Beauty Muse: Christina Milian


The beautiful Christina Milan is the Beauty Muse of the week, and I am here sitting here, wondering why I haven’t featured this beauty earlier. I guess I see a lot of her around now, especially with her TV show up on E at the moment. The saying, ‘out of sight is really out of mind’ is so true, no that she is everywhere, I have her on my mind. I guess that is the business strategy of the Kardashians…..



Back to the beauty muse of the week, Christina Milan is a natural beauty, her soft, baby-like facial features are amazing. This woman has been in and out the entertainment industry for decades, but she does not seem to age. She looks radiant every time I see her. I love the way she plays with makeup, she is not afraid to switch things up a little, and her smile is the prettiest thing ever.



Here are some of her beauty quotes/secrets for her eyes and lips:


“You can have a whole face of nothing, but if you put some lashes on, it saves the day, I always use mink lashes from Flutter Lashes in Carmen, because they are weightless and look so natural and lush. I then add some MAC Cosmetics In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara, to help bind her natural lashes with her falsies for a more dramatic effect.”



For her lips:

“I make sure to hydrate my lips first using MAC Cosmetics Prep + Prime Lip. It perfectly primes lips giving them a soft slip that allows any lip products to glide on and last all day long. I like to use a warm, nude-colored lipstick and I always top it off with my favorite star gloss from Girlactik Beauty Star Gloss in Just Nude. This gloss is the perfect finish for sexy lips, because it creates a warm nude finish that she can pair with just about anything.”

Christina Milian’s makeup is always on point and she has the most amazing eyelashes I have ever seen. She is a true beauty.

What do you think of her as a beauty muse?



The Style Icon: Bridget Sojourner

This stylish 77-year-old great-grandmother, Bridget Sojourner is the topic of discussion today, she is the Style Icon. This woman is the truth, I stand in awe of her style.

bridget 2-1

I love her quirky/playful sense of style, I love the way she loves life, I can see that just by looking at how she combines her pieces and accessories. She is like a breath of fresh air, easy on the eyes.

Bridget Sojourner 1

Bridget Sojourner 6

Bridget Sojourner is a woman I would like to describe as an Advanced Style Icon. The fact that she is not afraid of colour is a big yes-yes in my books, sometimes a bit of colour is all we need, and Bridget shows us how to do just that in a fun and fearless way, regardless of how old we are.

Style Icon

Bridget Sojourner

Her style is a mix of charity shop and vintage finds with bright colourful, fun accessories. The great-grandmother-of-three from Greenwich looks this stylish on a shoestring budget of £100 per week, and she still looks like a million dollars. She doesn’t spend more than £3 on a piece, now that is something. I would love to go shopping with her.

Here are some of her famous quotes:

“Wear orange, pink, yellow,” says Bridget, “sometimes all at the same time. In older age, you don’t want to blend into the background. Keep on standing out. Older people often feel they’re finished so they fade away.”

“I’ve always loved jumpsuits and now they’re very fashionable again,” says Bridget. “I find that I love a certain style and then it is suddenly back in fashion.”

“I have always dressed like this,” says Bridget. “When I was in my twenties, everyone used to stop me in the street and gush, ‘You look marvellous!’ But as you grow older, a lot of women don’t like dressing up. They should – it’s still fun.”

Advanced Style Icon


What do you think of Bridget Sojourner’s style? Sound off in the comment section.

Thanks for reading.



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