5 Ways to Beat the January Blues

January is here along with the same old January Blues. It is one of my favourite months of the year because it is my birthday month. But it can also be an incredibly tough month for many. The Christmas and New Year celebrations usually leave us feeling heavier and our bank accounts lighter. With the crazy Christmas shopping and Boxing Day sales that follows, many of us struggle to make ends meet in January with bills being left unpaid.


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For those who have never experienced January Blues or don’t know what it is, it is the funk that you enter when the holiday season is over. It starts on January 2nd and usually lasts at least until February 1st. The cold weather, long dark nights, added weight, empty bank account and the bills galore make it extremely hard to get by.

Here are 5 ways to beat the January Blues and have a great start to the new year.


Diet and Exercise

Sticking to a diet and a fitness routine can help shift the added weight added over the holidays. My fitness life is looking up thanks to the GymCube website. I am loving the workouts on the website. They are super helpful, especially now after the holiday season, when I couldn’t be bothered to exercise or be on a diet.


Have Goals

Having goals for the year helps chase away the January Blues because you know what you need to work on. It also keeps your mind very busy, which is good. I have clear goals for the year and I have broken them down into monthly goals so I can keep track on them easily.


Stop Spending

Because I spend a little more over the Christmas period, I try as much as possible to reduce my spending in January. It can be a little tricky as it is my birthday month and I like to spoil myself. It is also my lovely nephew’s and sister’s birthday month, but I always make sure I get their presents over Christmas. Having money in the bank is a great way to chase the January Blues away.


Stay Active

Getting as much fresh air as possible is great for the body and mind. Which is why we must remember to stay active. Daily walks are highly recommended.


Enjoy the Daylight

I like to open up my curtains and blinds, and get as much natural daylight for as long as possible. Some days are gloomier and darker than others. So I like to make the most of every sunlight I get. It does great things to me.


How do you deal with the January Blues? Do you have any tips to share?






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  1. It’s very cold and wet here in Texas in January so I try to schedule events to keep me active. It’s easy to fall in a slump and just stay indoors. The next thing I know the month is gone and I didn’t really do anything exciting. Life is too short to stay inside an entire month. lol!

  2. Those braids are FIRE!! Personally, I don’t get Jan Blues, at start of the year, I’m always super positive. You’ve given good tips though. Diet, exercise, setting goals all help in keeping a positive mind. PS I’ve started blogging again, so do check out my latest post when you get a moment ( :

  3. Thanks for sharing tips like this. One thing that helps me is reading posts by other people on what they try out. It’s easy to feel like you are the only one feeling the blues. So you are one way that helps!
    One thing I haven’t tried yet but will is something my mom read about. She said she read that in some countries that get barely any sunlight at all, some people have a TON of indoor lighting (lighting fixtures but also decorative lights and fireplaces – just things with lights). So even when it’s dark outside, inside there’s a warm bright atmosphere. It turns out people who do this report better mood – even though it’s not from sunlight. Sunlight is great but winter limits it so it’s neat to know perhaps just more light can counterout the shorter days. I’ve been trying to turn on my lights as soon as the sun sets and it helps make me not get tired at 5. And that’s just from a few lights..
    I think warm ones are the best because it creates a cozy vibe.

  4. Definitely trying to stay active and getting as much daylight as possible are the main biggies for me. I also try to entertain myself and relax with a movie or two from time to time.

  5. Great tips! My bday is this month as well! I have definitely been feeling the January blues . I agree with staying active . Thanks girl and Happy Birthday!

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