5 Ways to Beat the January Blues

January is here along with the same old January Blues. It is one of my favourite months of the year because it is my birthday month. But it can also be an incredibly tough month for many. The Christmas and New Year celebrations usually leave us feeling heavier and our bank accounts lighter. With the crazy Christmas shopping and Boxing Day sales that follows, many of us struggle to make ends meet in January with bills being left unpaid.


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For those who have never experienced January Blues or don’t know what it is, it is the funk that you enter when the holiday season is over. It starts on January 2nd and usually lasts at least until February 1st. The cold weather, long dark nights, added weight, empty bank account and the bills galore make it extremely hard to get by.

Here are 5 ways to beat the January Blues and have a great start to the new year.


Diet and Exercise

Sticking to a diet and a fitness routine can help shift the added weight added over the holidays. My fitness life is looking up thanks to the GymCube website. I am loving the workouts on the website. They are super helpful, especially now after the holiday season, when I couldn’t be bothered to exercise or be on a diet.


Have Goals

Having goals for the year helps chase away the January Blues because you know what you need to work on. It also keeps your mind very busy, which is good. I have clear goals for the year and I have broken them down into monthly goals so I can keep track on them easily.


Stop Spending

Because I spend a little more over the Christmas period, I try as much as possible to reduce my spending in January. It can be a little tricky as it is my birthday month and I like to spoil myself. It is also my lovely nephew’s and sister’s birthday month, but I always make sure I get their presents over Christmas. Having money in the bank is a great way to chase the January Blues away.


Stay Active

Getting as much fresh air as possible is great for the body and mind. Which is why we must remember to stay active. Daily walks are highly recommended.


Enjoy the Daylight

I like to open up my curtains and blinds, and get as much natural daylight for as long as possible. Some days are gloomier and darker than others. So I like to make the most of every sunlight I get. It does great things to me.


How do you deal with the January Blues? Do you have any tips to share?






SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder

Winter is sort of here, weather wise anyways, ignore the calendar. And the darkness with chill has got me feeling all types of ways. I miss the sunshine, a lot. This weather makes me want to stay in bed all day and do nothing. I have had to constantly push myself these last couple of days to get work done, and this is definitely not me. Is anyone else dealing with this issue? I have been reading a lot about SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder, and it has got me thinking. Could that be my issue?


SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder

For those who have never heard of SAD, it is a type of mental disorder that comes and goes in a seasonal pattern. The SAD symptoms often begin in the autumn and usually becomes most severe during the winter months – December, January and February.


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I am trying my best to break away from this unproductive state and get things done in time for the holidays. I am not one to dwell on negatives, so snapping out of this bubble is what I am going to do. The GymCube website is also keeping me very busy with the various fitness workouts. Looking forward to seeing the workouts transforms my body and health.

The festive season is here and I am seriously looking forward to Christmas. I have always love Christmas, right from when I was little. There is something special about the season that makes me feel like a child. And I think the kiddies have bitten the C bug as they seem to LOVE Christmas!


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I am eager to get 2017 over and done with and start 2018 from the scratch. This year has been incredibly busy but it has been a good sort of busy. I know 2018 would be even better and I can’t wait for the year to start!

I will be taking some days off blogging this month to get myself and my household ready for Christmas. There is a lot of gift wrapping to do, decorations to put up, food to sort out and the general festive stuff. So I would be multi-tasking as much as possible. Wish me luck!


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How are you getting ready for Christmas?

How to Survive Winter this Year

Winter is a beautiful season. The snow makes an amazing backdrop for amazing pictures and it’s a sight to appreciate. My kids love playing in the snow, building snowmen and creating snow angels. We had some heavy rain over the weekend with wind and hail, and they thought the hail were snowflakes. They just can’t wait for the snow to get here!


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The winter also ushers in fun activities like skiing, sleighing and ice skating. And of course, winter is the sign of the most amazing season of all: Christmas.

But as wonderful as the season is, it can be pretty cold. With the cold comes the flu and dry skin which can be a serious headache if you do not know how to deal with them early.

I come from the tropics and getting adjusted to the cold was a challenge. Although with time I was able to get used to it, I still have my moments. If you’re like me then here is a mini survival routine you will be needing this season.


Get warm clothing

Probably a no-brainer, I know but it really helps a lot to have enough warm clothing to take you through the winter. What I do is to start building momentum by preparing for winter sometime in the middle of autumn, which is now. I gradually layer my clothing or wear warmer outfits as we go closer to winter. This way I would have gotten used to keeping myself warm by the time the winter hits hard.

As a fashion lover, this is the time when I get super creative. It’s more difficult to style during the winter without looking very bulky in woolly jumpers so having enough winter pieces to keep my creativity going as I keep warm helped me a lot.


Moisturize often

Winter is the season where your skin dries up faster. When your skin is dry it begins to hurt and your face starts to look flaky. My lips also suffer badly during the autumn/winter season.

I tackle this by increasing the amount of moisturizer I use and drinking more fluids. I also carry some moisturizer and lip balms in my bag to use on the go.


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Stay healthy

During the winter you expose yourself to the cold often, so you need to make sure you take care of your health more than ever. You wouldn’t like to fall ill during the winter.

Start a workout routine and keep active. Just because you can’t run outside doesn’t mean that you should stop exercising. I am currently making the most of the GymCube Website and it is helping me stay on top of my fitness game. Keeping fit is important no matter the season. In fact, good exercise helps to keep you warm.

Eat healthy as well. Take plenty of fruits and vegetables to keep the flu at bay. There a lot of fruits and vegetables that spring up during the winter and they are delicious as well as healthy.


Do you have any tips to share?


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