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使用睫毛膏時可能會使眼晴留有污跡,這可能令人困擾。要在不影響妝容的情況下有效去除這些污跡; 可在污跡塗上一小塊潤唇膏,然後用乾淨的紙巾輕輕擦拭。保持該位置乾爽,並在幾秒鐘後繼續化妝!












30 Brilliant Uses for Lip Balm


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Creative Uses of Lip Balms

While they are not considered cosmetics, lip balms are essential in keeping one’s lips perfectly smooth and hydrated. With so many options available, one should consider selecting a product that is not only effective but also light and gentle such as 潤唇膏. Aside from hydrating your lips, here are some  other uses your lip balm can effectively do:


  1. Treat minor cuts

Shaving nicks or papercuts aren’t major injuries but they can be a pain to deal with. To shut the wound quickly, swipe a coat of lip balm on your face or fingertips to stop the bleeding.


  1. Soften cuticles

Cracked cuticles can invite infection as well as make your nails look unkempt and dirty. To hydrate these areas, add a dab of lip balm to cracked areas and leave them overnight to wake up to hydrated and smooth cuticles the next day.


  1. Treat eyebags

Aside from cuticle treatment, lip balms can also substitute as a great eye bag cream especially those made with all natural ingredients. To treat baggy eye bags, add a thin layer of lip balm and gently dab them on the skin under your eyes.


  1. Fix flyaway hair

Flyaway hair can make you look like a mess even if you spent hours fixing your hair in front of the mirror. To keep these strays in place, add a bit of lip balm and smooth your strands with your fingers.


  1. Keep eyebrows in place

Aside from stray hairs on our head, our eyebrows also tend to grow in different directions. To keep things in place, apply a coat of lip balm to your eyebrows before combing it through with an eyebrow brush. Let it dry first before using your eyebrow pencil.


  1. Remove mascara smudges

Sometimes our first time applying mascara can lead to smudges which can be tiring to correct. To effectively remove these smudges without sacrificing your hard work. Dab on a small coat of lip balm over the smudge and remove gently with a clean tissue. Let it dry and redo your makeup quickly in seconds!


  1. Make fragrances last longer

Certain fragrances require oil base since they tend to stick on the skin longer. However, most lip balms contain wax that are also derived from natural oils that absorbs and locks in scents. To make your favorite perfume last longer, apply lip balm to your wrist, elbows, and behind your ears. Spritz on your perfume to these areas to leave a lasting scent.


  1. Remove tight rings

Getting a ring stuck on your finger can be irritating to say the least. To get them to loosen up, apply lip gloss around the ring and your skin. Gently twist and turn the ring until it comes off.



Aside from keeping your lips moist, lip balms can offer a lot of solutions and substitutions for other products, making them one of the most versatile products to have around. However, if you are looking for something readily available, look for ones without color or scents to mask their appearance.




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