7 Things Good Dancers Do Differently

Becoming a good dancer is something that requires hard work, dedication, and drive. Most dancers just learn the basics of dancing but do not evolve to the point of becoming great dancers. A good dancer has to maintain control over his or her environment and push harder than everyone else – this might deter lazy people from doing their best.


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Here are seven things that good dancers do differently:


Overcome Excuses

Becoming a great dancer is something that takes many hours of practice. If you want to become a good dancer, you should not allow yourself to have any excuses. Although many circumstances affect session results or delay practice, you should not have any excuse for not giving your best.

As you grow, your practice time should become more in-depth and important. Unless you nurture your craft with practice, you will never reach your full potential. When you walk into the dance studio, you should be ready to give it your all unless you have an injury that prevents you from doing so.


Choose the Right Clothes

According to the owner of MoveU.us, dance slippers, shoes, and dancewear all play an important role in determining your success as a dancer. This is because dance costumes are made to allow your body to breathe while letting your movements to flow smoothly. For dancers, the body is a tool that needs care and nourishment.

When learning different dance moves, you push your body out of its comfort zone, so it is important that you allow it to recover. You also need to wear the right dancewear for safety reasons. As you turn, step, or jump around, you should not be worried that your clothes will cause you to slip and fall.


Avoid over the Counter Medication

Because we live in a fast-paced world where everything moves by so fast, the stresses of life catch up with most of us. People rely on medications to sleep, wake up, and keep going. You might even need medication to relax if you suffer from anxiety. Drug-induced sleep and drug-induced wakefulness are artificial, which means that you should do your best to avoid drugs.

To keep yourself in top shape, you should consider using natural supplements that will optimize your health. You should also look for some great coffee that will keep you awake during your dance sessions.



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Use Mirrors

Most dancers do not like practicing in front of mirrors because they do not want to look at their imperfect moves. However, using a mirror during practice is a good idea because you will see the mistake and correct them. Although an instructor will tell you the areas of your routine that need work, seeing the actual missteps for yourself is will give you a chance to work on them immediately.

If you practice in a dance studio, make sure that you overcome your shyness and start dancing in front of a mirror. Doing so will help you to learn the moves faster than everyone else.


Listen to Their Bodies

A good dancer knows his or her body well. When you are feeling some discomfort or unusual pain, you should not ignore it; make sure that you seek help. Unless you know that it is safe to do so, you should never push through pain because it is minor. Your dance instructor has a good eye and he will let you know if something is wrong.

However, because your body belongs to you and you will feel the pain, you should know how to prevent a small injury from blossoming into a big one. You can do this by giving yourself enough time to heal before you attempt to dance again. If you have a swollen ankle, you should avoid putting weight on it and ice it plenty of times.


Are Not Predictable

Good dancing is quite easy to spot because the timing and technique are pleasing to the eye. However, great dancers will stir the mind and inspire the audience. To be a great dancer, you should deliver something that is out of the ordinary and give your audience something that it is not expecting.

This does not just apply to the dance choreography. You should also choose outstanding music, wear some surprising outfits, and try new concepts occasionally. Good dancers are unapologetic, impossible to predict, and refreshing.


Are Always Students

If you venture into dancing with a fixed mindset, your growth will be stunted. However, if you are open to learning, you have boundless potential to be great since you will not cap your own growth. Just like most students, you will be open to taking constructive criticism.

To be a great dancer, you should be willing to look to other dancers and choreographers for inspiration so that you can learn from their experiences. As a student, you will not have room for envy or competitiveness because you will be too busy learning new things daily. To be a great dancer, you should be willing to learn from others.

If you are a novice, you have to be patient with your instructors because dancing is an art that takes time to learn. You cannot just walk into a dance class and expect the instructor to perform miracles. Learning to be a good dancer is a two-way street – the instructor must teach you with patience and you must be willing to put in the hard work.



*Collaborative post.

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  1. Being bereft of any natural rhythm, I have never danced myself, but I had a friend who was very good and it took up all her time. I think you must have to really love it to do it properly.

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