Giveaway – WIN Remington S3500 Ceramic Plates Hair Straightener

Happy Friday Peeps! Hope everyone is having a lovely start to the weekend. I have another giveaway for you. This time I am giving away this lovely Remington S3500 Ceramic Plates Hair Straightener. It is a great hair tool to have around especially if you are a busy person. It takes only 15 seconds to reach 230C, and the smart heat ready indicator will light so you know when it is hot enough to use. The slim barrel and extra-long plates design means it can take more hair at once, straight from the roots, with one effortless glide.

This Remington S3500 Ceramic Plates Hair Straightener comes with 10 variable heat settings. These settings enable you select the right temperature to suit your hair type. Another great feature this Hair Straightener has is that if left for 60 minutes, an auto-shut off function will activate. This saves energy and helps prevent accidents from happening.

I have a Remington Hair Straightener and I use quite regularly on my wigs. It has changed my wig game so much. I can’t imagine how I coped prior to having it.


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Rules of the Giveaway

Here are the rules to take part in this giveaway –

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  3. Leave a comment on this blog post telling me what your favourite hair care gadget is. Remember to leave your Twitter name so I know where to find you.


You can also follow my Facebook page for updates on blog posts and giveaways. The giveaway is open to UK residents only, and you have to be over 18 years. It runs for just under 2 weeks, ending 26th March at 10pm. The winner will be randomly selected and will have 48 hours to claim the prize once contacted. I usually make contact on Twitter within 24 hours of the giveaway ending.

Good luck everyone.

168 responses

  1. Straightening irons – my hair looks shiny and so healthy ( always use protection spray )
    THESE are EPIC
    @margare42282639 twitter

  2. I used to use hair straighteners all the time as I have curly hair. However, since the tragic day when a glass of water was knocked over onto them they’ve never worked. These would be fab x

  3. My favourite hair care gadget is my straighteners, however they are on their last legs, this would be amazing! Followed on Twitter and insta @minella0808

  4. My daughter usually straightens my hair with her Remington hair straighteners and I love the finish; it would be wonderful to have my own! @legray22

  5. My favourite hair care product without a doubt are ceramic straighteners! My hair would look terrible without this amazing invention! I remember having my hair straightened with GHDs for the first time and i was amazed! This was when GHD were fairly new when all other straighteners were rubbish, they revolutionised hair straightening @MissingACrown

  6. l love Argan oil l put it in after washing my hair and it keeps it soft and shiny, then dry and style as normal.

  7. Oops forgot to leave my twitter handle l was too excited by these amazing straighteners 😀 @russellsaraha48

  8. I’m saying Straighteners for my daughter she would be lost without them because i end up doing the back of her head lol

  9. I couldn’t live without a hair dryer! Basic I know, but my hair would be an un-holy mess without one!

  10. My favourite hair gadgets are my GHD brushes and comb as nothing else can manage my hair especially when its wet!

  11. I don’t use too many gadgets on my hair because it damages so easily which is why I’d love to win quality straighteners. I do like the Red Ken protein protection serum though, that really helps minimise heat damage.

  12. Very simple for me but my hairdryer! And a decent one that does the job. I have straight hair so try not to use too much heat on it. @life_lipstick on Twitter.

  13. I have long, thick and often unmanageable hair so I rely on straighteners all the time!
    Twitter lisarose162

  14. My favourite haircare gadget is definitely my hairdryer! The only thing that keeps the frizz at bay Twitter: @toxicfaires

  15. My hair straighteners – I’ve been using them everyday since I was 14!
    Twitter – @bleh_x3
    Instagram – @lady_leeek

  16. Followed on insta and twitter as @mandymoo2019 and retweeted
    My fav hair product at the moment is my remington curlers

  17. My straighteners! I cannot leave the house without having straightened my hair cos it literally looks like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards!

  18. My hair dryer, it can also has a diffuse attachment if I feel like a more natural wave look. I would love some straighteners. They loo awesome

  19. i couldnt livv without my hair dryer, if i dont blow dry my hair its wild and messy even straighteners owuldnt fix it @franksy84

  20. Straighteners are my favourite hair care gadget. I wouldn’t be able to do anything with my hair if I didn’t use them @capodemonte

  21. I like my babyliss curler thingy – don’t know what it’s called but its the only thing that gives me curls! @cluckyhen0

    • Mine is my ghds, unfortunately they don’t work as well as they used to buy can’t complain as they’ve served me well. Would love New straighteners that I’m not worrying about the safety of when using! @Declansmummy1977

  22. i love my tangle teezer! my hair is so long & thick, a normal hairbrush just pulls and breaks my hair, but the tangle teezer glides through like silk!

  23. My favourite hair gadget is my wet brush as it’s more delicate on my very fine hair.
    Twitter/Instagram handle – @annekajane85

  24. When I’m not going sleek and straight, I like to use a hot barrel brush to give plenty of volume and body.

  25. I have hair down to my bottom (all natural) and it’s never held a curl not even a perm but I found Lee Stafford chopstick curling wand and it’s amazing! Holds my curls for hours 🙂

  26. My favourite haircare gadget is my heated hair rollers, they are quick & easy. I often use just a few to restyle and give volume to my hair before going out, they work wonders for me when time is short as I can be doing other things whilst they’re in place. Quackerjill on twitter & carollynda1 on IG

  27. My favourite hair care gadget is my very old Braun gas powered tongs; they’re not the best but perfect for when I’m spending the night in the great outdoors and still want to look my best. The tongs are probably as old as me but they are still going strong.

  28. My hairdryer i hate the feeling of sitting with wet hair,I have to dry it as soon as ive washed it
    twitter @ThePyperClan

  29. It’s got to be my hair straighteners as my hair is unruly so they work like magic when I wake up looking like a scarecrow !! x

  30. I don’t use anything! But I have curly hair so it’s maybe time to start. Plus my daughter really wants straighteners! @mummydinosaur7

  31. I love my hair straighteners but they don’t work very well as I’ve had them years and they aren’t very good ones.

  32. I couldnt be without my babyliss big hair brush thingy!! it always makes my hair look so shiny for some reason? and also less flat!! 🙂
    Twitter – mariobug25

  33. my hairdryer is my best friend. Although I do like to let my hair dry naturally at least twice a week to stop it drying out too much. (Twitter: @sarahgrainger14)

  34. I couldn’t walk out of the house without having used my hair straighteners! Even a bad experience last year, when one brand went faulty and burnt a chunk of my hair off haven’t put me off! @theonlyalisonl

  35. My straighteners are my favourite hair gadget but they are not working too well as they’re ancient….. @poppyjoey

  36. Mine is a tiny little portable Remington hairdryer my OH got me – 18 YEARS AGO!! It was the exact same one he used, so it was the cutest present 🙂 Before then Id never bothered drying my hair, now I can’t cope without. I always go back to that little hairdryer

  37. Straighteners have always been my favourite for many years, though hair dryer comes in very close second 🙂 my Twitter is Pinkzei

  38. My favourite gadget has to be either straighteners or antistatic hairdryer brush. Makes it really smooth and shiny 🙂 @ljs217stebbings

  39. I’ve been lacking a proper haircare gadgets for ages due to being stuck in Mummy mode, I did used to cherish my straighteners back in the day

  40. My favourite hair care gadget was my straighteners – until I stood on them and broke them a few weeks ago . I know, I shouldn’t have left them on the floor – I promise never to do it again if I am lucky enough to win.

  41. I use hairdryer. I really want to use hair straighteners, never use it before! twitter @joanne513cox Instagram @flowergirl1972

  42. Mine is my hairdryer as i always buy the best ones and love to style my hair ( and colour it ) – purple at the moment

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