Can You Be Cute And Cozy? Of Course You Can – Here’s How

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It is not necessary to entirely abandon our sense of style simply because it is cold outdoors; rather, it is necessary to be a little more innovative when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. 

Again, layering is essential, so save your heavy-duty coats for when it is really required; simply buy them a size larger so that you may wear a sweater and shirt underneath them instead. When it comes to needing some extra warmth you can still look wonderful with a sherpa pullover, which will make you look great while also keeping you warm and toasty in the cold. Wear stylish pieces that are also warm, such as big woolen scarves and cozy hats, to ward off the chill.

It is still possible to have excellent style even on the darkest days of winter if you put in the necessary effort and planning ahead of time. While it is freezing outside, here are some of our favorite ideas and tactics for wearing appropriately for the weather while it is cold outside.

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The Foundational Layers

When it comes to preparing for frigid weather, the trick is to layer your clothes. Contrary to popular belief, however, layering on a plethora of heavy clothing does not necessarily correspond to being warm.

Base layers should be light and fitted to your body in order to keep warm air trapped closer to your core as you move through the day. It is preferable if this type of layer is made from a natural, breathable fiber such as Merino Wool.

Secondary layers, like primary layers, should be thin and well-fitted to the primary layers. This aids in keeping the heat trapped near the body’s core temperature. After that, you can add a third layer that is a little chunkier in texture.

Styling Suggestions and Techniques

It is now time to put your clothes together and use style tips to make them appear fashionable and stylish.

Rather than letting your jumpers become bloated in the middle, center tuck them into your pants to give them some structure.

Belts with additional weight are preferred to balance off the bulk of thick sweaters, which can be overwhelming.

Combine numerous different types of clothing to create a visually appealing combination. For example, a chunky pullover worn with exquisitely tailored slacks or some leather leggings can be just the thing for a special occasion.

Utilize leathers, patents, heavy knits, and faux fur to add texture to your ensemble.

Don’t be afraid to play with colour

Just because the weather is drab doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to be too. It can be all too easy to wear blacks and greys from now until March, but colourful knitwear can make your winter wardrobe seem much more exciting. You could look at deep jewelled colours such as emerald greens and burgundies, but don’t be afraid to experiment with pastel pinks and baby blues to give an ice queen feel. 






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