My Laser Hair Removal Journey: The Sixth Session

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I had my sixth and last (for now) laser hair removal treatment some days ago. If you remember, I had my fifth laser hair removal session sometime in April, and I was advised to give it a couple of months before coming in for my last session. Well, I began to notice some fine hairs on my chin some weeks ago, so I got my last session booked. For those who do not know or for those who have forgotten what I am on about, since it has been a while I have written about my laser hair removal journey, let me fill you in……

I am quite hairy. It runs in the family! But I like to have my hair where it looks pretty. So my eyebrows, on my head, eyelashes, looks fab. But any other part of my body, I do not like. So when an opportunity came for me to have a laser hair treatment done, I jumped at it! I decided to have the treatment done on my chin as I find it really annoying when I see hairs on it. Before I started this treatment, I used to have it threaded off, while I shaved or used a hair removal cream on every other part. I found that I had to thread my chin every 6 weeks, and I also found threading very painful.

I started this treatment in November 2015, and so far I am seriously amazed at the results. The hair on my chin do not grow at the terrific rate they used to before, and when they do surface, they are so fine, you can hardly feel them, not half as coarse as they use to be before the treatment.


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I had about 6 weeks in between all treatments except the last treatment, I waited 3 months before I realised I needed it. The last session at Laser Chic Manchester, went as smoothly as all other sessions. It was quick, I was done in about 10 minutes. It was slightly more uncomfortable than the previous treatments. My skin felt hot for the rest of the day. I guess because it has been a while. Thanks to the Janssen Cosmetics Sensitive Skin Complex, my chin started to fill a lot better after some hours, and it is completely fine now.

So far I am really impressed with the results. I know I may be needing some top-ups in the future, but for now I am happy I no longer have to go through the painful threading so regularly. And I am happy I no longer have to deal with my coarse chin hairs. I love my new hair-free chin. It feels freaking amazing.

If you think you need this treatment, and you are around the North West, I recommend you pop into Laser Chic Clinic, at Didsbury Manchester, for a consultation. They have a huge offer going on at the moment, where you get 2 sessions free when you pay for 4 sessions. They also offer other skincare treatments like Collagen Facials and Facial Aesthetic treatments. And they have an amazing staff that make you feel relaxed and at ease.

What are your thoughts? Have you ever considered having a hair removal treatment done?


**I received the treatment in exchange for a review but all words are MINE.


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  1. Interesting to hear of your journey with laser treatment. Thank you.

    I have not had or considered it before. I have full face threading at the Spa I use every 4-6 weeks. I don’t find it painful, though that’s me not you. We all react differently to different treatments.

    Yes you have heightened my interest and will certainly look into it for the future. I am not near where you suggest. Though there is a specialist spa where I live that do laser treatment.

    I have never really had any problems with facial hair until the menopause kicked in. Well accept for eyebrows which do my head in as they need tidying weekly, or at least mine do. A good idea to think of waxing as you blogged about the other day I know

  2. This sounds like it really works especially if you’ve gone from six weeks between sessions to THREE months. That’s a big difference and seems like the little amount of pain is worth it.

    Would you continue on with this or use other hair removal techniques now that the hair is more fine and grows more slowly?


  3. I can’t believe you’ve had your six sessions, I remember reading about your first treatment. I have had 3 treatments on each of my underarms and bikini and I think it’s a great thing to have done x

  4. I’ve never had the need to do laser hair removal on any body parts, but I’ve been talking to friends of mine who had all sorts of experience. Really helpful to read about yours, so I can point them to the right direction.

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