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My skin usually gets really dry this time of the year, so I like to pay extra attention to it. The chill in the air and the central heating usually dries up my skin, and I am sure it is the case with most of us. I have updated my beauty cupboard with some autumn skincare products, so body oils, moisturisers and the likes have been included. I will be reviewing all my new skincare products soon, so look out for my review posts.


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Although, I have recently bought some skincare products, I still have my eye on a few more. I am very interested in organic skincare at the moment, and Neal’s Yard seem to have a couple of them. Here a few of the organic skincare that caught my eye on the website.


Wild Rose Beauty Balm



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The packaging here caught my eye at first, and the more I looked at this Wild Rose Beauty Balm, the more I wanted it. It is great for all skin types. This balm promises to give your skin a radiant, glowing complexion. It is also a great multi-tasking product; it can be used as a facial mask, nail balm, lip balm, exfoliating cleanser and moisturiser. What more could a beauty blogger ask for?


Aromatic Forming Bath


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I wrote about the importance of having regular spa treatments earlier today, and how it can be pricey to have them, but have we should. Well, you can always bring the spa treatment home with this Aromatic Foaming Bath. It is a blend of lavender, Spanish marjoram and geranium essential oils, which helps the mind and body relax. A great product to have around.


Limited Edition Beautiful Hands Organic Collection


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I am badly in need of some quality hand creams. My current hand cream is almost finished, and I like to have a few around as I use a lot of hand creams during the autumn/winter season. I love the look of this Beautiful Hands Organic Collection. They come in a good size – 50ml sizes, and I like the fact that there are 3 different hand creams in the collection. I can clearly see myself getting this collection.



Frankincense Intense™ Cream


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This Frankincense Intense facial cream promises to leave the skin feeling moisturised, firmer and smoother. It also promises to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, firms, tones, plumps and boosts the skin’s suppleness. I would love to try this cream for myself. It sounds like it would tick all my facial skincare boxes.


Honey & Orange Facial Scrub

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This Honey & Orange Facial scrub sounds fantastic. It is for all skin types and it promises a softer, smoother skin. My facial scrub would be finished in a few weeks, so I will be trying this sooner than later.


What do you think of these skincare products? Have you tried any of them?


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Why spa treatments are good for you

If I had an unlimited budget, I would go for a spa treatment every weekend. The feeling I get after a good massage and facial is so amazing. A good spa treatment relaxes me, and gets me ready for whatever lies ahead. I don’t have as many spa treatments as I would want to but I try to book a treatment once a month most times.

I am always on the lookout for spas with deals and offers. I recently came across The Moroccan Spa marocMaroc at Urban Retreat, and I like the sound of the treatments offered. I will be exploring them further.


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There are so many health and beauty benefits of spa treatments. So if you are thinking of treating yourself to a lovely spa treatment this autumn/winter, here are some reasons why you should go for it.


A good massage helps with circulation and decrease inflammation

A good massage has the power to calm you down and keep you relaxed, free from aches and pains. A good massage also improves blood flow throughout the body and general cardiovascular health. A good massage also helps boast a healthier immune system.


It helps the heart

The essential oils used in spa treatments does more than soothing and relaxing. Research has proven that the effects of a brief exposure to essential oils can also benefit the heart. It was also found to reduce blood pressure and the heart rate. However, research has also shown that the downside is after an hour of exposure to essential oils, people’s hearts begin to rebel and climb up again. So best to stick to an hour-long massage with lavender oil.


Soothes the aches and pains

Most of us are aware of this benefit, and this is one of the main reasons why I have regular spa treatments. A good massage soothes all my aches and a pains. As a busy working mum of 2, I am usually complaining of a back pain by the end of a crazy week. So having a massage session booked after a crazy week is usually the best thing ever!


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Spa treatments are a bit of pampering

Sometimes in the middle of life’s hustle and bustle, we just need to sit back and let someone else do the pampering. That is also the main reason why I enjoy staying over at hotels and eating out. I am forever caring for and meeting the needs of others, so to be on the receiving end is amazing for my mental health.

Self-care is essential, and  we should take it more seriously. Spa treatments are a good way to get a bit of pampering. It is a great way of getting taken care of that is psychologically and culturally acceptable, and we can carry that feeling of being cared for with us for a period of time. Which would help us better with stress in the long run.


When last did you have a spa treatment? I know I am badly in need of 1.


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