Affordable Laser Hair Removal in London

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I had my Laser Hair Removal Treatment on my chin in 2016. If you are a regular reader of Fashion and Style Police, you would know all about my Laser Hair Removal Journey. I wrote about it extensively on this blog. I had 6 treatments and they were really effective. Waxing and threading were a thing of the past. I didn’t have to worry about going into the beauty salon every month to get my chin waxed or threaded. My chin was smooth and completely hair free for years, but I think I now need some more treatments as hairs have started to crop up again.

I am looking to book a session with an affordable laser hair removal clinic in London over the summer holidays, and I am quite excited about that. Summer is the season to show some skin, and I want every part of my skin looking summery.


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Affordable Laser Hair Removal in London

When it comes to having laser hair removal treatments, I always go for clinics with a great reputation and affordable prices. Usually, an average person would need around 6 – 8 laser hair removal treatments, and these treatments cost money. So the cheaper the price per session, the better. I recently came across Premier Laser Clinic and I love their affordable treatment packages. What makes their packages so amazing?


Free No-Obligation Consultation

This clinic offers a free no-obligation consultation which is amazing. Many clinics charge a consultation fee which I think is extortionate. The last thing I want to pay for is a few minutes consultation for a treatment I am going to pay for. So I only go to clinics that offer free consultation.


Free Patch Test

Premier Laser Clinic offers a free patch test. A patch test is a quick 5 minutes treatment on the area to see how your skin reacts to the laser. Many clinics charge for this, but Premier Laser Clinic doesn’t.




Monthly Finance Options

The cost of laser hair removal treatments can be pricey depending on the areas you want treated and how many sessions you need. Which is why being able to pay monthly is a great for those who need it. This Laser Hair Removal Clinic in London has monthly finance options available.


Offers and Discounts

If you are thinking of having laser hair removal in London, and you are on a tight budget, you should check out Premier Laser and Skin Clinics. The industry’s leading laser hair removal specialists have current offers of up to 40% off for 6 sessions, 50% off for 8 sessions, 50% off any single laser hair removal treatment and 10% student discount off course of 6 or 8 sessions of laser hair removal.


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As you can see, Premier Laser and Skin Clinic has amazing packages to help their customers save money. Unlike other laser hair removal clinics in London, their packages are very affordable. Their website is also very user friendly and informative. There is so much information on every treatment offered, and I love that about it.

Have you had a laser hair removal treatment before? If yes, what was your experience like? If not, do you ever think of having one?


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  1. I have wanted to look into lazer hair removal and this is great. This has all the info I could want for this option.

  2. No, I never experienced it. I had been looking for this . I am not sure whether it is available in my area. I will have to check it out.

  3. Perfect! I am actually planning to try hair removal for the first time and I will consider this place.

  4. It dpes look pretty amazing there. I know a few people here who could use something like this. I will have to share this with them as they struggle with hair in unwanted places.

  5. This is good to know that aside from offering excellent service to their customers, they also have huge discounted packages. And the monthly finance option! Wow. That’s fantastic!

  6. I want to get the laser hair removal therapy since quite some time but I am just too scared with all the side effects I have heard about. It’s necessary to have a trusted treatment center to get this done. Good to know this.

    • I had the treatment and experienced no side effects. It is best to have it done at a reputable clinic like Premier Laser and Skin Clinic.

  7. Awesome! You post just reminded me to schedule an appointment for hair removal. Happy to know you have found a clinic that your are comfortable with.

  8. I have never heard of lazer hair removal before, am new to it but is sure sounds awesome I will keep this info in mind It will serve a great purpose for me later thanks for the knowledge.

  9. Cool..!!I have been looking into laser hair removal for a while now..Your post was a great reminder,thank you..

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