Why I am Having an Ancestry DNA Test

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Have you ever thought of taking an ancestry DNA Test? I have many times. I have always been curious about my ancestors and I how I got here. So it is amazing we now have the technology to get an ancestry test done. I got a DNA testing kit some months ago and I will be sending the sample required over to the company in the next few days. My plan is to share the results on Fashion and Style Police, once I have digested it all. So keep your eyes open for that post.


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Why I am having an Ancestry DNA Test

So why am I having an Ancestry DNA Test? Myself and M are the only people I know in real life that are interested in this test. Many people I know have zero interest in having one done and wonder why I would even think of having such a test. I have always been interested in my family history. The idea of being able to discover my background and genetic makeup is incredible. I think it is valuable information everyone should have and I am grateful we now have the technology today to discover all the information we need. I am also happy it is not too pricey to have the test done too! That makes it even more possible for more people to get the genetic test done.


What I am hoping to gain from the genetic analysis

The results are usually 99.9% accurate which is great. I am hoping to learn more about myself through my family history and makeup genetics. Hopefully, the results from the test would help me improve my life by making necessary lifestyle changes.


What are your thoughts on ancestry DNA Tests? Have you had one done before or thought of getting it done? Let’s chat in the comments section below. You can have a look on DNA Weekly – Best DNA Testing Kits website for more information about best ancestry DNA tests to go for.


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