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I got the lovely opportunity to review some amazing skincare products from Evolve Beauty. I got 3 products from the brand and have been dying to tell you all about them. It has been a few days of using these products and I love them. I love trying out new products. After a busy day, the first need is to soak up in a bath with lovely products. Or spend some extra minutes (still under 5 minutes) in a warm shower, using sweet-smelling shower products.


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Here are my thoughts on these Evolve Beauty Products –


African Orange Aromatic Body Wash

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This Aromatic hand and body wash is simply refreshing. It soothes and moisturises the skin. The Natural Coconut and Sugar Extracts ingredients help clean the skin whilst maintaining the natural pH balance.


  1. It gently cleans the skin and keeps it moisturised. I like the fact that it does not leave my skin dry like some other products.
  2. It is lightly fragrance with blood orange and vanilla, with notes of spicy black pepper and cedarwood. It is a united fragrance, which means my hubby and I enjoy using it.
  3. I love the compact packaging. Great for taking away on short trips.
  4. The price tag is budget friendly at £5 for a 50ml bottle.
  5. This product is very gentle on the skin.





Daily Detox Facial Wash

This Daily Detox Facial Wash delicately cleans the face. The ingredients are amazing. Natural sugars cleanse away impurities and organic aloe vera softens the skin.


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  1. It leaves the skin soft, smooth, clean and supple.
  2. I love the light natural aloe vera fragrance.
  3. The compact packaging works great for travel, and the pump means no waste.
  4. This facial wash removes every trace of makeup with no effort at all.
  5. A little goes a long way.





Sunless Glow Body Lotion

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I love this Sunless Body Lotion by Evolve Beauty. It is a rich body lotion designed to give the body a gradual tan over a number of applications. It contains organic papaya which helps keep the skin smooth and prepare it for the summery days.



  1. This lotion contains organic aloe vera which helps to get rid of any skin redness or irritation.
  2. It contains shea which helps nourish and replenish dry skin.
  3. I like the compact packaging. It is ideal for travel.
  4. This body lotion keeps the skin moisturised.
  5. It is a great skincare product to use all year.





So there you go. No cons for these amazing natural products. Yes, they are all completely natural products.

What do you think of these natural skincare products? Have you used any before?

3 Benefits of becoming a massage therapist

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If you are still thinking of what career to pursue, you may want to consider becoming a massage therapist. It is becoming very high in demand, especially with the discovery of the benefits of massage therapy. People do not only get massages to pamper themselves, but to also treat other ailments.


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It also does not take too long to become a certified massage therapist, with some training taking less than a year. Aside from that, there are also plenty of work opportunities for those who are considering this field. Take a look at the list below for some of the benefits of becoming a massage therapist.


  1. It is a rewarding career

     One of the best things about being a massage therapist is being able to help your client. Whatever setting you are working on, whether it’s in a clinic or in a spa, you know that you are doing something to improve the wellbeing of your client. Most people experience stress almost every day, and getting a massage is the perfect way to relieve that stress. Some are even able to build a good relationship with their clients, and they can see just how their massage sessions can help their clients to not think of their worries and just enjoy and pamper themselves.


  1. There are a lot of work opportunities, or you can be your own boss

    There are so many places that may require a massage therapist. You can choose to be in a healthcare setting and work with chiropractors, nurses, or even in nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. If you are not looking for work in a healthcare setting, you can also choose recreational facilities like hotels or spas. You can even go on a cruise ship and enjoy traveling while earning money. Or, you can also set up your own business. All you need is a massage table and proper training and you can already start earning money! Just make sure that you get an accredited massage course, like those from Dave Taylor Training, so you can be assured that you are receiving the best training possible. You can even choose to specialize in certain types of massages, like sports massage in order to cater to more specific clients.


  1. You can set your own hours

    If you are the type of employee who does not like to keep regular hours, this type of work is perfect for you, especially if you choose to build your own business and become a solo practitioner. You can have the choice of working only during the time you want. For example, you prefer to work at weekends only, or during the evenings. These can all be done as a massage therapist. Of course, you need to make sure that you have a steady stream of clients so that you can enjoy more free time. That way, all your clients need to do is set up an appointment with you. You can choose to have your own space or you can go to their homes and service them there.


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