SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder

Winter is sort of here, weather wise anyways, ignore the calendar. And the darkness with chill has got me feeling all types of ways. I miss the sunshine, a lot. This weather makes me want to stay in bed all day and do nothing. I have had to constantly push myself these last couple of days to get work done, and this is definitely not me. Is anyone else dealing with this issue? I have been reading a lot about SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder, and it has got me thinking. Could that be my issue?


SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder

For those who have never heard of SAD, it is a type of mental disorder that comes and goes in a seasonal pattern. The SAD symptoms often begin in the autumn and usually becomes most severe during the winter months – December, January and February.


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I am trying my best to break away from this unproductive state and get things done in time for the holidays. I am not one to dwell on negatives, so snapping out of this bubble is what I am going to do. The GymCube website is also keeping me very busy with the various fitness workouts. Looking forward to seeing the workouts transforms my body and health.

The festive season is here and I am seriously looking forward to Christmas. I have always love Christmas, right from when I was little. There is something special about the season that makes me feel like a child. And I think the kiddies have bitten the C bug as they seem to LOVE Christmas!


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I am eager to get 2017 over and done with and start 2018 from the scratch. This year has been incredibly busy but it has been a good sort of busy. I know 2018 would be even better and I can’t wait for the year to start!

I will be taking some days off blogging this month to get myself and my household ready for Christmas. There is a lot of gift wrapping to do, decorations to put up, food to sort out and the general festive stuff. So I would be multi-tasking as much as possible. Wish me luck!


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How are you getting ready for Christmas?

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  1. Fortunately the majority of my Christmas shopping and prep is done. Been I’ll all of November with a very heavy cold has thrown me completely off track.

    As for SAD it was first diagnosed amongst people with bipolar disorder. Our 2nd son has this illness so know too much about and the symptons. SAD is a big part of B.P

    In spring they spring and are edgy and off kilter for a month then from the clocks going back it is also a difficult time through Nov, Dec and Jan.

    I think alot of have it to a greater or lesser extent. We have the SAD lamps in our house to help the symptoms of. It maybe something you want to look into, too

  2. Ah, tell me about it! I’ve been living in the UK for the past 7 years and I still can’t get along with the seasons, or actually, the lack of proper seasons! I would’ve liked a bit snow, at least then it will be fun to go outside for some snowman sculpture challenges!! Haha

    x Mariya

  3. The instant change of weathers really is happening and sometimes my body couldn’t cope up with it. I am not aware of this disorder before but learning this is a good way of trying to be able to avoid having it.

  4. I hate it being dark earlier in Winter, and can see why it affects so many people 🙁 I am looking forward to the children being off at Christmas and getting out more in the day. I am also going to take a blogging break 🙂

  5. Having just got back from Finland I cannot believe how little light they have and we are quite lucky in comparison. They do make the most of twinkly fairy lights everywhere though

  6. I really think SAD has roots in hormonal problems, so many more women seem to suffer than men. I know my hormones have an impact on how I feel physically and I am affected by the darker days.

  7. Thanks for writing on this. And thank you everyone that commented. I get incredibly tired and lately it’s really hit me. As soon as the sun starts to go down I just want to sleep! At 4:30. I usually try to blow it off as oh I am just tired today… or I can’t focus today, I will tomorrow. I think the more I give into it the worse I feel. Easier said than done but I know I can’t hibernate, as much as I wish I could! Good for you for trying to break out of it and focus on the holidays and exercise instead – that’s great.

  8. We passed the day where the sun sets at its earliest a few days ago. The 21st is the shortest day because even though the sun may be starting to set later, until the 21st it will keep rising later.. at least we are over one hurdle and after the 21st, both sunrise and sunset will be changing so we get more sun.
    Tip if you can with money and time- if you feel real down, Caribbean travel can have some great deals in January, so long as you do not pick holiday weekends. I am unsure about island travel in general elsewhere beyond the Caribbean, but others that are sunny may be worth checking out for some deals – including Costa Rica or generally places closer to the equator. If you find a good deal and it includes real sunlight, why not? Tuesday’s are supposed to be best for searching for travel reservations but you can always set alerts up for kayak – at least it is one I have used the alert feature for flights in the past. I bet other companies give some incentives as well when parents with kids are heading the kids off to school and rhode in college or other educational are grading back there. Another tip: it’s extremely rare for international flight prices to change throughout the day; some do not update more than once a week. So you can set an alert instead of going crazy searching 🙂 🌞 rise and shine.
    Or just go for a short work in the am. Happy lights (it SAD lights) won’t be the sun. beats sun and the body craves that as well as a routine, good sleep habits, not thinking too much, etc.

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