5 Natural Hair Care Tips

I have been growing my natural hair for years now, and it has been a rollercoaster. Maintaining natural hair is hard, but it is worth the struggle. My hair is strong, healthy and growing like weed. It looks and feels a lot better than when I used chemicals on it, many years ago. Back then, I was kind of ashamed to show off my natural hair because it didn’t look good at all. I am happy to see those years behind me now.


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So how do I care for my natural hair? Here are some natural hair care tips from me to you.


Protective Styles

I have my hair in protective styles for about 4/5 weeks. That way the tips are protected and I don’t have to deal with the whole tedious hair management process everyday. I usually have my hair in cornrows, so I can rock different types of wigs. I sometimes go for crotchet braids too.


Mosturise the Natural Hair

Natural hair needs air, water and oil to grow. So I make sure my hair is moisturised everyday, even when in protective styles. I have a spray bottle with contains 70% water and 30% almond oil. I apply a few sprays to my hair everyday. When I am not rocking a protective style, I apply a leave in conditioner on a daily basis for extra moisture. You can also solve men’s hair loss problems by using the right hair moisturiser and moisturising the hair regularly.


Comb Less

One of the good things about rocking a protective style is not having to comb so often. Once my protective style is off, I comb my hair about once a week. I prefer to comb my hair whilst it is damp, so I comb after moisturising generously, starting from the tips, with a wide tooth comb.


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Use the Right Hair Care Products

Using the right hair care products is essential. I am so in love with SheaMoisture hair products. The love affair started as soon as I decided to grow my hair natural. I have used a couple of SheaMoisture products, and I am completely sold on most of them. The latest addition to my SheaMoisture collection is the new 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner. Both products are great for natural hair. I have used them on mine and my daughter’s hair, and the results were amazing.


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I wash my hair with SheaMoisture every 2 weeks and it works great for me. Have you tried any SheaMoisture Hair Product? You can shop this new range in Superdrug for £10.99 each.


Easy on the Hair Line

I make sure I apply my oil and water to my hair generously. As well as my leave in conditioner. The hair-line is one of the most delicate parts of our hair and it is so easy to lose it. I avoid any hairstyle that would put pressure on my hair-line. I am also very picky on who gets to touch my hair. Some hands are a little too firm on my hair, which causes hair breakage and hair-line loss. I like my hairdresser to handle my hair with care.


How do you care for your natural hair? What do you think of thee tips?


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  1. Thank you for sharing how you care for your hair. It’s interesting to read what works for you.

    I use my hair salon hair products which is Joico shampoo and conditioner. I also treat it once a week with the Joico intense treatment. I wrap a head towel round it for 10 minutes before washing it off.

    I have often done different lengths of my hair over my adult life. This is the longest I have ever had it which is now half way down my back.

    It has got to a stage where I can get away with washing it twice a week which has also helped it’s condition.

    My hair is my crowning glory and I love it. This Leo isn’t right if her mane isn’t right

  2. I have pretty wavy hair, and I find that not towelling it after washing it really makes a difference to the level of frizz I get. Also, using the right products can give me a nice curl!

  3. It is important to look after your hair and interesting to read about how you care for yours. I find mine is very fine and flyaway and using the right products definitely helps.

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  6. Girl, YES!! I love Shea Moisture products as well, though I’m partial to the superfruit line myself.

    I only REALLY learned what my hair likes a month ago and I’ve been natural for almost 7 years! I can’t wait to see what my coils are capable of.

    It just goes to show that this natural journey is full of adventure.

  7. Yes! Protecting styling is key. This is literally my 5th time going natural and my What always gave me longevity was moisture and protecting! Great tips love.


  8. I feel the same way. It’s definitely a rollercoaster.
    What’s good about it is that, we learn a lot from our failures.
    Being able to care for our hair makes us love and appreciate our hair even more.
    I also shared some hair tips on my blog. Hopefully you’ll stop by to check it out.

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  10. With tight curled hair, growing it has been a nightmare! On a good day, it falls into pre-raphaelite curls, on a bad day, a scarecrow looks better🙄 and there is often no rhyme or reason to why! The key has been not overprocessing it, this includes washing every day, colouring, and chemically straightening! A good vitamin top up has also helped I think! My favourite product has to be Shea Moisture. @blackcatwinning

  11. Don’t rub conditioner into your roots mine last much longer before looking greasy at the roots .

  12. I don’t have a favourite gadget as my straighteners aren’t very good at curling but I do like the Alterna bamboo shampoo and conditioner as it keeps my hair clean for days.

  13. It might be controversial but I’m loving my crimpers at the moment, I’m bringing the 80s back! @carolin22821087

  14. My hairdryer is my best friend. Although I do like to leave my hair to naturally dry at least twice a week, so that it doesn’t dry out too much. Plus I sometime give it a little treatment of keratin product now and again x fingers crossed x

  15. I use a purple toning shampoo once a week to help stop it going brassy. I also swear by the Aussie 3 minute miracle intensive conditioners. They are amazing
    @LeeanneClifford on Twitter

  16. I am in love with my straightener! With it i can do straight hair and curls if i want 😉 depends on my mood! But i already need the new one! So would be nice to win! @VikuteMantas

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