Mental Health – Why We Must Continue to Talk About It

This is the first time I am openly talking about mental health. I think it is about time I wrote about the stigma associated with talking about our mental health, and why we must continue to talk about it.

There’s a lot going on in the world that is enough to get someone depressed for days. Coupled with personal problems that come up every now and then. The weight of so much sadness can be difficult to bear. It broke my heart to hear about the death of Chester Bennington. The thought that he found himself in such a mental dark place, and saw suicide as the only escape is heartbreaking. I was a huge fan of Linkin Park growing up. I loved the rap rock style they had going on. The lyrics helped me through a lot back then. So to accept the fact that his lyrics couldn’t save him is tough.



Chester Bennington image


I think the worst part of going through so much emotional pain or trauma is going through it all alone. Most times people suffer in silence. Some are afraid to open up so that they don’t look weak. Some are embarrassed to say how exactly they feel, so they bottle it all in. So this post is just a gentle reminder that they are not alone, many of us go through the phase and many do come out stronger.

Depression is prevalent in our society and more people have started resorting to suicide, slitting wrists, and eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia as the only way out of their problems. While some are just ranting on social media endlessly, hoping no one notices how disturbed they are.

I have been thinking about all this lately and wondering how to help people struggling through depression or some other mental problem. I have come to the conclusion that the best way to help is to continue to raise awareness. If we could enlighten more people about mental health, more people would know how to handle the problem or be encouraged to get help. Here are a few other reasons why we must continue to talk about mental health.


It inspires more people to be more understanding towards those who go through mental health issues

Most of us find it difficult to really picture what a person suffering from mental health issues is going through. If someone is depressed and isolates themselves from others or happens to not talk to anyone, most people will think that such a person is arrogant.

A good number of people think that those who think about suicide or who actually commit suicide are selfish. But when you create more awareness on mental health, it lets people have a bit more understanding.


It helps people going having mental health issues identify their problem

You can never really know how to go about your problem if you really don’t know what your problem is. Sometimes you need someone to help you gain clarity on what exactly you are facing.

Awareness is not only for those who are affected but it is also for those who know someone who is affected. They will be better able to help others who are having mental health issues get help.


It lets people know that it’s good to open up

The core reason why not many of those going through mental health issues get help on time is because they suffer in silence. They don’t share their problems with others.

The truth is that the best way to deal with the problem is to share it with another person. If we are so open to talk about mental health, then those dealing with mental health issues will feel encouraged to speak up as well.


I hope this post helps raise some more awareness. If you need to speak with someone, have a look at BetterHelp. It is one of the great online therapy website.


*Collaborative post.

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  1. This topic is so relevant for me right now. Last Sunday I experienced the worst panic attack of my life, and it’s continued all week.

    I’ve had a very stressful few years and refused to seek help. I’d have a period of depression, ride it out alone and then pretend it never happened. Gradually everything became slower, my energy completely zapped.

    When Chester and Chris Cornell ended their lives I’d started to obsess over their work. Reading in to all of their lyrics, imagining the hell they were going through. I was in a dark place myself (not suicidal though).

    Anyway, it all came to a head last Sunday and I was forced to seek help. It’s been a tough week, but I guess this is what happens when you try to cope alone. Humans are social creatures and we sometimes need help. After speaking to so many lovely people this week (paramedics, GP, Samaritans and fellow bloggers), I’m starting to understand that I don’t have to cope alone, and in fact, no one expects me to.

    I decided to try medication 2 days ago and it’s nothing like I’d imagined. My unhealthy negative thinking has slowed down and the panic is subsiding.

    • I am so sorry to hear this Angela. I am happy you got some help and the meds are not as you imagined. I had a friend in uni dealing with depression then, and she didn’t want to go on the meds. She was worried they would make her feel even worse. I am happy that is not the case here and I hope you start to feel a lot better soon xx

  2. Its really sad that people don’t speak much about Mental health. Rather, Mental health awareness is something which should be spread and spoken openly to help people suffering from this. Appreciate your post.

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  4. Definitely the more we raise this subject and talk about it openly, the better for everyone in our communities. Good on you for using your blog to discuss and get more people thinking about this. I think we all have a responsibility to do our bit to help anyone who is suffering, often in silence.

  5. Everytime a person speaks out then mental health awareness happens. Thank you Stella. Everyone will suffer from it at some stage of there life to some degree or another. Just the loss of a loved one is the grieving progress is mental health. Millions suffer unknown to the outside world.

    The most poignant picture I have seen was on social media recently. It was a woman in her house alone looking ill and in despair and feeling suicidal. The next picture is half an hour later, clothed and her make up and hair done having to go out (to pick the children up from school maybe) still feeling suicidal yet on the outside looking fine: on the inside is a different story.

    I am diagnosed with social & diagnosed mental health issues, granted more managed today, than they manage me. Look at my picture with my post. You wouldn’t think so would you? Mine are from whole of life issues, which I am one of the fortunate one’s to get into long term recovery from.

    At my worst I turned to alcohol (a legal socially acceptable legal substance which causes so much heartache as so many abuse and use it as a crutch) like so many millions. Very common with women today too. At home in the evening when the children are seen too. Addiction and dependency are symptoms of mental health issues and are not a choice of life.

    Fortunately I got off that avenue of alcohol very early and sort help. Drinking as a ”crutch” is very common for women/men in stress/pain with no other solution it seems. Don’t judge anyone until you have walked a mile in there shoes is my stock saying.

    Our 2nd son is also bipolar. That is a very serious mental health issue. It shows no outward symptoms accept through unexceptionable behaviour people will sneer at with out knowing any different. When they have crisis which are usually bi annual they need hospital treatment and changes in there medication.

    Unfortunately mental health spending is getting cut further and further and more and more are needing the help.

    • I am happy to hear you got the help needed. Many more people are needing help these days so the cuts are very annoying. Thanks for reading and commenting Carol. I am sure your comment would help many people struggling with their mental health.

  6. I completely agree that the best thing to do is to reach out and talk to someone before giving in to suicide as the Linkin Park lead singer. Several years ago I lost a friend I played football with who seemed to have it all so I experienced first-hand just how much some people suffer inside without reaching out.

    • Yea many suffer inside without speaking out. From the outside, their lives could look perfect but it may not be for them. Sorry about your friend.

  7. I have lived through my ex suffering from severe depression that gets better at some times and worse at others. What troubled me most about the Linkin Park front man was not that he did it, although it was tragic. It was that it was really just him copying one of his best friends doing it. How could someone allow themselves to get to that place knowing the destruction that a friend left in their wake when they did it. That just makes me so depressed.

  8. Mental health is most important than physical health as whole body is controlled by brain. If we suffer mentally then somehow we suffer physically, emotionally and socially. Opening up is the biggest remedy to solve mental problem. Even someone is discussing his problem then we should encourage him or make him lively instead to keep him shut. Beautiful post!

  9. Mental illness is a serious illness and it’s a shame that people undermine the seriousness of this. You have shared so much awareness regarding the sam; I hope more and more people get aware of this.

  10. This post is so good. I couldn’t agree more, I wrote openly on my blog about mental health, Anxiety and bullying that can lead to mental health problems because I feel like it’s still not fully understood or accepted. I know people out there who believe anyone with Anxiety and Depression is “weak and pathetic” it’s a subject that needs more understanding and to be talked about in workplaces and Schools so it de-stigmatizes it.

  11. That’s a great post, I completely agree with you. It’s very important to take care of mental health as healthy lifestyle specially healthy mental conditions can help us do so many amazing things.

  12. Great post!! It’s really sad that other people didn’t talk more about mental illness. Nowadays, It’s important to talk about it with someone that you can trust on.

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  16. Many people who are depressed want to to handle and live out their lives alone. We simply have to let them and don’t pressure them to share. Tell them you’ll listen if they want but that’s it. Don’t push further. They live in a deep dark world, none of us will ever understand. Great post!

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