The Natural Hair Movement – Why more women are returning to their roots

For a lot of women, especially African women, curling, perming, relaxing and heat styling are slowly going out as we are starting to embrace more natural hairstyles. This has started a kind of natural hair movement.

I also joined the bandwagon when I decided to go all natural and stay away from harsh chemicals. Such harsh chemicals damage the hair although they help women achieve styles associated to Western hairstyles.


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More women are returning to their roots

One day, I followed a friend to the hairdressers and noticed how the place was not as busy as I remembered it to be. Turns out, I wasn’t the only one who went all out with being natural. There were so many other women!

It was not difficult to deduce that the swift shift to go all natural with twists, braids and locks was killing business. Women have caught on to the advantages of keeping their natural hair. For most women staying natural keeps their hair healthy.

Chemicals can lead to irreparable damage often taking years before the hair can go back to its healthy self. Staying natural gives women the opportunity to let their hair grow longer and fuller. Even though one of the downsides is the difficulty in maintaining the hair, especially if you have kinky hair like mine.



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Personally I find maintaining my natural hair a lot much cheaper than spending money on products that will only damage my hair, not to talk about paying the hairdresser who will apply the products that will do the damage.

The convenience of taking care of my hair right from the comfort of my home is priceless. The same goes for several other women. Thanks to the numerous tutorials on YouTube on managing and styling the natural hair, there is information everywhere.

This is a revolution threatening hundreds of hairdressers and those in the beauty industry right now. What is the future of the beauty hair industry if more and more women decide to transition to natural hairstyles? From what I see, that future is seriously threatened.

YouTube videos showing women just how to maintain natural hair and hair blogs recommending the exact products to help provide the needed treatment for your hair are pushing hairdressers to the sidelines. As more people are picking up on the trend, all the focus is on natural hair products and natural hairstyles.


The way forward

I believe the beauty hair industry needs to catch up on the natural hair trend and invest more of their time and expertise on promoting natural hair and how to make the most of it. Our hair is our crown and should be treated as such, not buried under weaves permanently.

The natural hair movement is here to stay. So hairdressers better catch up.


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  1. My hair as now reached a length for the first time in my life where it is half down my bag. I have it trimmed every 6 weeks and coloured (I have no intention of letting grey through) every 12 weeks.

    It used to be 4 weekly and 8 weekly trim then four revolving. I decided to push through after reading one is your articles and not wash my hair so much.

    It drove me mad for the first few weeks and it spent most of the time tied up.

    Now I wash it just twice a week and it is in even better condition.

    My hairdresser is also a beauty salon. I couldn’t warrant the price of my skin creams any longer so after investigating online I now make my own for a fraction of the cost and just as good if bit better results as the products are all natural

    I totally agree with you

    • Oh glad to hear your hair is in a better condition with less washing. Good to know you now make your own skin creams too.

  2. I think that going natural for me was hard at first until I took the time to learn more about it. women may not want to go natural because it’s time consuming and they don’t really know how to take care of it

    • Yes it is time consuming and many are clueless as to how to care for their natural hair. So they shy away from it.

  3. I absolutely love this post! I’m all about natural beauty and celebrating what makes each and every one of us unique. A couple of girls I went to school with treated their hair and it started to fall out from all of the chemicals. I think your hair is beautiful and I think it amazing that you are encouraging other women to follow in your footsteps.

  4. When I was in high school all I used to put on my hair was heat, gel and hairspray. This has definitely caused my hair to damage massively! I am glad in the last few years I;ve decided against putting so much product in my hair it has done wonders to it! It still isn’t my natural hair because its still damaged but hey you live and learn!

  5. Great post Stella.
    The hairdressers are complaining continuously now honestly. Unfortunately, people are learning to make wigs themselves and are wearing them as a substitute to making their hair but just like you said, we should be able to wear that hair sometime. For a non wig wearer like myself, braids, cornrows and things in that line is my go to and good hair care for natural hair.
    Your hair is gorg. by the way.

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