Dealing with anxiety as a self employed person

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Self employment has always been the dream, and I am grateful I am able to live this life especially with my kids being so young. But being self-employed comes with an unstable income. The uncertainty can be very worrying and the worry could lead to serious anxiety if you let it. I have been a mum for over 5 years now, while running my online business by the side and I have picked up many ways of dealing with anxiety as a self-employed person. Here are a few of the ways I combat anxiety.


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Save the money

Running your own business means sometimes it rains with money and sometimes it doesn’t. I have always been more of a saver than a spender, so that helped me in this self-employed journey. I always put money away just incase an unexpected bill comes up, or business becomes really slow the next month. Saving the left over money means I don’t worry about paying my bills the next month.

Ageing my money helps me deal with anxiety, and it is one tip I always recommend to business owners. Save that money. It may come in handy in a few months.


Have faith

I don’t really talk about my faith on here because it is not a faith blog, but I believe in God. That faith helps me when anxiety comes knocking. I am a very spiritual person, and my active spiritual life helps me deal with issues that seem impossible.

It may not be your cup of tea but it works great for me. I can’t imagine living a life without my faith in God.


Self care

When you are working for yourself, it may be very hard to take out time for self-care. I have started paying more attention to my mental health and the extra attention helps me stay on top of my self-care, which helps get rid of any anxiety. It could be a nice long walk on a beautiful sunny day, or going for a relaxing massage at the spa, or watching a movie at the cinema.

Self care is very important especially when you are a 1 man team. If you are having issues with your mental health and want to read up more on this, check out this post for more information on who is best to speak with.


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Take your work seriously

I take my work very seriously and I think that helps me get a steady flow of income. I work every free time I get (more than 40 hours a week) and I believe I am the true definition of a hustler. Nowadays I try to take the as much time as I can afford to take off but I am always working. That helps me stay on top of my bills, keeps my mind busy and get rid of any anxiety.


Music helps

Music is good way for me to escape all my problems. It is like food to my soul and I feed on it everyday. I love listening to good music. My Spotify playlists come in very handy. You can easily catch me typing up a post and listening to some cool songs.



How do you deal with anxiety as a self employed person? Do you have any tips to share?








Spending time on self-care this year

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The year 2019 is going to be a very different year for me. I decided on the first day of the year to make it a year to remember for all the right reasons, and I am going to make sure that happens. This year, I am paying attention to my general health, both mental and physical. Self-care is the theme of the year for me, and I am going to be loving on myself in order to be the best I can be.

Apart from eating and drinking right, reading as many books as possible, spending time relaxing and doing nothing as often as possible, and just doing what I want on some days, I am also focusing on my fitness life and trying my hands on meditating. Our self-care is so important.


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Apart from my general workout routine from home (thank you YouTube), I will be focusing heavily on my tummy area. I want it flatter and firmer, so I have started some workout exercises to achieve that. I have been at it for sometime already, and I am hoping to start to seeing big results soon. The picture I have in my head is that of a very flat and firm tummy. I want the abs I didn’t even have pre babies, and I know I can get there if I put in the work. I am looking into Tricycles from Jorvik to help me stay fit as well. Cycling is an excellent way to keep those legs moving.



MAGIC Body Fashion Tummy Squeezer Lace


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While I am working on the having the perfect abs, I have MAGIC Body Fashion Tummy Squeezer Lace to help flatten my tummy area. The amazing panties help slim the tummy area within seconds. I love the fact that it is totally invisible underneath the clothing. You won’t know I was wearing one, if I didn’t tell you. It is also very comfortable unlike other shape wear clothing. You can grab this in Black, Rose and Latte colours for £26.50.



I started meditating with the help on a cool app – Headspace on my iPhone. Meditation is always something I have wanted to try but didn’t know how to go about it. But thanks to Headspace, it has been an easy ride. I am new to meditating, so I am only doing it for 3 mins at a time, morning and night. So far, I am loving it. It makes me feel lighter, clear my head and frees my mind. Which is just what I need to stay productive. I am looking forward to reaping all the benefits of meditating. I have heard there are numerous, and can’t wait to experience them all.

The mind is a powerful thing and it is shocking how many of us neglect ours but pay attention to everything else. Most of us usually neglect our mind until it is too late, and we are dealing with all sorts of mental health issues. I am not making that mistake. I am feeding my body, mind and soul some TLC this year and going forward.


Any specific plans for self-care this year? Do you meditate? What has your experience been like?

Self-care this Autumn

We woke to a very dark morning today. The kids had to double-check with me that it was actually morning. I guess it would take us some time to get use to the dark autumn/winter mornings. This season is all about self-care. I will be spending more time indoors naturally, so I intend to make the most of it. Here are a few things I will be doing this season.



I will be getting my nails done at home, thanks to these lovely LOLA Neptune and Gothica Nail Vanishes. I really like the shades. They are great for the season.


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These LOLA’s nail polishes have been formulated with Expert Gel III technology which is especially engineered to deliver fluidity, as well as high gloss and resistant wear. I love how easy it is to apply these shades. I am usually not a nail polish lady, but I am making an exception with these beauties. Plus, it is a way to give myself a little loving this season.


Good Sleep

With the longer nights and shorter days, I know I will be sleeping more this season. I am usually sleep deprived most of the time because I work late into the night once the kids are in bed. When I do get to bed, usually past midnight, I sometimes struggle to fall asleep and I wake up feeling very grumpy.


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I have been taking Benenox just before bedtime and it has improved my sleep greatly. I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to make the most of the day. It is a great sleep aid. Just like an overnight recharge.

Benenox is great for anyone who struggles to get decent sleep. A 15ml of Benenox is all you would need to aid quality sleep. It comes in Blackcurrant and Lemon & Ginger flavours. You can grab yours on Amazon or at Tesco.


Self care autumn image

Self-care autumn picture



Good Food

I plan to do a lot more cooking and baking this season. Prior to having kids, I baked a lot but I kind of fell out of love with baking. Maybe because I am usually too drained to bake! I have a few baking recipes I will be trying in the next few weeks, thanks to the many food blogs I read.


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I have been using this Tiana Cooking Butter for some days now, and I am loving it. We used it while grilling some potatoes the other day, and I must confess it is one of the best cooking butters I have used in a long time. It is a great substitute for cooking oils. I love the smooth creamy texture and the fact that it has no coconut taste at all!

What do you think of these products? Have you used any of them? How will you be having some self-care this autumn? Please share your ideas in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading.


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