5 Ways to be Stylish, Fashionable and Beautiful

Living in modern world is all about appearances. The way you look defines who you are and how other people approach you. Without any doubt, looks are important. It is especially important today for people living in the modern world. It is not the question which clothes you should buy and where. It is also not as much about fashion but more about your whole approach to your looks. Read the following info to know how to survive a highly competing environment and be stylish, fashionable, and beautiful.



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Being original is the key when it comes to distinguishing yourself from others. All people nowadays want to be like no one else. Everybody wants to be original but only few are truly original. Originality comes not from shopping magazines and buying products but from your heart and soul. You need to use your brain and be yourself no matter what others think or say about it.

Without any doubt, style is always fashionable and it is style that makes people beautiful. But you simply can’t buy style. You can only feel it. The best to start doing it is to quit listening to others and start listening to yourself. That is the true philosophy of style. Style is more important than fashion. Style makes fashion. Fashion comes and goes but style always lasts and stands.



Always buy clothes that fit you. It means that you should not follow any advice but that of your friends and close ones. Never follow any trends or something like. Trends are dead and everybody now decides for himself and herself what is stylish.  You definitely should know for yourself what better suits you. Being original is the best style and it is always fashionable. When you’re buying new clothes, don’t only think about comfort. Always look for clothes that are not only comfortable but that look good on you as well. Try to maintain one style and don’t change the way you look significantly from day-to-day.


Haircut and Facial Hair

Your haircut and facial hair in case you’re man as just as important as what you wear. You should pick one haircut that you think suits you best and maintain it. Ask your friends and close ones which one of all your haircuts suited you best. Never forget to think for yourself because you’re the one who knows best what suits you better. Most men look for their facial hair by themselves. Nevertheless, barber shops are now in style again. You can go there and an authoritative specialist will advise you what to do with you beard and/or a moustache. Because, after all, you visit a barber for a haircut so, why don’t let him look after your beard as well?


Different Seasons

One thing that can easily ruin your style is how you change your clothes season by season. You can’t wear your cool coat in the summer just the same as you can walk in your awesome jeans when it 10 degrees below zero. Therefore, you need to adjust your looks so one season won’t make you look completely different from how you look during another season.



Style and beauty are not only in your looks. Your behavior, approach to other people, and your whole attitude either make you beautiful and stylish or not. You need to express interest in other people and be naturally curious desiring to know them better. If it’s difficult for you to meet new people, visit datingladies.com/profiles/ and look for somebody to keep you company. The psychology of style is that you need to feel style rather than wear it. Style is the way of thinking. If you think you go style, then, well, you got it.

All in all, now you know what to do to be stylish, fashionable, and beautiful. Never forget that everything is about originality. Good luck!


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  1. I absolutely loved this blog post. It was so refreshing to read a post on fashion and style that did not encourage someone to dress beyond their means. Many times we try to buy clothes that we cannot afford because its in fashion. I do believe that we should dress according to what is in style but I also believe that the fashion magazines are our guide not a dictatorship. We can create a look without going bankrupt in doing so. The magazines like Vogue are our muse. Our inspiration.

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  3. Great to see someone advocate personal style and comfort – I’m a big believer in that. Although I’ll never be able to stick to a hair style, it goes up and down in length, and across the rainbow in colour.

  4. I love this post! Fashion is something I absolutely adore, I think what I like best about this post is that you aren’t suggesting we go and buy a certain dress for a certain body type, acknowledging that we all look good in different things and that we should be original in our fashion choices! Great post! X

  5. I can’t stress the originality section of this post enough. Everyone looks the same. Everyone looks like a Kardashian sister. It is all fine and dandy being inspired by looks but I just can’t help but feel like everyone looks the same!

  6. Great tips. You’re so right about buying clothes that fit and about being original. Style comes with confidence and comfort too. 🙂 x

  7. Oh no, this is one post which reminds of how unfashionable I am. I guess I am at the age where I am not really thinking about it. I have other things on my mind. For some this is an important subject and I can see how this would help them. Thanks for Sharing

    John M

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