Beauty Muse: Christina Milian


The beautiful Christina Milan is the Beauty Muse of the week, and I am here sitting here, wondering why I haven’t featured this beauty earlier. I guess I see a lot of her around now, especially with her TV show up on E at the moment. The saying, ‘out of sight is really out of mind’ is so true, no that she is everywhere, I have her on my mind. I guess that is the business strategy of the Kardashians…..



Back to the beauty muse of the week, Christina Milan is a natural beauty, her soft, baby-like facial features are amazing. This woman has been in and out the entertainment industry for decades, but she does not seem to age. She looks radiant every time I see her. I love the way she plays with makeup, she is not afraid to switch things up a little, and her smile is the prettiest thing ever.



Here are some of her beauty quotes/secrets for her eyes and lips:


“You can have a whole face of nothing, but if you put some lashes on, it saves the day, I always use mink lashes from Flutter Lashes in Carmen, because they are weightless and look so natural and lush. I then add some MAC Cosmetics In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara, to help bind her natural lashes with her falsies for a more dramatic effect.”



For her lips:

“I make sure to hydrate my lips first using MAC Cosmetics Prep + Prime Lip. It perfectly primes lips giving them a soft slip that allows any lip products to glide on and last all day long. I like to use a warm, nude-colored lipstick and I always top it off with my favorite star gloss from Girlactik Beauty Star Gloss in Just Nude. This gloss is the perfect finish for sexy lips, because it creates a warm nude finish that she can pair with just about anything.”

Christina Milian’s makeup is always on point and she has the most amazing eyelashes I have ever seen. She is a true beauty.

What do you think of her as a beauty muse?



28 responses

  1. She is definitely a pretty girl. Love her make up tips, nice skin tone and ageless beauty. She is also very petite as well which is very cute.

  2. No idea she had her own show, but to be fair, I don’t watch those types of shows anymore.
    She is very beautiful though, and still got a cute face.

  3. Am To PM, someone turn off the lights, we’re gonna rock all night or something like that…sorry I couldnt resist, CM is beyond stunning, great features that make her face a great template to work with! I always wonder why she never got to Rihanna status coz she started off like she would….her sisters are stunning too,good genes!

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