Product Review – Lanvin Me Eau de Parfum

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I have been using Lanvin Me Eau de Parfum for weeks now, and I am so in love with the fragrance. It is my first time using this perfume and I am glad I went for it. It ticks all my many perfume boxes. This lovely fragrance by Lanvin is dedicated to the bold and confident woman, who isn’t afraid to be herself. The description of the fragrance explains why I fell in love with everything about Me. It was love at first sniff!

I am forever in search of a new perfume to add to my growing fragrance collection. I like having a couple of perfumes in my bathroom cabinet, so I have a variety of fragrances to choose from everyday. Lanvin Me is now one of my favourites.


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Top notes

Mandarin orange and blueberry.


Heart notes

Licorice, tuberose and rose.


Bottom notes



  1. I love the design of the pastel pink bottle. It is pretty and unique with silver necklace on it. I think Lanvin did a great job with the packaging.
  2. It is a long lasting fragrance. It stays on for hours.
  3. I love the strong musky scent. It is great for the current season.
  4. I love the fact that it is quite affordable.


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I can’t fault this fragrance at all. For the price, it is a great buy. I usually like my perfumes to stay on all day without me needing to spray more over and over again. However, like I said, for the price I got it for, it works great and I usually wear this fragrance on slow days.

What do you think of Lanvin Me? Have you tried it before? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Beauty Muse – Merle Dandridge

If you are a Netflix lover like me, this face may be familiar to you. Merle Dandridge plays the role of Grace Greenleaf on the hit Netflix series – Greenleaf, and she is a Beauty Muse. I love everything about this woman, she is definitely a stunner and my beauty goals. Her skin is so smooth and spotless.She is blessed with a natural beauty with or without makeup. I also like the fact that she wears minimal makeup on the series. The kind of makeup that is hardly ever there, and she looks fab every time. Do you watch Greenleaf? The new season starts in November and I can’t wait to watch my favourite cast again.


Netflix Greenleaf image


When it comes to beauty muses, I like to go for women with lovely facial features. The more natural beauty, the better. I also like featuring confident women, women doing big things with their lives and careers. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and for me beauty is a lot more than how you look on the outside. Having a pretty face helps, but I look at the complete package. I love seeing beautiful independent women with great careers, especially when they are mothers as well. They inspire me to aim for the starts and pursue all my goals. This Beauty Muse right here is one of those women.


Beauty muse image


Merle Dandridge was born in Okinawa, Japan, some 44 years ago, to a Korean mother and an African American father. She has lived in many cities/countries throughout her life, and started her acting career in Chicago theatre productions, before appearing in Criminal Minds, The Newsroom, 24, Drop Dead Diva, and more. Dandridge is a beautiful breath of fresh air and she is definitely a beauty muse.

What do you think of Dandridge? Will you call her your beauty muse? Please sound off in the comments section below.

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How to do a professional manicure step by step

Having a manicure is a great way to treat yourself and your nails. There’s the right way to manicure as well as the lazy way. To get your nails looking great, you should ensure you follow the professional manicure steps. There are no shortcuts when it comes to beauty and skincare. You have to follow the necessary steps to achieve the look you are going for.


How to do a professional manicure step by step


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The first thing to do is to remove the old nail polish.

Never be tempted not to. The best way to remove your old polish is with a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover. This works best when you hold the stacked cotton pad over the nail for a minute so it absorbs the polish before wiping it off. This also ensure you wipe off your nail polish neatly without it spilling over to the sides of the nail.


Apply Cuticle Cream

Once the old nail polish is off, you should apply cuticle cream. This does wonders for your nails, especially when you lay your hands on the right one.


Shape the Nails

You should shape the nails using a nail file. Only use a scissors if you want to really reduce the length of the nails. Best to share with a nail file from edge to centre at an angle. File the tip downwards by holding the nail file vertically.


Manicure tips image


Buff and Colour

A good buffing of the nails is your next step, then colour. A base coat, 2 coats of colour and a top coat work great if you have the time. Most times, I just buff and apply a clear polish, and I am good to go. It all depends on the look you are going for. Also, it is best to paint from bottom to top vertically and make sure you are using good quality nail polishes to achieve the desired results.

I am not a fan of the quick nail polish drying method, I like to put my foot up and do nothing for a few minutes after painting my nails. However, if I need to do something with my hands, I wait until my nails are touch dry and then I run a cold water tap over them for a few seconds. This method helps the nails dry a lot quicker.


Do you have any professional manicure tips to share? Please sound off in the comments section, let’s hear all about your tried and tested nail care tip.


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