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Fashion is the driving force behind this blog but being fashionable doesn’t only have to be secluded to what you wear. I love being fashionable in my home as well. In today’s world, minimalism is all the trend because people all over the world are adopting the concept that less is more.



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There are many upsides to becoming a minimalist. Not only will you be saving money that you can ultimately travel with, you will be doing something great for the Earth by creating less garbage. The personal benefits include a clearer mind, a healthier body, and more time to do the things you love. You will also experience less stress.


How to Become a Minimalist

This is the easiest part. All you need to do is get rid of things. It doesn’t matter where you start, just take a serious look around your home and start deciding what you want to keep and what you want to sell or give away. I know, this is not as easy as it sounds.

There is no reason to jump into this too hard if separating from your items is difficult. You can take it slow. Maybe your way of starting to transcend into the minimalist lifestyle is to simply stop purchasing new things. There are many ways to start. Just start slow and eventually you will find that the clutter you live with is no longer there.


Do You Wear It?

If you haven’t worn it in a year then it’s time for you to move on and give the other clothes in your closet some breathing room. The one-year thing is a rule of thumb but another way to do it is by season. When the warmer weather is on its way out, go through what you have for clothes for that season. If you didn’t wear it all summer, then put it in a pile. You can sell all those things on EBay or donate it to a shelter. You will be helping others and making your way towards minimalism.



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In Your Home

There’s a lot of ways you can start turning your home into a fashionable minimalist paradise.

Let’s us take the bedroom as an example. Our bedrooms are very important because this is where we get fashionable in front of the mirror. If you are living in a small bedroom that is taken up mostly by the bed, then it might be a good idea to go smaller.

Try sleeping on a futon. A futon will not only give you a good night’s sleep if you get a good mattress, it will free up space in your bedroom to give it a cleaner and less cluttered look.

You should also stick to neutral colors like beige and white when you are thinking about bedding. The idea behind minimalism is to free your life of things that clutter your home and your mind. White has a clean look that can make you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud.

Of course, my blog is about being fashionable so if all white and beige isn’t sounding good to you, try throwing in a splash of color. Besides, that one red pillow will stand out in an all-white room more than it would if the decorations spanned every color in the gambit.


When You Travel

I love to travel and there is no doubt it is easier to get from one place to another if I have less to carry. So, when I head to a new part of the world I try to pack less. Packing for only a few days with the intention of wearing things more than once is the best way to go. Remember, you can always find a place to throw in a load of laundry.

Also, when you are traveling, allow yourself a great take-home piece of clothing unique to the culture. But don’t buy everything you see. Besides, there are so many cultures to experience in this world, so don’t spend all you have in one place.



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When You Eat

Whether you are eating at home or out, consider how much food you really need. Sure, when we are traveling we want to try everything but let’s be honest, we don’t need to gorge ourselves with excess calories. That would only slow us down on our travels anyway.


Keep a Journal

Write down what you want to achieve in your journey toward minimalism or you can start to keep a blog like me. When we write things down it is easy to remember them and it makes the goal seem all the more attainable.


What do you think about adopting a minimalist lifestyle? Do you think it would be an easy journey or difficult? Do you think that a person can be a minimalist and fashionable at the same time?


*Collaborative post.


34 responses

  1. I completely agree. I am such a minimalist. My investment is usually on a black simple but elegant dress. It’s a little more difficult for me to be a minimalist when it comes to food though.

  2. Sure.One can be a minimalist and fashionable at the same time. Because it’s not about being stingy or cheap but about doing away with costly and unnecessary extras which only raise our stress level among others. Thanks for another great post.

  3. I really like minimalism, and I think it’s definitely possible to be a minimalist and fashionable. Inside me there is definitely a minimalist trying to get out, it just doesn’t really succeed :-\

  4. I have a minimalist approach when it comes to skincare as I am cruelty free but as there are so many cruelty free fashion brands my wardrobes are bulging lol. I would like to be more minimalist for sure x

  5. I’ve always been a minimalist so not a hard one for me. Have had a good declutter upstairs this summer has moved bedrooms to the largest now only 1 adult child at home.

    Hubby is a bit of a hoarder on his stuff. It’s been a real ruthless clean out with his stuff and zero tolerance allowed now. If you had seen the stuff he had hoarded you would know why I said it.

    Love clean cupboards, draws be it clothing or otherwise. The only thing I struggle with is books. Though I’ve got my kindle I love my books. I did manage to shave them down to two shelves of mine.

    Feels so much better for it and loving the extra space too now

  6. I have always claimed that I am a minimalist and to maintain that I declutter my home and closet every 6 weeks because some how things just seem to pile up. I am due the clean soon but enjoyed reading these tips

  7. Completely agree – I’m on a journey towards living a more simple, minimalist life, and I’m finding the smaller things increasingly more meaningful. It’s crazy how much our heads can get clogged up with materialistic things.

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