How to Land your Dream Barber Job this Year

Whether you are looking to train or have your qualification at hand, finding you dream barber job is easier than ever.  With the growth of job websites on the internet and even specialist sites where companies can advertise for barbers wanted, there are more ways than ever to find the job.  But how do you make yourself stand out from others competing for the role and land your dream job?



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Timing your job hunt

Circumstances sometimes dictate when you start looking for a job but if you have some control over the timing, January and February are good times to start.  Other peaks can be before the summer holidays season and just before the Christmas period.  

You need to remember that it can take a little time to find the job, apply for it, have an interview and hear if you were successful.  In some industries, it can take 2-3 months although barber jobs are usually much quicker than this.  So, if you have a job or know you are coming towards the end of your training, start looking and applying as soon as possible.


Get your CV reading

Your CV is the first impression you make on someone (well second if you have a covering letter) and is the most important part of the application.  While you can create a basic CV that contains all of your information, you should always tailor it to suit the job you are applying for this.  This is important for locally applied jobs and crucial for internet applications.

For starters, you need to read the job application and pick up the key terms that relate to it.  this might be able skills or experience, what the role includes or duties.  And when you describe your past experience or the skills you learned when training, use any of these terms where they apply.

The same applies to the cover letter you attach to the CV.  To the point and accurate, it should also reflect language in the application.  Make sure you identify the job you are applying for and give a quick paragraph summary of why you are the right person.


Check your online profile

For lots of us, social media and the online world is separate from our careers, but many employers will check your profiles to get to know you a bit better.  This means you should audit your online profile before you start applying for your dream barber job.

If you have stuff on your social media profile that you don’t want to remove but don’t want the world to see, then change your privacy settings so that no-one can see them who isn’t a friend.  Clean up your accounts and make sure they look sensible as there are some things even non-friends can see.

You should also consider creating a profile with LinkedIn, the professional social media network.  Recruiters and businesses use it to find candidates for jobs all the time and this means it can be a valuable way to spread yourself around.  People may even come to you with recommendations for jobs they have spotted that match your CV.


Be ready for the interview process

Interviews can come in lots of shapes and forms today.  From the traditional sit-down interview to Skype or digital video interviews, phone interviews and even interviews at jobs fairs, there are lots of ways you can have a face to face with a potential employer.  So, you need to practice your skills and be ready with your approach.

There’s no way to know what questions will be asked at a barber job interview.  But you can use some of the information on the internet to prepare yourself for some general questions and even do practice interviews with a friend or family member.  That way you have some idea of how to deal with questions, even if you don’t know what they are.


Don’t give up!

The jobs market is healthy at the moment and specialist barber job sites mean it is easier than ever to find a job.  But that doesn’t mean you will get one instantly.  Don’t give up, keep applying and preparing for those interviews and you will get success in the end.


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10 Ways to Show Love this Valentine’s Day

It’s February and everyone’s mind is on Valentine’s Day. Aside from being a day for lovers, I believe that Valentine’s Day is a day when we can show love to those around us. That includes your family and friends. This Valentine’s Day try something different and reach out in love to those around you.


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Here are 10 creative ways to spread that love this Valentine’s Day.


Write a ‘thank you’ note

There’s nothing as important as showing those you love how much you appreciate them for being a part of your life. This Valentine’s Day, write a ‘thank you’ letter to those you care about. Write out just exactly what you appreciate about them.


Plan a special meal with your loved ones

Let’s face it: food is a great way to bring people together. This Valentine’s Day, plan a special meal with those you care about. It’s not only a good excuse to have a good time but it can turn into a moment where you can create wonderful memories. And food has a way of doing just that.


Tell those you care about how much you love them

This is similar to writing a ‘thank you’ note. The only difference is that you tell others how much you care about them face-to-face. It makes it really special and more personal. Visit those you care about and tell them how much you love them. Those three words (I love you) said from the heart are so special.


Buy your loved ones something special

Now when I say “something special” I don’t mean something expensive. I mean something that is thoughtful no matter how small it is. For example, a picture frame with a picture of your whole family is something your parents will appreciate. A simple rose is also very special. What is important is that it comes from the heart.


Give a warm hug

You have no idea what kind of problems people go through on a daily basis. Depression, anxiety and loneliness are just some of the problems majority of people go through. Sometimes a love-filled hug is all they need to make their day a little brighter.



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Reach out to someone in need

If you think that Valentine’s Day is only for those you love then you are wrong. It is a day when you should also reach out to those who have no one to love and care for them. This Valentine’s Day, plan a visit to old people’s home or a homeless shelter and show them love, support and reassurance.


Do a random act of kindness

What’s one thing you can do for someone to make their day? Offer to do the dishes. Carry the bags. Do the shopping. Clean the house. Pick your loved one up from work. Take the dog for a walk this time. Do something thoughtful this Valentine’s Day.


Get flowers and chocolates

This has become a cliché but it is still a favourite on Valentine’s Day. Carefully pick beautiful roses or just one rose. Accompany them with your loved one’s favourite chocolates. But most of all, give them with loads of love straight from the heart.


Plan a special outing with your loved ones

Why not spend Valentine’s Day with your loved ones? Pick a lovely spot. It could be a nice restaurant or a little café in your neighbourhood. Use it as an opportunity to have fun, relax and share love.


Plan a surprise

Make Valentine’s Day fun by surprising your loved ones with something special. Is there something that someone you love and care about has been longing to have? Is there a show or concert they want to go to? Give those you love little surprise gifts that they would never have dreamt they would receive from you.


How do you plan on showing love this Valentine’s Day?

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