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I hope I am not confusing you all with my many hairstyles. Well, this is my natural hair, I took these photos some weeks ago. I am currently transitioning to my natural hair texture, so no relaxers or chemicals whatsoever. But I still make use of my many wigs, so you will always see me photographed wearing 1. I can easily give Wendy Williams a run for her money when it comes to wigs. I am slowly growing my collection, and I am loving it. I find them so easy to style and maintain. I like the fact that I can yank it off as soon as I close my front door, or when I need to go swimming. It feels liberating!

Back to my natural hair transition, it has been great so far. My afro hair is growing beautifully and I even have my baby curls back, yayy!




I have not had the big chop yet and I am still not sure when or if I would have it. I guess I will grow my hair some more, and see how it goes. I am currently happy with how healthy my hair looks. I use African Pride Shea Butter Leave in Conditoner and growth oil, T444z Hair Food and Shea Moisture products, and I think they are doing a great job in keeping my afro hair shiny and healthy.


I very happy with the state of my hair but it is a lot of work to get the hair to be this way. I can see why many start and give up along the way. The endless moisturising can be very exhausting. But the outcome is definitely worth the stress.

I will be showing off my natural hair in a few weeks, just so I can document and show you all how my hair is doing.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Have a lovely weekend.




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  1. I recently big chopped and its the best choice I’ve made in a long time! Like you said, it takes so much work to keep the hair moisturized but its worth it! Thanks for sharing your journey!

  2. Hair takes such a long time to grow; it’s so frustrating watching it do so! I really look forward to seeing you updates. I love naturally curly hair. Keep at it and, yes, conditioning is essential but as you say, it’ll be worth it in the end. Tx

  3. I’ve gone 6 months without a relaxer and I’ve almost given up a few times. The first couple months were rough! My hair was so dense and nappy, I had no idea what to do with it! I’m getting the hang of it no though. It’s It’s such a wild ride isn’t it? I’ve never known what my natural hair looks like – my mom was a stylist so I’ve been getting pressed and permed for ages. It’s amazing how much faster hair grows when it’s not being attacked by all those chemicals!

  4. Haha I love how you can give Auntie Wendy a run for her money. I think wigs are great, it’s the ease and versatility of them. Bravo on transitioning though, your natural hair looks like it’s growing out nicely and healthy. I’m sure you’ll know in time if you’ll want to big chop or just get a cut that’ll make it easier to transition, like chopping off the straight ends?

  5. Beautiful. I love the way your hair looks. It is healthy and suits you. I agree it is alot of work to grow hair especially black hair but it is worth the freedom from relaxers and all sorts of breakages. Congratulations girl you look great. Keep it up.

  6. It is growing well and I love it.
    In my humble opinion, I think you should let the relaxers fall off by itself and keep trimming the weak ends….my own little approach 🙂
    It looks great and you look so youthful

  7. Wearing a wig sounds like a lot of fun – I’d never really looked at it that way before. Hope your hair continues to grow well x

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