to accessory and they always make outfits look really unique. Belts help to also add a little contrast to the colour of your outfit.

Wearing an oversized shirt often hides your feminine figure and makes you look boxy. Adding a waist belt takes the edge off an oversized shirt and clearly defines your waistline, giving you that hourglass figure.


Strike a balance

The best way to wear any outfit is to ensure that everything is to proportion. The mistake some women make is that they do not work towards achieving a balance in their dressing. Combining outfits is an art. The trick to dressing well is to make sure that the proportions are evened out at all times.

For example, if you are wearing an oversized shirt, the correct item to match it with is something that is skinnier. This is because it creates a perfect balance. When you keep that trick in mind, you always end up looking elegant and your outfits always look well thought of.


Wear statement pieces as accessories

When you wear an oversized outfit, a lot of attention is placed on it. Sometimes an oversized piece can be too loud. What was meant to look fashionable starts to look like a fashion mistake. The best way to deal with a situation like that is to tone it down or divert their attention to something else.

That’s where statement accessories come in. They are very feminine and the right pieces can help tone down the oversized look and collect all the focus on your feminine jewelry. You don’t need to put on too many accessories. Statement necklaces or bracelets would do just the trick.


Keep your jackets unbuttoned

This tip works only with jackets or oversized cover-ups. A large jacket, blazer or cover-up may look and feel very comfortable, but with the buttons all done you start to look bulky. That’s not good news when it comes to looking feminine. To break the bulky look, keep your jackets, blazers or cover-ups unbuttoned.

This is just one side of the coin When you keep your jacket unbuttoned, you need to make sure that what you have inside is not large as well. That defeats the whole aim of preventing the bulkiness.


Put on feminine shoes

If you’re wearing loose trousers then adding a touch of femininity to them lies in choosing the right shoes that reflect femininity. Shoes like high heels to elongate the legs hidden in the loose trousers, or cute yet comfortable sandals that will add a bit of that girly touch would be among the right choices.


Do you love the oversized look? How do you add a feminine touch to it?


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