Spending time on self-care this year

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The year 2019 is going to be a very different year for me. I decided on the first day of the year to make it a year to remember for all the right reasons, and I am going to make sure that happens. This year, I am paying attention to my general health, both mental and physical. Self-care is the theme of the year for me, and I am going to be loving on myself in order to be the best I can be.

Apart from eating and drinking right, reading as many books as possible, spending time relaxing and doing nothing as often as possible, and just doing what I want on some days, I am also focusing on my fitness life and trying my hands on meditating. Our self-care is so important.


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Apart from my general workout routine from home (thank you YouTube), I will be focusing heavily on my tummy area. I want it flatter and firmer, so I have started some workout exercises to achieve that. I have been at it for sometime already, and I am hoping to start to seeing big results soon. The picture I have in my head is that of a very flat and firm tummy. I want the abs I didn’t even have pre babies, and I know I can get there if I put in the work. I am looking into Tricycles from Jorvik to help me stay fit as well. Cycling is an excellent way to keep those legs moving.



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While I am working on the having the perfect abs, I have MAGIC Body Fashion Tummy Squeezer Lace to help flatten my tummy area. The amazing panties help slim the tummy area within seconds. I love the fact that it is totally invisible underneath the clothing. You won’t know I was wearing one, if I didn’t tell you. It is also very comfortable unlike other shape wear clothing. You can grab this in Black, Rose and Latte colours for £26.50.



I started meditating with the help on a cool app – Headspace on my iPhone. Meditation is always something I have wanted to try but didn’t know how to go about it. But thanks to Headspace, it has been an easy ride. I am new to meditating, so I am only doing it for 3 mins at a time, morning and night. So far, I am loving it. It makes me feel lighter, clear my head and frees my mind. Which is just what I need to stay productive. I am looking forward to reaping all the benefits of meditating. I have heard there are numerous, and can’t wait to experience them all.

The mind is a powerful thing and it is shocking how many of us neglect ours but pay attention to everything else. Most of us usually neglect our mind until it is too late, and we are dealing with all sorts of mental health issues. I am not making that mistake. I am feeding my body, mind and soul some TLC this year and going forward.


Any specific plans for self-care this year? Do you meditate? What has your experience been like?

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  1. I always have my couple of hours a week pamper at home and I have various self care packages at Spa’s, including threading, reflexology 4 weekly and hairdressers 6 weekly. I have upped my spiritual life and meditation time since my husband passed away last year. Only way I have kept somewhat sane.

    Fitness regime I am not good at. Hard when you have health issues though helping out wth our 18 month year old grandson care gives me some informal fitness. I want to look more keenly at my diet also this year as it could be alot better. Too much comfort eating the past year

  2. I think might also start meditating because i go through a lot of stress on a daily basis.

    And also good luck on your self-care routine for the year

  3. Proud of you!!! This year is going to be so great for you because you’re already so determined to work hard towards your goals. It’s so inspiring and its motivating me to work harder towards my goals too! Thanks for the post!

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  5. Self love is the best love and I totally live by it. I cannot pour from an empty cup and yes , I do my best to fill myself at every instance.
    Lovely post and beautiful insight. Do find time to read mine on a similar topic here

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