How to Stop Comparing yourself to Others and Embrace your Inner Chic

One of the biggest problems I noticed many people have is that they compare themselves with others. They are so focused on what they don’t have or who they aren’t instead of appreciating what they have or who they are. So how do you stop comparing yourself to others and embrace your inner chic.

You may think it’s not possible to see such a thing happen in the online space or among freelancers but it does. If you’re just starting out as a freelancer, you may feel intimidated by how other successful freelancers or bloggers are doing so much better than you. This leaves you feeling discouraged and you doubt your abilities to be successful.



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Comparing yourself with others robs you of your joy as you are constantly dissatisfied with yourself.

There was a time when I felt discouraged and that was because I compared myself with others. Soon I realized that comparing myself with others didn’t serve me so I did all I could to get over that bad habit.

Here are some of the ways I stopped comparing myself to others.


Be grateful

When you’re constantly stuck at comparing yourself with others, you’re actually focusing on all the qualities you don’t like about yourself. You’re focusing on the opportunities you don’t have yet. One of the most effective ways to get over comparing yourself with others is to practice gratitude regularly. When you’re grateful for where you are now or how far you’ve come or the steps you’ve taken so far on your journey, you’ll feel more at peace with yourself. Have a gratitude list. Write out at least 5 things everyday you’re grateful for about yourself and the journey you’re on. This will open your mind to how lucky you are and how much you’ve actually progressed.


Focus on working on yourself

What comparing yourself with others does is to divert your attention from working on yourself to looking at others who are working on themselves. Devote more time to developing yourself, working on your dreams and passions. Focus on achieving your goals. The more work you put into yourself the closer you get to living the life of your dreams.

You need to realize that achieving your goals is totally up to you. It is within your reach. Comparing yourself with another person will not get you to your destination. When you put in the work you will see the results reflect in your life.


Accept your awesome self and stop comparing yourself with others

You may not be living the life you dreamt of living. You may not have what you dreamt of having. But that does not take away the fact that you are awesome regardless of your current position.

Be honest with yourself. You have amazing gifts and talents. You are unique. Those are things to appreciate about yourself.

Be conscious of your awesomeness. You are on a journey and you are doing your best to be who you desire to be. Make peace with yourself and don’t resent where you are now.


How do you stop comparing yourself to others? Please share your thoughts.


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