Why I won’t be sharing my goals for 2018

I am finally settling down into 2018. Today is the 3rd day and I am loving it. I have been away from home for some days and only got back home on Monday. So I am still trying to unpack and tidy up. I am finally starting to feel a little more organised. I am a firm believer in setting achievable goals. I set monthly goals in the first of every month. It works great for me because I need to know what I need to work on to make it happen. I also like to write them down as I believe in the power of written goals.

I am my own boss. No one tells me what to do or how to do it. I don’t have a boss breathing down my neck, constantly reminding me to hit my KPIs. Or counting how many times I go for a comfort break. It feels great to be my own boss but it also means I have to work very long hours to make this life happen. Which is why setting goals for 2018 is a no brainer.


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Why I won’t be sharing my goals for 2018

Many people write goals and share them with their blog readers but I am different. I like to keep my goals private. That may sound silly to some of you but it works great for me. I do share some goals on Fashion and Style Police. You all know how much I talk about growing my Instagram and I am so happy that is finally beginning to happen. But when it comes down to my monthly/yearly goals, I am not comfortable sharing them all in details.

The reason why I am not for sharing goals publicly is because I believe that sometimes, when we share our plans, the forces start working to make sure we don’t smash them (please don’t ask me who the forces are). Which is why I rather keep my goals quiet and let the results do the talking.

I have a lot planned for 2018. It is going to be an incredible month. I can feel it in my heart and I can’t wait to experience them all.

Say cheers to the New Year! May 2018 be amazing for us all as awe smash goal after goal.

Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing. There will be no me without you. Have a lovely day xo


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  1. Fantastic. I set daily goals on my calendar and try as much as possible to achieve them. The yearly ones I eventually forget what they are since I have so much doing daily anyway. Then the sheet of paper it is written on gets lost. Lol!

    Happy New Year Stella!

  2. Hi Stella! As funny as it may sound, but I also try to keep my goals and plans to myself so the “forces” don’t get on my way :)) For many people it works and I really like the quote “Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise.”
    But I know for many people it helps sharing and putting their goals out there because it keeps them sense of accountability as well as they get support.
    Whatever your goals are, I wish you to make a real loud noice at the end 😉

  3. I can totally understand why you don’t share them. I found that if I didn’t share them, then no one would know if I accomplished them or not and hence I would get lazy. So for me I share because I need the accountability.

  4. I have private goals as well, of course I want to grow my other social media following but there are other goals that I don’t tend to share. Nothing wrong with wanting privacy. I tell you what though I do hope I can find love this year.

    • I hope you do Ana. Love is a beautiful thing once it is with the right person. Good luck with all your goals. Have a great year x

  5. I think it’s great that your not showing your goals! It sounds like they’re something you’re holding close to the heart and that’s fine! So bold

  6. I completely agree with what you’re saying. I love focusing on my goals privately too. Occasionally I’ll share some though, normally the ones I need to be accountable for because sometimes I need a kick to get them done. I hope you achieve everything you want to this year! 🙂 x

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