How to get your makeup to last all day part 1

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Makeup is like magic to me. The right makeup products have the power to transform everyone. Which is why I like to pay special attention to my makeup products. I am lucky to get opportunities to review many products each month. Some products are better than others, and I always make sure I get the amazing products again once I run out.

I have had the privilege to use all sorts of makeup and I know the importance of using the right makeup. Many of us want our makeup to stay put all day. I remember growing up, that was one of the issues I had. I would apply makeup before leaving the house, and it would be wiped off within a few hours. So I know all about how frustrating it can be when your makeup seems to just vanish off your face.


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How to get your makeup to last all day

So how do you get your makeup to last all day? Here are some tips that you may find useful –


Care for the skin underneath

Having a good skincare routine is the first step to helping your makeup stay on for longer. You should ensure you are using the right skincare products. Ensure you use the right cleansers, makeup remover, moisturisers and face creams. I like to spoil myself with a face mask every week. It does wonders for my skin. For moisturisers, I currently use Bio Oil and No7 Lift & Luminate Triple Action Day Cream SPF 15 50ml.


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Also, make sure you take your makeup off before you go to sleep and treat your skin right from within by eating and drinking right. Once your skin is smooth and supple, your makeup tends to stay on for longer.  I currently use AVON True Nutra Effects Gentle Bi-Phase Eye Make-up Remover, and it wipes every trace of my makeup off. 


Use a primer first

Now this is a very important tip. You should apply a primer first before you apply your foundation. I always use a primer first if I know I am going to be out all day and I need my makeup staying on.

I currently use Dermalogica Hydrablur Primer and it is so amazing. It keeps my makeup on for more than 12 hours. 


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Quality Foundation and Concealer

I like to spend a bit more when it comes to my foundation and concealer because I believe the more I spend, the better the quality. I have all sorts of foundation and concealer products in my makeup storage box, but I always recommend Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place FoundationIt is super long lasting, stays on all day. This foundation is definitely number 1 in the makeup market.


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When it comes to concealers, I prefer MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. It conceals all that needs concealing and it stays on all day. Love it. 


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Face Powder that works

Once my primer, foundation and concealer (in that order) have been applied and blended in, the next stage is applying the face powder. I go for quality here as well, and I like my MAC. The Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation by MAC works great for me. It stays on all day and I hardly ever need to top up except for my t section.

The Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In Place Powder Makeup SPF10 is another favourite of mine. It works great with the foundation and leaves my face looking stunning all day. It just glides on and stays on. 


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I will be writing a follow up with recommending more great makeup products –  eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, eye liners and more. So look out for that post in the next few days.




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使用睫毛膏時可能會使眼晴留有污跡,這可能令人困擾。要在不影響妝容的情況下有效去除這些污跡; 可在污跡塗上一小塊潤唇膏,然後用乾淨的紙巾輕輕擦拭。保持該位置乾爽,並在幾秒鐘後繼續化妝!












30 Brilliant Uses for Lip Balm


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Creative Uses of Lip Balms

While they are not considered cosmetics, lip balms are essential in keeping one’s lips perfectly smooth and hydrated. With so many options available, one should consider selecting a product that is not only effective but also light and gentle such as 潤唇膏. Aside from hydrating your lips, here are some  other uses your lip balm can effectively do:


  1. Treat minor cuts

Shaving nicks or papercuts aren’t major injuries but they can be a pain to deal with. To shut the wound quickly, swipe a coat of lip balm on your face or fingertips to stop the bleeding.


  1. Soften cuticles

Cracked cuticles can invite infection as well as make your nails look unkempt and dirty. To hydrate these areas, add a dab of lip balm to cracked areas and leave them overnight to wake up to hydrated and smooth cuticles the next day.


  1. Treat eyebags

Aside from cuticle treatment, lip balms can also substitute as a great eye bag cream especially those made with all natural ingredients. To treat baggy eye bags, add a thin layer of lip balm and gently dab them on the skin under your eyes.


  1. Fix flyaway hair

Flyaway hair can make you look like a mess even if you spent hours fixing your hair in front of the mirror. To keep these strays in place, add a bit of lip balm and smooth your strands with your fingers.


  1. Keep eyebrows in place

Aside from stray hairs on our head, our eyebrows also tend to grow in different directions. To keep things in place, apply a coat of lip balm to your eyebrows before combing it through with an eyebrow brush. Let it dry first before using your eyebrow pencil.


  1. Remove mascara smudges

Sometimes our first time applying mascara can lead to smudges which can be tiring to correct. To effectively remove these smudges without sacrificing your hard work. Dab on a small coat of lip balm over the smudge and remove gently with a clean tissue. Let it dry and redo your makeup quickly in seconds!


  1. Make fragrances last longer

Certain fragrances require oil base since they tend to stick on the skin longer. However, most lip balms contain wax that are also derived from natural oils that absorbs and locks in scents. To make your favorite perfume last longer, apply lip balm to your wrist, elbows, and behind your ears. Spritz on your perfume to these areas to leave a lasting scent.


  1. Remove tight rings

Getting a ring stuck on your finger can be irritating to say the least. To get them to loosen up, apply lip gloss around the ring and your skin. Gently twist and turn the ring until it comes off.



Aside from keeping your lips moist, lip balms can offer a lot of solutions and substitutions for other products, making them one of the most versatile products to have around. However, if you are looking for something readily available, look for ones without color or scents to mask their appearance.




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Dealing with anxiety as a self employed person

*Collaborative post.

Self employment has always been the dream, and I am grateful I am able to live this life especially with my kids being so young. But being self-employed comes with an unstable income. The uncertainty can be very worrying and the worry could lead to serious anxiety if you let it. I have been a mum for over 5 years now, while running my online business by the side and I have picked up many ways of dealing with anxiety as a self-employed person. Here are a few of the ways I combat anxiety.


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Save the money

Running your own business means sometimes it rains with money and sometimes it doesn’t. I have always been more of a saver than a spender, so that helped me in this self-employed journey. I always put money away just incase an unexpected bill comes up, or business becomes really slow the next month. Saving the left over money means I don’t worry about paying my bills the next month.

Ageing my money helps me deal with anxiety, and it is one tip I always recommend to business owners. Save that money. It may come in handy in a few months.


Have faith

I don’t really talk about my faith on here because it is not a faith blog, but I believe in God. That faith helps me when anxiety comes knocking. I am a very spiritual person, and my active spiritual life helps me deal with issues that seem impossible.

It may not be your cup of tea but it works great for me. I can’t imagine living a life without my faith in God.


Self care

When you are working for yourself, it may be very hard to take out time for self-care. I have started paying more attention to my mental health and the extra attention helps me stay on top of my self-care, which helps get rid of any anxiety. It could be a nice long walk on a beautiful sunny day, or going for a relaxing massage at the spa, or watching a movie at the cinema.

Self care is very important especially when you are a 1 man team. If you are having issues with your mental health and want to read up more on this, check out Better Help for more information on who is best to speak with. Also, you can look into trying different self care products like a foot spa, massage chair to unwind, and the likes, in order to figure out the products that fit you.


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Take your work seriously

I take my work very seriously and I think that helps me get a steady flow of income. I work every free time I get (more than 40 hours a week) and I believe I am the true definition of a hustler. Nowadays I try to take the as much time as I can afford to take off but I am always working. That helps me stay on top of my bills, keeps my mind busy and get rid of any anxiety.


Music helps

Music is good way for me to escape all my problems. It is like food to my soul and I feed on it everyday. I love listening to good music. My Spotify playlists come in very handy. You can easily catch me typing up a post and listening to some cool songs.



How do you deal with anxiety as a self employed person? Do you have any tips to share?







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