Blake Lively Covers Marie Claire August 2016

It is a new month, so it means we have new magazine covers, which I find very interesting. Say hello to Blake Lively on Marie Claire UK August 2016.

Marie Claire Magazine UK


I think Blake Lively looks lovely on this cover. I really like the pose, dress, hair and makeup. It is a very different magazine cover, and I like that about it. The bright prints on the white background looks so beautiful. Marie Claire got this August issue cover so right.

I have followed Blake Lively’s career since her Gossip Girl days and I am happy to see her doing so well. She is married to Ryan Reynolds and has a daughter – James Reynolds, with him.  She spoke about her experience with motherhood so far in the interview with Marie Claire:

‘When women become mothers, it’s all: “How’s your style?”, “Do you dress differently?”, “Do you go to Mommy & Me classes?”’ she told us, ‘I wanted to go to a Mommy & Me class before I was a mom. People really expect that you’re suddenly a different woman, and I think it strips a woman’s identity in a way that is kind of strange, because I’ve always been innately maternal my whole life.’



I see where Blake is coming from and I kind of agree with her. I have always been maternal. I love children and I always wanted to be a mother. So I knew I would be a great mom (if I may say so myself) even before I popped them out. But motherhood still changed me. It changed me a lot. It made me more patient and a lot more tolerant. I now watch programs I never thought I would watch, and do things with my and for my kids I won’t have imagined doing.

We women all become mothers through different routes. We all have our own personalised journey and stories, and I think these stories define us and how we mother our kids.

What do you think? Has motherhood changed you? Do you like Blake Lively’s cover?





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  1. The cover is definitely different with polarised colours! It works I think. I had to look at it a while.

    The girl next door no tan fake or otherwise was why I struggled to understand the cover at first. It is refreshingly natural. I don’t really know much Blake so perhaps that’s why I struggled at first.

    I love the picture of her below in the light green dress. Green hues are definitely her.

    Did Motherhood change me? You don’t realise how much until you become a Mom

    It changes you forever. I used to wonder what I would do when mine grew up. I came to realize that “the role of being a Mom just changes. If anything its became harder as I helped navigate them through the acrimonious divorce from the biological one, the aftermath and guiding them through the later tens into there 20’s through uni to a carer and so on.

    I must give a mention in this to my husband, their step dad who is the Dad he didn’t have to be to them I met 2 years after fleeing the ex.

    Would I change it! No! 😊

  2. She looks stunning. That dress! Is it made from velvet? It’s sexy and daring without being cheap. Perfect in every sense. Yes, motherhood has changed me enormously, though I never planned to have kids. In fact I never wanted kids until I met my husband. Then everything changed! Becoming a mother is a wonderful gift. Tx

  3. Wow if I looked like that after becoming a mother I would be doing a happy dance every single second of my life. I think motherhood makes you feel less invincible but she still looks like she feels pretty invincible lol! x

  4. Motherhood has definitely transformed me. As you have clearly said, I have become more patient, adaptable and tolerant as a mum. Being a mum for me is true love in action. Giving so much to your kids and expecting absolutely nothing in return with great pleasure.

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