My Instagram Story

I almost didn’t feel like writing this post. I struggled to get the words out on how I feel about Instagram at the moment. The platform is still almost as confusing as ever! I am not 100% sure of what is working and what is not working. It is still just a trial and error process.



However, I am determined to make it work, so I will keep at it. I may not continue with the monthly update post, but I will post updates when I feel I have something to shout or moan about.

I have been very busy on Instagram; I post regularly now, and I am loving it. I like the challenge of finding an Instagram worthy photo to share. It keeps my creative juices flowing!

I am still in the pursuit of 10,000 followers before the end of the year. I have over that in my other social media platforms, so I am hoping to smash this target easily. I am currently at 3,820, which is not too bad. My followers keep going up and down, which is frustrating, but I hear that is the norm with Instagram.



The following and unfollowing thing does get to me a lot. I don’t get why anyone would think to run their social media accounts like that, but I know many do and it works for them, but I find it so wrong. I follow accounts I am interested in, regardless of whether they follow me back or not, and I would never dream to follow an account, only to unfollow when they follow back! That should be a social media crime!



In other news, the beautiful and talented Christina Milian liked my tweet the other day, and as a proper fan girl, I shared it on Instagram.




How are you finding Instagram these days? Has it been good to you? Please share your thoughts.



Beauty Muse: Christina Milian


The beautiful Christina Milan is the Beauty Muse of the week, and I am here sitting here, wondering why I haven’t featured this beauty earlier. I guess I see a lot of her around now, especially with her TV show up on E at the moment. The saying, ‘out of sight is really out of mind’ is so true, no that she is everywhere, I have her on my mind. I guess that is the business strategy of the Kardashians…..



Back to the beauty muse of the week, Christina Milan is a natural beauty, her soft, baby-like facial features are amazing. This woman has been in and out the entertainment industry for decades, but she does not seem to age. She looks radiant every time I see her. I love the way she plays with makeup, she is not afraid to switch things up a little, and her smile is the prettiest thing ever.



Here are some of her beauty quotes/secrets for her eyes and lips:


“You can have a whole face of nothing, but if you put some lashes on, it saves the day, I always use mink lashes from Flutter Lashes in Carmen, because they are weightless and look so natural and lush. I then add some MAC Cosmetics In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara, to help bind her natural lashes with her falsies for a more dramatic effect.”



For her lips:

“I make sure to hydrate my lips first using MAC Cosmetics Prep + Prime Lip. It perfectly primes lips giving them a soft slip that allows any lip products to glide on and last all day long. I like to use a warm, nude-colored lipstick and I always top it off with my favorite star gloss from Girlactik Beauty Star Gloss in Just Nude. This gloss is the perfect finish for sexy lips, because it creates a warm nude finish that she can pair with just about anything.”

Christina Milian’s makeup is always on point and she has the most amazing eyelashes I have ever seen. She is a true beauty.

What do you think of her as a beauty muse?



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