My Laser Hair Removal Journey: The Patch Test

Laser Hair Removal


If you a frequent reader of Fashion and Style Police, you would know about me wanting to get my body hair taken off permanently. I have previously written about laser hair removal treatment a few times now (click here and here if you missed the posts); I have been obsessed with the treatment for a while now, so you can imagine my excitement when I had the golden opportunity to try it out with Laser Chic Clinic in Didsbury, Manchester.

Laser Chic


Laser Chic Clinic is a skin clinic specialist in laser treatments, such as hair removal, skin rejuvenation, pigmentation, facial and leg veins. I went in for a patch test session last week Saturday and it went great. For those who do not know, a patch test session is simply an initial consultation to determine if the laser treatment is right for you. I filled out forms, and had a long chat with a lovely lady. She explained the entire process in detail,a and answered all my questions. Then, I made myself comfortable on the green chair as you can above, ready to try out the laser hair removal machine for myself. I decided to have the treatment done on my chin, I am sick of having to wax or thread every month, and the hairs really annoy when they crop up.

Laser Hair Removal Laser Chic

The patch test itself was done in about 5 minutes.  I removed the makeup on my chin with a cleanser provided by the clinic (the area has to be makeup free or the machine could spark), I had my eyes covered with a pair of glasses, then I felt some cool air, and then the heat. The laser machine was used for a few seconds on three parts of the chin – the left, middle and right.  It felt strange, painful but bearable, if you can bear threading, then you can bear this. It was over quickly, and then some ointment was applied on it.

Hair Removal


What to expect? There was a bit of redness immediately as you can see, but that disappeared in minutes and I have had no issues with the area so far, burnt hairs; I could smell them, and my chin had a goosebumpy appearance for some hours. I have to wait for 7 days before I go for my next session, and I have that booked for this Saturday. I am looking forward to it. I will fill you guys next week on how my first full session goes so keep your eyes peeled.


What do you think? Have you had a laser hair removal treatment before? Sound off in the comment section. Thanks for reading.


*I was offered the treatment in exchange for a review, all words are MINE.





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  1. I really, really want laser hair treatment for my underarms but I have to admit I am slightly afraid. Glad to see your patch test went well, hope you get the results you’re looking for! Am looking forward to your updates 🙂

  2. I’ve had laser on my underarms, got my second appointment in a few weeks and I have loved the results. I haven’t shaved since my last appointment and that was about 6 weeks ago and there are barely any hairs there! Hope yours goes well too x

  3. I had laser treatment done in exchange for a post with Pulse Clinic from London and they allowed me to get my armpits done. It was pretty amazing as it lasted nearly 2 months without me having to shave.

  4. This is something I’m considering at the moment, I’m sure I’m getting more and more lip and chin hairs and it’s starting to really hurt when I pluck with tweezers. I’m interested to hear how you get on.

  5. I am a lucky girl who doesn’t have that many unwanted hairs in unwanted places… but if I had… I would certainly be interested in such a laser treatment!!! Looks like it’s going well 🙂

  6. I have never tried laser hair removal but it is amazing it worked for you. Will be glad to see how it all goes. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I had this done couple of times not sure it lasts as long as it expected to work. Well let’s see how yours works out

  8. please check that it’s for darker skin not IPL although you had this treatment be aware it’s not permanent the laser that should be used on you is ND: YAG. You would find more success with electrolysis which is the ONLY medically approved permenent hair removal. I’m trained as a laser therapist and have darker skin to comment. For successful results you will be required to have regular top ups which can be costly if you don’t keep up with treatments and growth is determined by your hair growth cycle. Be extra careful with Heat a big no no for darker skin as prone to scarring and hyperpig.

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